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Do E-Business Suite Users Need to Worry About Java 9?

Steven Chan
Senior Director

No, Oracle E-Business Suite users do not need to worry about changes coming in Java 9. The Java team recently published their plans for removing the Java browser plugin in a future version of Java. The announcement states (key words highlighted for emphasis):

Oracle plans to deprecate the Java browser plugin in JDK 9. This technology will be removed from the Oracle JDK and JRE in a future Java SE release.

What does "deprecate" mean?

"Deprecate" means that there will still be a JRE 9 browser plug-in. Users will still be able to run Java-based applications using the JRE 9 browser plug-in.

What does this mean for E-Business Suite users running JRE 9?

The release of Java 9 will not have any effect on E-Business Suite users. JRE 9 will continue to work with the E-Business Suite in browsers that support Java (via the NPAPI protocol). 

What browsers will support the JRE 9 plug-in?

Internet Explorer, Firefox ESR, and Safari will continue to support NPAPI -- and, therefore, Java and Forms.  We recommend that customers who need to use Forms-based products in the E-Business Suite use those browsers.

Alphabet (Google) Chrome and Microsoft Edge do not support NPAPI, so Java-based apps cannot run in those browsers.  

Will E-Business Suite still require Java?

Yes.  Our ongoing use of Forms for high-volume professional users of the E-Business Suite means that power users will continue to have a need to run Java.  We replicate, simplify, or migrate selected Forms-based flows to OA Framework-based (i.e. web-based HTML) equivalents with every EBS update, but I would imagine that Forms will continue to be part of the E-Business Suite technology stack for the foreseeable future.  I expect that this will apply to both the EBS 12.1 and 12.2 release streams.

Will E-Business Suite change how it starts Java?

Yes, it's very likely. We're working on what happens in the "future Java SE release" that follows Java 9.  We are actively reviewing options for future updates to Java, EBS, and Forms to address Forms compatibility via Java Web Start right now. 

Oracle will do everything possible to ensure that customers can continue to run all parts of the E-Business Suite.

When will EBS do this? Oracle's Revenue Recognition rules prohibit us from discussing certification and release dates.  You're welcome to monitor or subscribe to this blog for updates, which as soon as they're available.  

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Comments ( 4 )
  • guest Friday, February 19, 2016

    Didn't Mozilla commit to pulling NPAPI support by end of 2016?


  • Steven Chan Friday, February 19, 2016

    Hello, Guest,

    Yes, they've announced the withdrawal of NPAPI support from Firefox. They have indicated that Firefox ESR will continue to support NPAPI, but I cannot locate any public-facing documents from Mozilla about that.

    If your organization depends on Firefox ESR and you need an authoritative commitment of support, I'd recommend following up with Mozilla Support directly.



  • G Crofts Tuesday, July 18, 2017
    Will EBS R11i be compatible with JRE9?
  • Steven Chan Tuesday, July 18, 2017
    Hello, G Crofts,

    Extended Support for EBS 11i ended in November 2013 (an exception for P1 issues only ended in 2016).

    EBS 11i is now in Sustaining Support; see:


    No new certifications are performed for products in Sustaining Support. We have no plans to certify JRE 9 with EBS 11i. Customers remaining on EBS 11i should continue running with either JRE 8 or JRE 7.

    I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your EBS 11i environment to EBS 12.2 at your earliest convenience.

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