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Which Oracle Web Tier Utilities Patchsets Can Be Used with EBS 12.2?

The Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2's Rapid Install delivers three Fusion Middleware (FMW) components: Oracle WebLogic Server 10.3.6 (this is the "$FMW_HOME")  Oracle WebTier Utilities Oracle Common Home (Part of Oracle WebTier Utilities The fifth-level digit in the Oracle Web Tier Utilities version is not relevant to E-Business Suite certifications.  In other words, you can apply any Oracle Web Tier Utilities patchsets that have been certified at the...

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Reminder: Upgrade Oracle Access Manager to

Oracle Fusion Middleware products get new Patch Set updates.  When a new Patch Set has been released, a 12 month Grace Period for the previous Patch Set begins.  Once that Grace Period ends, no new patches for the previous Patch Set will be released. For more details, see: Error Correction Support Dates for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (11.1.1/11.1.2) (Doc ID 1290894.1) Oracle Access Manager is part of a suite of products called "Oracle Identity and Access Management" (IAM). ...

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Oracle Technology Patch Versioning Changed

Version numbering for Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager, and Fusion Middleware products began to change after November 2015. The new version format makes it easier to see which bundle patches are from which time-frame, and in particular which patches are from the same Critical Patch Update release.  This change is documented here: Oracle Database, Enterprise Manager and Middleware - Change to Patch Numbering from Nov 2015 onwards (Note 2061926.1) Some bundles may continue to...

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What is the Impact of SHA-1 Desupport on EBS?

Given that Certificate Authorities have already stopped issuing SHA-1 certificates, most likely, you have already addressed the use of SHA-1 certificates for inbound connections by migrating to SHA-2 certificates. In case you have not, this is a reminder for you to do so. What's Happening with Browsers? Many browsers (eg, Google Chrome, MS IE) have now published their desupport plans for SHA-1. The timeline for desupport of SHA-1 is dependent on your certificate authority...

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Which Oracle Internet Directory Patchsets Can Be Used With EBS?

You can apply any Oracle Internet Directory (OID) bundle patchsets that have been certified at the fourth-level digit to a certified Oracle E-Business Suite release.  The fifth-level digit in OID versions is not relevant to E-Business Suite certifications.  For example, we have certified EBS 12.2 with OID All of the following Oracle Internet Directory patchsets will work with EBS 12.2: Oracle Internet Directory (documented certification) Oracle Internet...

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Load-Balancing EBS 12.2 Environments

You can use load-balancing routers (LBR) to protect your E-Business Suite 12.2 environment from system failures.  Load-balancers increase your environment's fault-tolerance and scalability by distributing load across a pool of servers. See: Using Load-Balancers with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 (Note 1375686.1) HTTP Layer Load-Balancing HTTP Layer load-balancing is the most common method used in E-Business Suite environments. In this configuration, end-users navigate to...

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