Monday Jun 30, 2014

Creating a Maintenance Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite

We produce new EBS releases, major updates, Family Packs, and over 150 new certified EBS configurations each year.  It can be difficult to track and implement all of these changes.  With so many potential upgrades, what is the best way of keeping your EBS environment up-to-date?

We're very pleased to let you know about a new webcast and Note that can be used together to help you create a maintenance strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite.

1.  Webcast: "Creating a Maintenance Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite"

The recorded webcast, Creating a Maintenance Strategy for Oracle E-Business Suite,  features techniques Applications DBAs can use to proactively maintain their Oracle E-Business Suite environment. This webcast covers EBS 12.1 and 12.2 and is intended for EBS architects, managers, and system administrators.

Use the following link to view the webcast:

The webcast starts with a practical approach for defining an EBS maintenance strategy. It then moves to a detailed discussion of tools and approaches for maintaining EBS environments.

Topics include patching shortcuts, distributing worker processes across multiple servers, shared file systems, avoiding resource bottlenecks, and more.

2. Note: "How to find EBS patches"

It can be tricky to find the right EBS product-level and technology stack patches that are needed for your environment. This newly published MOS note can help:

This companion Note guides you through the resources that you can use to create your EBS maintenance strategy.

Next Steps

Now that you know about the recorded webcast and MOS note 1633974.2, what should you do next?

  1. Schedule time to view the webcast, ideally with colleagues in your organization who help plan, deploy, and maintain your EBS environments.
  2. After viewing the recording, work with your colleagues to create a maintenance strategy for your Oracle E-Business Suite environment.
  3. As you execute your maintenance strategy, use the Note to find the latest updates for your environment.
Your feedback is welcome

We are very interested in hearing about your experiences with maintaining your EBS environments using these new resources. You can post your comments here or send me an email.

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Friday Feb 24, 2012

Identifying Recommended Patches for E-Business Suite Environments

A question that is frequently posed by E-Business Suite sysadmins is – “What patches should I apply to my environment?”   

There are three ways to get a list of recommended patches for your EBS environment:

  1. EBS 11i and 12:  Use the E-Business Suite Patch Wizard
  2. EBS 12 only:  Search using the My Oracle Support "Patch Search" feature
  3. EBS 11i and 12:  Search using the My Oracle Support "Recommended Patch Lists" shortcuts

To learn more about all three options, see:

Option 1: Use the EBS Patch Wizard (recommended)

Within Patch Wizard is the Recommend/Analyze Patches function which will create a list or recommended patches.  To use this feature in Patch Wizard, first login to your Oracle E-Business Suite environment with a user that has the System Administrator responsibility.  Then, navigate to System Administrator > Oracle Applications Manager >Patch Wizard. 

NOTE:  If you are not familiar with the Patch Wizard utility, you should learn more about it.  The tool is provided with your EBS environment as part of Oracle Applications Manager.  It requires no additional installations to use. 

You must first configure the Patch Wizard Preferences with a valid My Oracle Support account.  This configuration is a one time setup step.  Additional details regarding Patch Wizard and the initial configuration requirements are provided in the following My Oracle Support Note:

Once the initial configuration for Patch Wizard is complete, locate the Patch Recommendations Requests section in Patch Wizard as shown in the following figure.

Click on the Tasks button for Recommend/Analyze Patches After selecting the patch filter per your requirements, click OK and confirm the execution of the Recommended Patches request.  The output will display a list of recommended E-Business Suite patches with a status of Applied/Unapplied .

For additional details, please refer to Method 1 - Patch Wizard (EBS Support Recommended) section in the following My Oracle Support Document:

Option 2: Search My Oracle Support for EBS R12 patches

Another option for finding recommended patches is using the Patch Classification available from My Oracle Support.  First, login to My Oracle Support and go to the Patches & Updates tab as shown here:

In the Patch Search region, click on Product or Family (Advanced) as shown in the following figure:

Enter the Product, Release, Platform.  Then add Classifications by clicking the plus button as shown in the following figure:

Within Classification, check both Critical and Other Recommendations as shown in the following figure:

Now execute the search by clicking the Search button.  The search results will be then be displayed.  In the search results, the Classification column will indicate if the patch was Critical or Recommended.

For additional details, please refer to Method 2 - Patch Classification Search section in the following My Oracle Support Document:

Option 3: My Oracle Support "Recommended Patch List" shortcuts

At present, there are a couple of functional enhancements in the My Oracle Support development pipeline for Option 2, above.  These are being worked on right now; stay tuned to this blog for updates. 

Until those enhancements are delivered, Option 3 is a tried-and-true method for getting a web-based listing of recommended patches.  The following links on My Oracle Support provide a listing of recommended patches for an Oracle E-Business Suite R12 or R11i environment. 

First: login to My Oracle Support.  Once logged in, navigate to the Patches & Updates tab. Navigate to the Patching Quick Links region.  This region contains links to Recommended R12 Patches and Recommended R11i Patches:

After clicking one of the recommended patches links for either R12 or R11i, you have the ability to enter additional search criteria to narrow the results of the recommended patch list.  Search criteria include:

  • Maintenance Release,
  • Product or Product Family,
  • Platform or Language and
  • Updated in last “X” Days, Weeks or Months. 

The search criteria for an R12 environment are displayed in the following screen shot:

For additional details, please refer to Method 3 - Legacy Search for Recommended Patches section in the following My Oracle Support Document:

A customer's views

It's sometimes interesting to hear from other members of the EBS DBA community who are wrestling with the same questions.  Check out the following articles by Barb Matthews (non-Oracle author):

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