Saturday Aug 23, 2008

Developer 6i Patchset 19 Certified with E-Business Suite 11i

[Sept 28 2010 Update:  This patchset is now available for HP Tru64.  See the documentation below for details.]

Developer6i Patch Set 19 (version with the latest fixes for Forms and Reports 6i is now certified for E-Business Suite 11i. Patch Set 19 contains fixes specific only to EBS 11i. We recommend that all Apps customers upgrade to this Patch Set. [Read More]

Thursday May 15, 2008

WebCenter 10g Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12

My colleagues over at the Fusion Middleware Best Practices Center recently posted a Developer Preview of an Oracle By Example tutorial for using WebCenter 10g with the E-Business Suite; this was a subset of our unpublished official documentation.  The preview period is over at last:  I'm pleased to announce that WebCenter 10g is now officially certified and supported for use with E-Business Suite Release 12.

CreateApps: Screenshot of Oracle JDeveloper showing the initial dialog box for creating a new WebCenter application

Integrating Standalone Websites With Apps 12

Oracle WebCenter is a suite of development tools that can be used to build web-based applications using the latest technologies such as SOA, JSR-168, and WSRP.  The Oracle WebCenter Framework allows you integrate the following E-Business Suite Release 12 portlets into a custom web-based application:
  • Applications Navigator (menu of E-Business Suite functions)
  • Applications Worklist (showing Workflow notifications)
  • Applications Favorites (for bookmarking specific Apps functions)
JDev Portlets: Screenshot of Oracle JDeveloper IDE page showing list of E-Business Suite Release 12 WSRP portlets

What's Notable About This Certification?

This certification is a bit of a departure from our usual technology stack certifications for the E-Business Suite.  Our typical certification involves, say, upgrading your E-Business Suite environment to the latest new database, or integrating it with an external component like Single Sign-On.

This new certification documents a step-by-step process for building and deploying a WebCenter application using the Oracle Applications Framework WSRP producer.  You can build an Applications Development Framework (ADF) application in the Oracle JDeveloper integrated development environment and deploy the application to your end-users via Oracle WebCenter.

Our newly-documented procedure supports E-Business Suite environments that have been integrated with Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO), as well as steps for E-Business Suite configuration and the migration of Oracle Internet Directory (OID) policies.  It also includes detailed steps for deploying the ADF application to a WebCenter OC4J instance and running the application there. 

For full details, see:
Certified Platforms
  • Linux x86-32
  • Linux x86-64
  • Sun Solaris SPARC
  • HP-UX Itanium
  • Microsoft Windows 2003
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Tuesday Nov 06, 2007

JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension Updated for Apps 12.0.3

[Nov 6, 2007 update:  If you are ever uncertain as to which JDeveloper patch to use with which Apps 11i or R12 release, see Note 416708.1, How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12]

My hardworking colleagues have just released a new update to Oracle JDeveloper 10g with OA Extension for E-Business Suite Release 12 environments.  The latest update refreshes the Oracle Applications Extension to support Apps 12.0.3 and ATG RUP 3.

Expenses R12 Screenshot:

The latest update is released as:
This update requires:
See the patch's README for more details about prerequisites, installation, and configuration.

A plethora of information on personalizing and extending OA Framework-based applications for E-Business Suite Release 12 can be found in this documentation roadmap:

Tuesday May 16, 2006

Integration Repository for the E-Business Suite

There are many ways of getting information into and out of the E-Business Suite.  Until recently, however, these have been documented in a wild assortment of different places, including product-specific Apps manuals, the Electronic Technical Reference Manual (eTRM), and other unlikely sources.  If you've been subjected to the dubious pleasure of sifting through
our documentation in search of APIs and web services, this article should come as welcome news.

Integration Repository 11i Screenshot:

The new Oracle Integration Repository for the E-Business Suite pulls all of those sources into a single place... at last.  Initially intended to catalog service endpoints available via our service-oriented architecture, this repository has since grown into a comprehensive reference for all of the E-Business Suite's business service interfaces. 

You can browse the repository by product family, drilling down into specific modules:

Integration Repository 11i Menu:

Once you drill into a specific API, there's a concise list of the details you'd expect, including function names, parameters, rules, and so on:

Integration Repository 11i API Screenshot:

Looking Ahead to Release 12

The Release 11i version of the repository is available online only.  In Release 12, it's expected that the Integration Repository will be part of your Rapid Install.  As your instance is patched, the repository will automatically be updated with content appropriate for the precise revisions of interfaces in your environment.

July 13 Update:  We will also host an online version of the Integration Repository for Release 12, as well.





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