Monday Feb 16, 2009

Database 11gR1 Version Certified with EBS 12

The Oracle 11gR1 Database version was certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i last December.  I'm pleased to announce that it's now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, too. is the first database patchset available for the 11g Release 1 Database version

For those of you planning to upgrade from Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i to 12, this means that the database releases for Apps are back in parity.  You can upgrade directly to Apps R12. from whatever 11gR1 database release you might be running with your Apps 11i environment -- or


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Wednesday Jan 07, 2009

Oracle Database 11gR1 ( Certified with EBS 11i for HP-UX PA-RISC

Following on the heels of our first set of DB certifications, our Applications Platforms Group has certified the Oracle 11gR1 Database with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i 11.5.10 CU2 on HP-UX PA-RISC.

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Tuesday Nov 04, 2008

Humana Case Study: Implementing a Highly Available Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)

I'm highlighting OpenWorld 2008 presentations that cover some of the most popular E-Business Suite technology stack topics. A catalog of all of the Applications Technology track sessions with links to the presentations is available here:

Every EBS system administrator knows that you need to consider high-availability requirements when planning your E-Business Suite implementation.  You need to account for the peak number of concurrent users who will be using the E-Business Suite at any given time.  You also need consider worst-case scenarios and your plans if one or more servers in your environment go down.

Elke Phelps, co-author of the Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (mini-review), discussed Humana's recent experiences in upgrading their E-Business Suite for high availability in this session:

Physical architecture diagram showing Humana High Availability disaster recovery E-Business Suite deployment between two data centers using Oracle DataGuard replication and Real Application Clusters

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Monday Oct 13, 2008 Real Application Clusters Certified with EBS 11i

So many Notes, so little time...  You might have caught my recent article that touched on scaling up your E-Business Suite Release 11i environment with Real Application Clusters for reporting purposes or to improve your environment's overall performance and fault tolerance.  If you're wondering whether this applies to EBS environments running the 11gR1 database, the answer is, "Yes."

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Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

Three Options for Scaling Up E-Business Suite for Reporting

[Oct 10, 2008 Update: Added link to article comparing the use of Oracle Active Data Guard with Oracle Data Guard for EBS environments]

The run-up to our annual OpenWorld conference consists of frenzied activities to ensure that all of our planned certifications wrap up in time to be announced at the conference.  The follow-up from OpenWorld consists of handling questions, bug reports, and escalations from our sessions, panels, and private customer meetings.  Given that this is all on top of our regular day jobs, one day I'm going to print up some t-shirts that say, "I survived another Oracle OpenWorld."

So, back in the blogging saddle again. I'll address one of the architectural questions that seems to pop perennially:

How do I handle heavy reporting overhead without disrupting my E-Business Suite instance's transactional users?  Can I offload this to a separate reporting instance?

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Tuesday Sep 23, 2008

11gR1 Certified on Windows 2003 for E-Business Suite Release 12

Our Applications Platform Group has announced that the 11gR1 Database is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 on Microsoft Windows 2003 x86.  This certification includes 11gR1 Real Application Cluster (RAC) configurations, too.

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