Monday Aug 18, 2008

Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite 2.0.2 Now Available

Oracle E-Business Suite Application Technology Group (ATG) is pleased to announce the availability of the Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) version 2.0.2 Rollup update. This pack is available through Oracle Metalink, as patch 6809246.[Read More]

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Want to Meet at OpenWorld 2008?


[Aug 19, 2008 Update: Added time and location for the Middleware Special Interest Group, added the new Meet the Experts session]

OpenWorld 2008 is coming on us a bit earlier this year. It's going to be another big show. If you plan to join us for this year's conference and haven't signed up yet, I hear that hotels are filling up fast. As usual, I will be presenting on several of the popular topics covered on this blog, participating in various Special Interest Group sessions and expert panels, and having personal meetings with you to discuss E-Business Suite architecture topics of your choice. Want to get together to talk at OpenWorld?

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Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

Reporting E-Business Suite Security Issues to Oracle Support

Oracle Support recently made some organization changes to handle customer-reported security related issues more efficiently. As I am involved in analyzing security-related Service Requests (SR), I've assembled some notes about Oracle's processes, which may help should you need to report a security issue.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that Oracle takes security extremely seriously and strives to be very proactive in this area. Our policy and procedures are designed to protect your data and ensure that issues are dealt with promptly.

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Friday Aug 01, 2008

Verifying E-Business Suite 12.0.4 Media Pack Downloads with MD5 Checksums

Back in the day, I used to order a full set of CDs every time a new version of the E-Business Suite was released. My shelves overflowed with little brown boxes. Those days are gone. While CD-ROMs were a nice souvenir and comforting to have around, I've long since concluded that downloaded media packs are a greener and more useful approach. Here's a tip for obtaining and verifying downloaded versions of the E-Business Suite 12.0.4.

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Friday Jul 18, 2008

DB Vault 10gR2 ( Certified with EBS 11i on Additional Platforms

A whole raft of new certifications have been released to round out our platform support for Database Vault. Database Vault example: Diagram showing how Database Vault prevents a privileged DBA user from accessing application data, while allowing the authorized Realm owner to access the same data [Read More]

Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Case Study: Oracle's Own Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade

[Oct. 27, 2008 Update:  The latest version of this popular presentation from OpenWorld 2008 is now available for download.  For links to the latest version, see this article.]

I've heard anecdotal reports suggesting that some customers hold off on upgrading to a given E-Business Suite release until we've done so ourselves here at Oracle. Oracle went live on R12.0.3 in January 2008, and a reader reminded me that I haven't highlighted this adequately. Here's a critical presentation from Eugene Weinstein and Sharon Leong at OAUG Collaborate 2008 (Denver) that I've been remiss in profiling:

Eugene and Sharon cover a lot of ground in this technically-oriented presentation, including:

  • A primer on the R12 file system
  • Supported upgrade paths from earlier Apps releases (11.5.x, 11.0)
  • A detailed step-by-step flowchart of the upgrade process
  • Applications DBA (AD) improvements relating to the upgrade process
  • Performance improvements relating to the upgrade
  • Best practices for:
  • Reducing downtime
  • Performing pre-upgrade, upgrade, and post-upgrade steps
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Oracle Critical Patch Update for July 2008 Now Available

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Friday Jul 11, 2008

New Whitepaper: Mod_plsql and E-Business Suite 12

Mod_plsql is an Apache web server extension that can be used to develop web application pages using Server PL/SQL. Architecture diagram showing flow from client to mod_plsql Apache mod to Oracle database The Past is Prologue Unlike Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i, Release 12 does not include mod_plsql as part of its technology stack. I've briefly discussed this architectural change in the following two articles: It should be stressed that Oracle is fully committed to supporting mod_plsql as part of Oracle Application Server and as part of the Oracle Database distribution into the indefinite future. The Oracle E-Business Suite is distinct from Oracle Application Server. Oracle E-Business Suite Development chooses to use specific Oracle Application Server components in the E-Business Suite technology stack. These decisions by E-Business Suite Development should not be interpreted to represent the release policies or plans for Oracle Application Server. Going Into More Detail Many of you have raised questions about why mod_plsql was removed from Release 12. Others have asked what to do about their mod_plsql-based Apps 11i customizations and extensions when upgrading to R12. George Buzsaki,our preeminent E-Business Suite architect, has put together an excellent new whitepaper that addresses these topics, and more: [Read More]

Thursday Jul 03, 2008

Out With the Old, In With the New

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Wednesday Jul 02, 2008

IBM AIX 6 Certified for Apps 12

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Friday Oct 19, 2007

Critical Patch Update for October 2007 Now Available

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Thursday Aug 02, 2007

Latest Support Diagnostics for Apps Now Available

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Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

Critical Patch Update for July 2007 Now Available

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Wednesday Apr 25, 2007

Critical Patch Update for April 2007 Now Available

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