Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Java Authentication + Authorization Services (JAAS) for E-Business Suite (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)

I'm highlighting OpenWorld 2008 presentations that cover some of the most popular E-Business Suite technology stack topics. A catalog of all of the Applications Technology track sessions with links to the presentations is available here:

Our Applications Technology Group announced an important set of new authentication capabilities for Java-based E-Business Suite extensions and custom programs at OpenWorld this year.  Veshaal Singh, Director in our Applications Technology Group, discusses the new capabilities and how they relate to the E-Business Suite's existing security model in this presentation:

Architecture diagram showing authentication and authorization flow for new JAAS LoginModule for E-Business Suite

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Tuesday Oct 28, 2008

E-Business Suite Technology Essentials (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)

I'll be highlighting OpenWorld 2008 presentations that cover some of the most popular E-Business Suite technology stack topics.  A catalog of all of the Applications Technology track sessions with links to the presentations is available here:

The E-Business Suite technology stack can be a bit intimidating at first.  Lisa Parekh, Vice President of Applications Technology Integration, provides a crisp overview of the key technologies and concepts that every Apps manager or DBA should be familiar with in this presentation:


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Saturday Oct 25, 2008

Integrating Earlier Versions of Database Vault 10gR2 with E-Business Suite

Folks, since we started evaluating and certifying Oracle Database Vault 10gR2 with Oracle E-Business Suite Releases 11i and R12, we have certified two versions: and

For many of our technologies, we publish information only about the latest certified patch set in the documentation for our customers. After we announced the certification for Database Vault with EBS, we received a number of requests for documentation for the previous patch set i.e., also. I am happy to announce that we have now published these historical Notes on Metalink for EBS Release 11i and R12.

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Friday Oct 24, 2008

Using Oracle Application Server 10g with E-Business Suite (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)

I'll be highlighting OpenWorld 2008 presentations that cover some of the most popular E-Business Suite technology stack topics.  A catalog of all of the Applications Technology track sessions with links to the presentations is available here:

Here's a spotlight on one of my own OpenWorld sessions:

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Thursday Oct 23, 2008

Seven New 64-Bit 10gR2 Database Certifications for Apps 11i


Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i ( is now certified with Oracle Database Server 10gR2 version on the following additional 64-bit operating system platforms:

  • Linux x86-64 (Red Hat 4/5, Oracle Enterprise Linux 4/5, SLES 9/10)
  • Microsoft Windows x64 (2003)
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Wednesday Oct 22, 2008

Oracle Critical Patch Update for October 2008 Now Available

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Using Advanced Compression with E-Business Suite Databases

I'm very pleased to let you know that Oracle Advanced Compression is supported for use with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12.  Advanced Compression is one of the new Oracle Database 11gR1 Enterprise Edition options that seems to generate the most interest amongst E-Business Suite customers.  After all, your production E-Business Suite database doesn't exist in isolation. 

You've got copies in testbed sandboxes, internal development environments, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) environments, and staging environments, too.  Reducing your EBS database size by even a small amount can result in big savings when added up across all of your non-production E-Business Suite instances.

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Monday Oct 20, 2008

Discoverer Certified with Apps 11i

I'm still on vacation but can't resist posting about new certifications from my team.  Michael Armstrong-Smith has been diligently (and correctly, of course) reminding EBS users that they should hold off on upgrading to Discoverer until it's certified with the E-Business Suite Release 11i. 

The wait is over:  Discoverer is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and higher.

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Monday Oct 13, 2008

Every Current E-Business Techstack Certification on One Page


I started this blog over two years ago as an experiment.  My goal: make it easier to find information about the E-Business Suite that was already published somewhere in the vast system that is Oracle Metalink.

Metalink has since received a dramatic facelift and has been renamed to My Oracle Support.  Good news, but an upgrade to one key part of that system is still pending: the Certify database.

The Certify database documents all possible combinations of all Oracle products with all possible operating systems. This is both the strength and Achilles heel of the Certify system.  It's comprehensive, but its sheer size can make it hard find a specific piece of information — even for us Oracle insiders.

It's time for another experiment.

[Read More] Real Application Clusters Certified with EBS 11i

So many Notes, so little time...  You might have caught my recent article that touched on scaling up your E-Business Suite Release 11i environment with Real Application Clusters for reporting purposes or to improve your environment's overall performance and fault tolerance.  If you're wondering whether this applies to EBS environments running the 11gR1 database, the answer is, "Yes."

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Friday Oct 10, 2008

Comparing Oracle Data Guard vs. Active Data Guard for EBS Environments

[Nov 6 Update: Our High Availability team has suggested some additional uses for Active Data Guard in E-Business Suite environments. Article updated with those additional use cases.]

Given the number of questions I've fielded about Active Data Guard through other channels, it was inevitable that my recent article about strategies for handling EBS reporting loads would prompt questions about its compatibility with the E-Business Suite. 

The answer to this deceptively-simple question is only meaningful if you understand what's happening behind the scenes when users log into the E-Business Suite.  This article compares the operational implications of using Oracle Active Data Guard versus Oracle Data Guard in E-Business Suite environments.

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Tuesday Oct 07, 2008

Three Options for Scaling Up E-Business Suite for Reporting

[Oct 10, 2008 Update: Added link to article comparing the use of Oracle Active Data Guard with Oracle Data Guard for EBS environments]

The run-up to our annual OpenWorld conference consists of frenzied activities to ensure that all of our planned certifications wrap up in time to be announced at the conference.  The follow-up from OpenWorld consists of handling questions, bug reports, and escalations from our sessions, panels, and private customer meetings.  Given that this is all on top of our regular day jobs, one day I'm going to print up some t-shirts that say, "I survived another Oracle OpenWorld."

So, back in the blogging saddle again. I'll address one of the architectural questions that seems to pop perennially:

How do I handle heavy reporting overhead without disrupting my E-Business Suite instance's transactional users?  Can I offload this to a separate reporting instance?

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Monday Sep 22, 2008

Web Cache Certified with EBS 11i

Any readers even half-paying attention to this blog today could probably have predicted this final certification announcement:  Web Cache has been certified for use with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i.

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OracleAS Certified for Portal 10g + EBS 11i Integrations

Accompanying my announcement earlier today about Single Sign-On and Oracle Internet Directory, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that OracleAS may now be applied to Portal 10.1.4 environments that have been integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i.

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Sunday Sep 21, 2008

Single Sign-On and Oracle Internet Directory Certified with EBS 11i

[Sept 22 Update: Sorry, folks -- moving too fast. This certification covers only EBS 11i, not Release 12 as stated incorrectly in an earlier version of this article. Title and contents revised to refer to Release 11i only.]

OpenWorld 2008 has started with a vengeance.  I estimate that in any given hour, there are 50 to 60 sessions going on simultaneously. In the midst of all of this frenzied activity I'm struggling to keep up with our announcements. Here's another certification (with more to follow later today): Oracle Single Sign-On and Oracle Internet Directory have been certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12.

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Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

GE Infrastructure + AMP Case Study at OpenWorld 2008


Our OpenWorld preparations are at a fever pitch right now and I can barely see the top of my inbox. One of my colleagues, Biju Mohan, has an OpenWorld session that will be useful if you're evaluating the Applications Management Pack. As part of his session, Biju and a Program Manager from GE Infrastructure will be discussing how GE Infrastructure running multiple Oracle E-Business Suite production systems was able to save $200k and also reduce DBA time by 84% by using Application Management Pack (AMP) for Oracle E-Business Suite (AMP).

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Thursday Sep 11, 2008

The Case of The Missing Database Links

[Sep 12, 2008 Update: Thanks to questions posted by readers in the comments and via private emails, I've confirmed that there are some EBS products -- including Advanced Planning (APS), Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), and Workflow -- that do use database links today. These products' usage of database links have been reviewed and approved by our architects because they do not invoke ATG (or AOL) code in any way, and because their functionality fundamentally requires a distributed architecture. More updates will follow on questions raised about G/L's use of database links via the Financial Statement Generator functionality.

Here's a scenario that might sound familiar to some of you: a customer built an extension for the E-Business Suite Release 11i using database links. When they upgraded their 9iR2 database to 10gR2, they were dismayed to find that those database links stopped working. They logged a Service Request and were surprised to be informed that, "Database links aren't supported with the E-Business Suite."

I ended up being involved in the resulting discussion. The support statement above isn't entirely correct, and the actual truth is more nuanced than you might think.  This case illustrates something much more fundamental about "certification" and "support" of generic database features and options that all EBS developers should understand.

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Monday Sep 08, 2008

Filling Up Your OpenWorld 2008 Calendar


Apparently, there's this big Oracle conference coming up in a few weeks... A recent wave of emails have been requests to profile certain OpenWorld 2008 events. In addition to the sessions that I'll be personally involved in, in some capacity or another, here are some EBS techstack-related things going at OpenWorld this year that you'll want to add to your calendar:

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Tuesday Sep 02, 2008

OracleAS Certified with EBS 11i and 12


We wrapped up a new certification over the long weekend, but it's a bit of a strange one. We had originally not planned to do this certification at all, for reasons that might be clearer by the end of this article.

However, a suitably large number of you have requested it explicitly, so we revisited that decision.  This is an object lesson in the principle that it never hurts to ask. On to the actual certification announcement:

Oracle Application Server and Oracle Developer Suite 10g Release 2 (10.1.2) Patch Set 2 ( (Patchset 4960210) is now certified for use with E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12 environments. This certification covers all platforms for which this OracleAS patchset is available.

Now for the odd part...

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Saturday Aug 23, 2008

Developer 6i Patchset 19 Certified with E-Business Suite 11i

[Sept 28 2010 Update:  This patchset is now available for HP Tru64.  See the documentation below for details.]

Developer6i Patch Set 19 (version with the latest fixes for Forms and Reports 6i is now certified for E-Business Suite 11i. Patch Set 19 contains fixes specific only to EBS 11i. We recommend that all Apps customers upgrade to this Patch Set. [Read More]

Thursday Aug 14, 2008

Want to Meet at OpenWorld 2008?


[Aug 19, 2008 Update: Added time and location for the Middleware Special Interest Group, added the new Meet the Experts session]

OpenWorld 2008 is coming on us a bit earlier this year. It's going to be another big show. If you plan to join us for this year's conference and haven't signed up yet, I hear that hotels are filling up fast. As usual, I will be presenting on several of the popular topics covered on this blog, participating in various Special Interest Group sessions and expert panels, and having personal meetings with you to discuss E-Business Suite architecture topics of your choice. Want to get together to talk at OpenWorld?

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Tuesday Aug 12, 2008

Identity Crisis: Are Patches to EBS 11.5.9 Equivalent to 11.5.10?

[Aug 14, 2008 Update: Added an observation from one of our readers who pointed out that the more of the latest patches you've applied on top of your existing 11.5.9 environment, the faster the upgrade to 11.5.10 will be.]

A frequently asked question popped up again in my inbox this morning. Its recurrence is particularly timely with the end of Premier Support for E-Business Suite Release 11.5.9 in June 2008. The question is:

If an EBS 11.5.9 environment has some or all of the EBS 11.5.10 Family Packs installed, is it considered to be an 11.5.10 environment?

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Wednesday Aug 06, 2008

Reporting E-Business Suite Security Issues to Oracle Support

Oracle Support recently made some organization changes to handle customer-reported security related issues more efficiently. As I am involved in analyzing security-related Service Requests (SR), I've assembled some notes about Oracle's processes, which may help should you need to report a security issue.

It goes without saying (but I'll say it anyway) that Oracle takes security extremely seriously and strives to be very proactive in this area. Our policy and procedures are designed to protect your data and ensure that issues are dealt with promptly.

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Tuesday Aug 05, 2008

Call for Early Adopter Program Participants: Using Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces with Apps 11i

As you saw in yesterday's announcement, E-Business Suite environments running the 10gR2 Database users can now use the Transportable Database (TDB) feature to migrate their database between platforms that share the same "endian" format.  But what if you need to migrate a database between platforms that use different endian formats?  That's the case for using Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespaces (XTTS).  It isn't certified with the E-Business Suite yet, but we're now actively seeking customers who might be interested in participating in a short Early Adopter Program for this feature.

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Monday Aug 04, 2008

Migrating E-Business Suite Release 11i Databases Between Platforms

[Sept 18 Update: Transportable Database is now certified for EBS 12 environments, too. See this article for details.]

[Aug 5, 2008 Update: Clarified the use of Export/Import as a fallback if the Transportable Database option doesn't work for a given source and target platform]

Platform migration is the process of moving a database from one operating system platform to a different operating system platform. You might wish to migrate your E-Business Suite database to create testing instances, experiment with new architectures, perform benchmarks, or prepare for actual platform changes in your production environment. A new method for performing platform migrations is now certified for E-Business Suite databases: Transportable Database (TDB).

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Thursday Jul 24, 2008

10gR2 Certified with HP-UX Itanium for Apps 11i

Our Applications Platforms Group has made another addition to our list of operating systems certified with the 10gR2 Database version  Oracle Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i (11.5.9.CU2 and is now certified in a database tier-only configuration with Oracle Database Server 10gR2 version on HP-UX Itanium.

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Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

10gR2 Certified with Apps 11i

[Oct 23, 2008 Update:  Seven additional 64-bit 10gR2 Database certifications for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i have been released; see this article for details.]

I'm very pleased to announce that Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i is now certified with 10gR2 Database version

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