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This blog covers Oracle insiders' takes on technology stack-related topics for the Oracle E-Business Suite, with sneak previews of upcoming releases, new certification and product announcements, glimpses into the inner workings of Oracle Development, in-depth discussions of technology stack architectures, and the occasional desupport notice.

All authors are Oracle employees and follow this blog's Code of Ethics

Steven Chan, Chief Editor

Steven Chan is a Senior Director in the Oracle Applications Technology Group.

The Applications Technology Group is responsible for the Oracle E-Business Suite technology stack.  Steven manages EBS technology stack certifications, ATG product management, ATG documentation and curriculum, and ATG Quality Assurance in the E-Business Suite Development division.  He is also responsible for running technology adoption programs with selected E-Business Suite customers for new technology in advance of their general availability to the broader public.

Steven has been with Oracle since 1998.  Prior to joining Oracle, he held positions with IBM, Deloitte & Touche Consulting, and other software companies. Steven has over two decades of IT industry experience and holds an MBA and a B.Sc.

Steven holds an Oracle ACE designation.  He is a three-time recipient of the Oracle Applications User Group 'Ambassador of the Year' Award (2007, 2009, 2010), and received the Oracle Applications User Group Lifetime Service Award in 2011.

As an expatriate Canadian working in Silicon Valley, living in Central Oregon, and managing teams on four continents, Steven is wondering where all of his free time went.


You can email him directly at:

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John Abraham

John joined Oracle in 2003 and worked as an engineer before moving into a Product Management role in the E-Business Suite Platform Engineering group.  John leads the team responsible for the strategic direction of EBS as it relates to operating systems and hardware architectures, and works to identify solutions that will add value to Oracle, partners, and customers.

Prior to Oracle he worked in various engineering roles such as leading a Developer Support group at a realtime graphical  software company (SL Corp), as a systems engineer developing electrical grid control software for a large engineering company (Asea Brown Boveri/ABB), and as a UI developer for a CRM company (Kana Software).

John has a B.S. and M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a focus on Control Systems and Computer Modeling of complex electro-mechanical systems. In his spare time he is known to play tennis, kick a soccer ball on occasion, loves travel and follows international soccer intently.

He can be reached at: 


Prasad Akkiraju

Prasad Akkiraju is a Senior Manager in the Applications Technology Integration organization under Cliff Godwin.

Prasad manages the Technology Certifications team in India, primarily responsible for certifying the Application Server and Database components with E-Business Suite. In addition to working with certifications, Prasad manages the Technology Stack QA team that tests the various release vehicles from Oracle Applications Technology Stack development team.

Prasad has been with Oracle since 2000. He has worked in the Application Server performance and scalability testing team, has been responsible for managing a scalability lab, and has published whitepapers on Application Server services like Forms, Reports, Discoverer and Portal.

Prior to joining Oracle, Prasad has held positions with Sun Microsystems and Digital Equipment Corporation. Prasad has been in the IT industry for 13 years and holds a Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Prasad works in Oracle India in Hyderabad. He resides in Hyderabad.

Rekha Ayothi

Rekha Ayothi is a Product Manager in Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group. ATG provides the technology framework to develop, manage and integrate E-Business Suite Applications.

Rekha has been with Oracle as part of ATG Product Management team since 2007. She is responsible for product management of integration related products - XML Gateway, E-Commerce Gateway, Integrated SOA Gateway and more recently, Web ADI. She holds Master in Computer Applications degree and is a Gold Medalist in B.Sc.

She works in Oracle India, Hyderabad. She has recently been to Kashmir (India) and is ever since, in love with its natural scenery.

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Anne Carlson

Anne is a Senior Director for Oracle E-Business Suite Product Strategy at Oracle, with a focus on product launch and adoption. Anne frequently writes and speaks about upgrade and implementation planning, sharing best practices and lessons learned from customers.

Previously, Anne led product management and information development for the Applications Technology Group at Oracle, responsible for communicating how the E-Business Suite leverages Oracle’s systems technologies.

Anne received a bachelor’s degree from Yale University and a master’s degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.

Ramya Damodaran

Ramya Damodaran is a Senior Software Engineer in the Oracle Application Technology Integration group. She is part of the AutoConfig team and is involved in maintenance, design and implementation of AutoConfig projects.

Ramya started her career with Oracle in August 2005 and works at Oracle India, Hyderabad. She holds an M.Tech in Computer Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

Sreelatha Doma

Sreelatha Doma is a Principal Engineer - Database Administration in the Oracle Applications Technology Integration team, with a current focus on database technology. She has been with Oracle since October 2005. She was an EBS technology stack certification engineer for four years, and was involved in various technology product certifications for databases, RAC, browsers, Forms and middleware products.

Prior to joining Oracle, she worked as a database administrator and Senior Technical Officer in Electronics and Communications India Limited (ECIL) and the Department of Atomic Energy. She started her career as a software developer.

Sreelatha has been in in the IT industry for over 13 years, and holds a B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering.

Robert Farrington

Robert Farrington joined Oracle UK in 1995 as a senior support consultant, covering the Oracle Database and SQL*Net on UNIX and Windows. While in this role, he developed and delivered UNIX and Windows training for support engineers worldwide, and contributed to several database internals courses. He also undertook on-site consultancy for customers.

Having moved in 1999 to Oracle E-Business Suite Development, Robert divides his time between writing core EBS documentation and contributing to the user interface of various Applications Technology Group (ATG) products and components. He assists with editing and running the Oracle E-Business Suite Technology blog, and has also written and presented papers at conferences and user group meetings.

Robert obtained a degree in biochemistry from the University of Leeds, and two master's degrees (in Electrical Engineering/Computer Science and Chemical Engineering) from Loughborough University.

Noby Joseph

Noby Joseph is a Principal Software Engineer in the Oracle Applications Technology Integration group,  and spends the majority of his time on Advanced technology stack configurations with Oracle E-Business Suite releases.

Noby has been with Oracle since 2000 and has over 10 years of experience in the software industry. He started his career as a developer at Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Bangalore working on SCADA systems and then moved to Oracle USA. At Oracle, he spend first three years of his career in the Product Line Engineering division responsible for porting Oracle E-Business Suite Software to various Unix platforms, then moved on to Oracle Applications Technology Integration group.

Noby works in the Oracle USA Development Centre located at Redwood Shores, California

Terri Noyes

Terri Noyes is a Sr. Director in the E-Business Suite Technology group and an adjunct member of the product management staff. Her role includes supporting other Oracle organizations such as Consulting, Cloud Services, and Global Sales Engineering to rapidly adopt new products and technology. Most recently, she worked with those internal groups as well as over 50 customers and partners while they conducted pre-release testing of E-Business Suite Release 12.2. Prior to this, she managed the EBS Platform Engineering organization.

Terri joined Oracle in 1991, after software engineering positions at MIT Lincoln Laboratories and General Electric. She has a BS in Computer Science and a second degree in Mathematics from University of Massachusetts Amherst, and an MS in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from RPI. After a 10-year stint at Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, Terri relocated to the Boston Area to be closer to her native state of Maine.

A lot of people ask Terri why she has been at Oracle so long, and her answer is "It's a very exciting place, and always changing... I've loved Oracle since the minute I walked in the door."

You can email her directly at:


Elke Phelps

Elke is a Product Manager in the Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Group. She joined Oracle in 2011 after having been an Oracle customer and Oracle Technologist (Oracle Database Administrator, Oracle Applications DBA, Technical Architect and Technical Manager of an Oracle Applications DBA Team) since 1993.

Elke is the lead author of the Oracle Applications DBA Field Guide (Apress 2006) and Oracle R12 Applications DBA Field Guide (Coqui Tech and Press 2010). Elke is also the founder of the Oracle Applications User Group (OAUG) E-Business Suite Applications Technology Special Interest Group (SIG) and served as President of the SIG from February 2005 - August 2011. Elke has been a speaker at Oracle OpenWorld and Collaborate since 2004. Prior to joining Oracle, Elke was designated an Oracle ACE (2007) and Oracle ACE Director (2009).

Elke has a Computer Science Degree and a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Oklahoma. In her spare time, Elke enjoys traveling especially to Europe, Puerto Rico and the amazing US National Parks. Elke also enjoys hiking, antiquing, gardening and cooking.

Nirzari Raichura

Nirzari possesses more than 13 years experience in the IT industry. Throughout her career in IT, she has extensive exposure to Oracle technologies (Middleware, Applications and Database).

Nirzari has been with Oracle since October 2003. She is a Principal Engineer - Database Administration in Oracle Applications Technology Group, at Oracle Hyderabad.

Being member of Techstack Certification team, she is involved in technology product certifications for Oracle Applications. She spends the majority of her time in understanding new technology products, defining and setting up advanced configurations for certification, and testing and releasing technology integration notes for Oracle Applications. She has worked on a variety of technology certifications from browsers, middleware, and databases for Oracle Applications.

Prior to joining Oracle, she has held positions with Phoenix IT Solutions, Applitech Solution and Birla Cellulosic. She was a Lead Database Architect cum DBA in Phoenix IT Solutions and was responsible for successful end-to-end Implementation of various products built using Oracle technologies.

Nirzari likes challenges and loves to face them. She has passion of photography, music and traveling. If not working, you can find her busy taking pictures, mostly of her daughter or nature.

Allison Sparshott

Allison Sparshott is a Principal Software Engineer in the Applications Technology Integration organization under Cliff Godwin. Since joining the Applications Technology Integration team in June 2005, she has been responsible for a variety of technology certifications from Web Browser to Oracle Application Server and Database.

Allison has been with Oracle since 1994. She began her Oracle career in the support organisation in EMEA where she worked for four years supporting the Applications Technology products. She was then responsible for the inception, development and running of the EMEA Applications Test Centre, responsible for testing Oracle Applications in the National languages for EMEA. She then went on to work for two years in the DDR team, working with MLS (Multi-Lingual Support) and the UTF8/Unicode character set, creating configuration documentation and FAQs for UTF8 with Oracle Applications. She then worked for 3 years as a Product Manager for Oracle Workflow, working on product feature design in the Worklow Notifications area and assisting support in resolving technical issues with Oracle Workflow and developing a 'Supporting Oracle Workflow' course for support analysts.

Andy Tremayne

Andy Tremayne is an Applications Performance Architect working in the Applications Performance Group (APG), which is a part of Oracle Development.

He has worked with Oracle E-Business Suite since 1992 and with performance since 1998. His primary focus is working with customers on system performance issues, but also works with several groups in Oracle.

In addition to being a fully qualified Electrical and Electronic Engineer, he holds a BSc (Hons) in Computing and Informatics, which focuses on the development of information systems in a business context.

He has presented several performance papers and been a panel member at several Oracle affiliated conferences and is the author of the Oracle Applications Performance Tuning Handbook.

Sharath Vishwanath

Sharath started his career with Oracle India, Hyderabad in 2002. He is responsible for Release management for several products groups including Applications Release (AppsRE), Application Technology (ATG) and R12 EBS-Diagnostics (IZU). He is primarily responsible for packaging, install testing, certifying and releasing various releases of E-Business Suite like 12.0.0 to 12.0.6, 12.1.1 to 12.1.2, ATG RUPs in 11i and R12, and IZU RUPs in R12. He is responsible for shipping the E-Business Suite Rapid Install, performing the Upgrade test, and install testing all supported NLS languages. He has executed successful upgrades of E-Business Suite customer instances to 12.1.1.

Sharath has been in the IT industry for more than seven years and holds a Masters in Computer Application (MCA) degree.

Sara Woodhull

Sara Woodhull is a Principal Product Analyst in the Oracle Applications Technology Group (ATG).

The Applications Technology Group integrates components such as Oracle Application Object Library (AOL) and Oracle Application Framework (OAF) into the Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 technology stack.

Sara has been with Oracle as part of ATG since 1989 and has trained generations of Oracle developers on AOL and later OAF.  She has also had responsibility for product management, documentation and curriculum development for AOL and OAF, specializing in flexfields and custom development topics.  She regularly contributes to Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco.

Sara works at Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, CA, and she strongly prefers sunny weather.

Sara Woodhull email ID2:

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