Using Cisco ACE Series Hardware Load-Balancers with EBS 12

Editor's Note:  This certification is an unusual departure from our typical approach to load-balancer support for the E-Business Suite.  In general, we do not perform explicit certifications of specific load-balancers with the E-Business Suite.  It's not possible for us to keep up with the sheer number of different vendors and models available.

Our standard support policy is that standards-compliant load-balancers are assumed to be compatible with the E-Business Suite.  Load-balancers do not require formal testing by our Applications Technology Integration group to be supported for the E-Business Suite.  Our load-balancing-related recommendations are designed to be compatible with all generic load-balancers:

When time and resources permit, we occasionally partner with networking vendors to test unusual or notable new hardware with the E-Business Suite.  Networking vendors are welcome to drop me an email if you'd like to discuss joint projects.

As a rule, we do not recommend a specific vendor's products over any other vendors.  This article should not be considered an endorsement for this particular vendor or networking configuration.  As with all hardware,  customers should perform independent benchmark tests to verify a vendor's claims of improved performance or manageability in E-Business Suite environments.

Oracle and Cisco Systems jointly certified the Cisco ACE Series Application Control Engine with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.  Cisco ACE Series Application Control Engine is a new offering from Cisco Systems that has the potential to improve high availability, performance, security, optimized application deployment and lower the cost of ownership for Oracle E-Business Suite R12.  The new ACE platform targets three main aspects, namely manageability, security and performance.  The figure below shows the Virtualization and Role-based Admin features of the ACE module.

Architecture diagram showing Cisco ACE load balancer Virtual Device and RBA

Cisco states that the ACE module has significant improvements over their Content Services Switch/Content Switching Module (CSS/CSM) which was used by customers with previous releases of E-Business Suite.  One of the innovative features that I like in this module is the capability for virtualization and the ease of management provided by the Application Networking Management tool (ANM), especially for complex installations. This new tool has the potential to relieve the administrator from dealing with the command line and allows him or her to discover, provision, monitor and report across many virtual devices on multiple Cisco ACE appliances, making deployments transparent.

For more information on other features and for specific instructions on how to configure with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12, see:

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Thanks for your blog posting.

Cisco, and our joint customers, really understand the importance of developing jointly tested and validated/certified solutions for critical application suites like EBS 12.

Additionally, Cisco designed ACE to specifically provide the operational and resource benefits you note above -- such as using virtualization to enable one hardware platform to support multiple applications or instances while keeping each independent, secure and highly available, as well as enable lower capex/opex.

We will continue to share this and future joint Oracle/Cisco solutions with our mutual customers and partners...

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