Update #1: Database 11g Certification with the E-Business Suite

This is the first of a series of updates on our certification of the newly-released Oracle Database 11g with the E-Business Suite.

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Our Certification Plans for DB 11g

Our Database 11g certification with the E-Business Suite is expected to proceed in two phases:
  • Phase 1: Certification of upgrade from previous Apps databases to  DB 11g

    This phase will test compatibility of  Database 11g with E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12 as an upgrade from existing supported database releases such as DB 10gR2.  It is likely that we will release the Apps 11i certification, followed later by the Apps 12 certification.

    We will also investigate the feasibility of including the 11g Database in a future Release 12 Rapid Install.

  • Phase 2: Certification of specific DB 11g options with Apps

    This phase will test the compatibility of Apps 11i and 12 with selected Database 11g-specific options such as Active Data Guard, Total Recall, Advanced Compression, Real Application Testing, and others.
Our Current Certification Status

We're in the Phase 1 today -- certifying the upgrade to Database 11g -- for Release 11i.  This certification is underway right now. 

Our Release 11i certification tests include automated regression testing, product team testing of cross-product Apps business flows, performance, and scalability.  These tests are going well.  We've identified some issues that will require an interoperability patch or two on both the Apps 11i side as well as on the database side.  We're triaging those issues right now.

Our Release 12 testing environments are just being scaled up now.  R12 testing will proceed in earnest as soon as we get over the hump of the Release 11i testing.

What You Can Do Today

There are several things that you can start on right now to prepare for this upgrade:
  1. If you're on Release 11i, ensure that you've applied the latest 11.5.10 Consolidated Update 2 (11.5.10.CU2) at minimum.  Release 12 prerequisites are still being worked out.

  2. Ensure that you've upgraded your Apps environment to the latest certified 10gR2 Database level.
I can't provide specific release dates (for the usual reasons) but you're welcome to monitor or subscribe to this blog for updates, which I'll post as soon as they're available. 


Hello Steven,

As always thank you for useful updates.
I am looking for one clarification.
There was stated that 11g database will not support Workflow 2.6.
At the other hand R12 and 11i still using it as one of the core intermodule integration and processing components.
Do I understand correctly that for Apps Oracle makes exception in that context?

Thank you in advance,

Posted by Yury Velikanov on November 28, 2007 at 05:49 PM PST #

Steve - You have mentioned 11.5.10 CU2 as minimum baseline , clarification needed if its 11.5.9 CU2 with ATG.H RUP5 applied will that also qualify for the 11g certification ?


Posted by Nandita Saigal on November 28, 2007 at 11:52 PM PST #

Nandita,We currently have no plans to certify the 11g Database as an upgrade for 11.5.19.CU2 environments.  11.5.10.CU2 is expected to be the minimum certified baseline for this database upgrade.Regards,Steven 

Posted by Steven Chan on November 29, 2007 at 04:23 AM PST #

Hello, Jurijs,Yes, the E-Business Suite has an exception around Workflow support.  We will continue to provide support for Workflow with the 11g Database.Regards,Steven 

Posted by Steven Chan on November 29, 2007 at 04:30 AM PST #

Hello Steven,

We are on 10GR1 and are considering 10GR2 as a database upgrade next year. Your posting suggests we should get to 10GR2 as a prerequisite for going to 11G. Is this a good idea or would we be better just going from (currently) to 11g once it has completed certification.

Many Thanks,


Posted by Iain Sear on December 05, 2007 at 10:11 PM PST #

Hello, Iain,It's expected that 10gR2 will be the minimum prerequisite for an upgrade to the 11g Database for the E-Business Suite.  I don't expect that we'll provide any certified upgrade paths from  If I were you, I'd solidify your plans to upgrade to 10gR2 sooner than later.Regards,Steven 

Posted by Steven Chan on December 06, 2007 at 02:38 AM PST #

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