Top 2008 Techstack Articles for EBS 12 (Part 3)

This is the third of three Year in Review articles:  this one summarizes topics of interest specifically to Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 sysadmins.

Top 2008 Release 12 Articles

  1. New Whitepaper: Mod_plsql and E-Business Suite 12
    Many consultants building Apps extensions were distraught to hear about the demise of mod_plsql in Apps R12.  This whitepaper discusses issues around that architectural change.
  2. Case Study Redux: Oracle's Own Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Upgrade (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)
    Veteran Oracle DBAs know how important it is to watch how Oracle itself uses its own technologies.  These notes provide the deepest look ever into Oracle's own E-Business Suite data center.
  3. New Whitepaper: Best Practices for Adopting E-Business Suite Release 12
    Practical tips and techniques from the many customers and consultants who have taken the Apps R12 plunge.  Critical reading.
  4. Five Key Resources for Upgrading to E-Business Suite Release 12
    When it comes to resources for your R12 upgrade, there's an embarrassment of riches.  Start here.
  5. Apps Release 12.0.6 Release Update Pack Now Available
    Possibly the most important release from the E-Business Suite division this year.  If you are already running R12 or in the deployment cycle, you must consider your plans for implementing the 12.0.6 release.
  6. OracleAS Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12
    This is particularly notable if you're in the deployment cycle for R12.  Why roll out a production environment that's behind the latest certified techstack?
  7. OracleAS 10g Forms and Reports Certified With EBS R12
    Like the OC4J certification above, upgrading to this code level ensures that your Apps R12 environment has the latest performance, security, stability updates for Forms and Reports.
  8. Oracle Business Approvals for Managers Now Available for iPhone
    Regardless of whether or not you're an Apple fan, it's undeniable that the iPhone has transformed the smartphone market.  It's great to see our BI group keeping up.
  9. WebCenter 10g Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12
    WebCenter is the heart of Fusion Middleware's next-generation toolset, and a key technology if you're building out your integration of the E-Business Suite with other web-based technologies.
  10. In-Depth: Using Third-Party Identity Managers with E-Business Suite Release 12
    Integrating Apps with an existing corporate LDAP or security system is the top reason that EBS sysadmins consider using Fusion Middleware.
  11. Java 6 Certified with E-Business Suite Release 12
    The Java layer has such significant impact on your environment that you should always stay up-to-date with the latest JDK certifications.

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