Top 2008 Techstack Articles for EBS 11i and 12 (Part 1)

Happy New Year!

It's been a busy year for us in the E-Business Suite techstack area, and for this blog, too.  I'm very proud of our editorial team, which has grown to a dozen experts in their respective fields.  We've published over 160 articles this year, and we've fielded hundreds of your questions and comments (and even more of your private emails to us). 

Thanks for your support.  All of us, myself included, have to squeeze in time on top of our regular jobs to contribute to this blog.  If you find it useful, drop us a line or post a comment to help keep us motivated. 

2008 In Review

I'd originally planned to publish a single article rounding up the most important articles of the year.  So much for that plan.  This is the first of three Year in Review articles covering topics of interest to both Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and 12 sysadmins alike.

A Baker's Dozen:  Top Articles for both Release 11i and 12

  1. Every Current E-Business Techstack Certification on One Page
    Keeping up with the latest Apps techstack news can be a bit daunting, even if you subscribe to this blog via RSS or email.  Here's everything you need to know about certified components on a single page, with links to individual articles with more details.
  2. Reminder: Migrate Your JInitiator Clients to Sun JRE Now!
    Oracle JInitiator's time is drawing nigh, and you can't put off your end-users' migration to the native Sun Java (JRE) client any longer. 
  3. Diagnosing Sun Java Plug-in Issues with Oracle Apps
    Once you switch over to the Sun JRE plug-in, make sure you know how to debug any issues that might arise.
  4. New Whitepaper: Options for Reducing E-Business Suite Database Sizes
    These techniques, combined with 11gR1 DB features like Advanced Compression, can help reign in your ever-growing database storage requirements.
  5. Rapid Clone Updates for July 2008 Available for Apps 11i and 12
    Cloning is such a key part of an Apps sysadmin's responsibilities that it's crucial to keep those  tools up-to-date.
  6. New Whitepaper: Database Partitioning for the E-Business Suite
    There's no environment that can't be tuned for better performance.  Partitioning is a key tool in your performance optimization toolkit.
  7. E-Business Suite + Fusion Middleware Best Practices Center Launched
    If you're building out new EBS functionality using Fusion Middleware, this should be your first stop.
  8. Discoverer Cumulative Patchsets Now Certified for Apps 11i & 12
    You no longer have to wait for the E-Business Suite division to certify Discoverer Cumulative Patchsets.
  9. New Sun Java JRE Plug-In Certification Policy for Apps 11i & 12
    You no longer have to wait for the E-Business Suite division to certify individual Sun JRE releases, as long as you're at or above JRE 1.5.0_13 or 1.6.0_03.
  10. The Case of The Missing Database Links
    A cautionary tale for anyone who's considering -- or has already implemented -- custom extensions to their E-Business Suite environment.
  11. Ten Ways of Using iSetup to Streamline E-Business Suite Implementations
    Lifecycle management is a key part of your system administration responsibilities. You've already got this tool; why not see whether it can fit into your release cycle? 
  12. Two Essential Tools for Diagnosing E-Business Suite Network Issues
    Getting a grasp on network performance issues can be tricky.  Here's a starting point.
  13. Tuning All Layers of the Oracle E-Business Suite (OpenWorld 2008 Recap)
    Our Applications Performance Group has collected an enormous array of practical tips, settings, tools, and diagnostic frameworks for optimizing the performance of your Apps environment.  Critical reading if you're hitting the performance ceiling.

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