Statement of Direction: Oracle AD4J + Oracle E-Business Suite

Mondays -- you gotta love 'em.  Noon hasn't even rolled around yet and it's already turning out to be one of those days. 

AD4J Screenshot: Screenshot of Oracle Application Diagnostics for Java (AD4J) plug-in for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g

The volume of questions relating to E-Business Suite compatibility with the Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) plug-in called Oracle Application Diagnostics for Java (AD4J) has increased sharply in the last few weeks.  This plug-in allows OEM users to monitor the availability and performance of Java-based applications.

I've heard anecdotal reports that some Apps customers have successfully configured AD4J to view and monitor the Java Virtual Machines (JVM) of an E-Business Suite instance.  Our Applications Technology Integration team hasn't done any formal certifications of the E-Business Suite with AD4J yet.  On first principles alone, I can't think of any major reasons why this integration wouldn't work.  However, in the absence of our formal certification tests, we don't have any guidelines on deploying AD4J in E-Business Suite environments yet.

We're definitely interested in testing this ourselves, after we've gotten Release 12.1 out the door.  AD4J is on our list of future certification projects.  I don't have firm schedules for this certification yet, but you're welcome to this blog updates, which I'll post as soon as soon as they're available. 

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You mention 12.1 is there a roadmap for when various releases are due out (even if it's as general as Q4 of 200x)? Is there a similar roadmap for Release Update Packs?
We are planning to start investigating moving to Release 12 in the next 18 months but one of the things holding us back is how stable OPSFI might be as there are not many bug fixes for it showing up in Release Update Packs yet. We may wait for more to people to migrate with OPSFI implemented - do Oracle keep track of how many customers have functionality such as OPSFI switched on?

Posted by Ian Neal on May 20, 2008 at 10:36 AM PDT #

Ian,No, I'm afraid that Oracle has very strict rules on disclosures of dates.  For more background on this, see:Loose Lips Sink Ships - As for OPSFI:  I don't have a lot of visibility into our Public Sector implementations.  Different product teams have different levels of relationships with their customer base, so it's hard for me to say whether OPSFI Development keeps these types of notes.  Your best bet might be to ask your Oracle Account Manager to arrange a meeting between you and OPSFI Development to discuss product stability and your rollout plans.Good luck with this.Regards,Steven 

Posted by Steven Chan on May 22, 2008 at 03:28 AM PDT #

Is there a patch or an updated version of Application Diagnostics for Java that supports 1.6 JVMs? Where do you get patches for the product? I can't find any on metalink.

Posted by john on December 03, 2008 at 08:17 AM PST #


I'm afraid that I don't have a lot of visibility into AD4J updates for different JVMs. I'd recommend logging a formal Service Request via Metalink against AD4J to get more information about this.


Posted by Steven Chan on December 04, 2008 at 03:10 AM PST #

All AD4J updates are available on OTN. The direct link is

There you will find a link to the README file. This file has a section on new JVMs that we support but also towards the end we have a section on ALL the JVMs supported by the current AD4J release.

Hope this helps

AD4J Team

Posted by Shiraz Kanga on December 17, 2008 at 06:25 AM PST #

Hello Steven / AD4J Team,

I was just checking back in here to see if there were any updates on certifying the E-Business Suite with AD4J. The last updates I'd seen in this area were 2008. Apologies if I missed the announcement in a later entry. So far no E-Business Suite info on the main page for AD4J (unless I've overlooked it of course) -

Thanks for any additional information in this area,

Posted by Anthony Maslowski on December 02, 2009 at 10:26 PM PST #

Hello, Tony,

My Certification teams have not done any formal testing of AD4J with the E-Business Suite yet. This isn't for lack of interest, merely lack of time. Other certifications -- like the 11gR2 database -- have taken higher priority.

Our Applications Performance Group has worked with AD4J, though, and their findings are very encouraging. They've briefly touched upon using AD4J in their OpenWorld session:

Tuning the Oracle E-Business Suite Environment (OpenWorld 2009 Recap)

As of today, our position would be that the use of AD4J with the E-Business Suite is supported but not explicitly certified. The generic AD4J documentation should (theoretically) be sufficient to allow a skilled DBA to use that product with the E-Business Suite.

If you run into any issues with that, please log a formal Service Request with AD4J Support and forward the SR number to me.

I look forward to hearing about your experiences with this tool.


Posted by Steven Chan on December 03, 2009 at 03:08 AM PST #

Great info, thanks for the prompt response.


Posted by Anthony Maslowski on December 04, 2009 at 12:18 AM PST #

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