Sneak Preview: Apps Tech Track at OpenWorld

I'm puzzled by the absence of a detailed list of sessions on the official OpenWorld website.   The agenda is absolutely stuffed this year.  In addition to my own three sessions, here's a sneak peek at some of the Applications Technology sessions that I think will be worth attending.

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Extremely Noteworthy (I'll be attending these myself)

  • Technology Directions for Oracle Applications:  Cliff Godwin (S281377)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Updates:  Lisa Parekh (S280814)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Customers: 10 Things You Can Do Now to
    Prepare for Oracle Fusion Applications:  Nadia Bendjedou (S281651)
  • Deep Dive: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 New Technology Stack:  Ivo Dujmovic (S281383)
Focus on Release 12
  • Oracle Application Framework (OAF): Architecture, Personalization,
    and Extensibility in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12:  Sara Woodhull
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: Installation and Cloning Enhancements: Robert Farrington, Andrew Rist (S281403)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite System Management: Release 12 New Features:  Biju Mohan (S281397)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12: Process, Integration, and Eventing:  Mark Craig (S281412)
  • Oracle Workflow: Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 Updates: Kevin Hudson (S281414)
Interesting Case Studies
  • Oracle Case Study: Global Operations with Oracle E-Business Suite:  Bret Fuller (S281391)
  • Oracle and Pella: A Case Study in Reducing Oracle E-Business Suite
    Maintenance Downtime:  Ric Ginsberg, Dhilip Ranganathan (S281398)
  • Customer
    Case Study: Build an Advanced Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture
    (with a Thousand Concurrent Users) and Massive Reporting by Leveraging
    Oracle RAC and IBM Servers:  Paul Bramy, Alain Roy (S281594)
  • Customer Case Study: Implementing Oracle Applications 11.5.10 on
    Oracle Real Application Clusters 10g and Automatic Storage Management: 
    Kai Yu (S281386)
Hardcore Sessions for Apps DBAs
  • Tuning Oracle E-Business Suite:  Ahmed Alomari (S281393)
  • Partitioning and Purging Best Practices for Oracle E-Business Suite:  Ahmed Alomari (S281654)
  • Leveraging Oracle Database 10g Features with Oracle E-Business Suite:  Ahmed Alomari (S281384)
  • MAA Best Practices: Building an Oracle E-Business Suite Maximum Availability Architecture:  Lyn Pratt (S283064)
  • Security Administration in Oracle E-Business Suite: Overview of
    Oracle User Management:  Sanjeev Topiwala, Roger Wigenstam (S281395)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Patch Management: A Dive into OAM/AD Features:  Kenneth Baxter (S281399)
  • E-Business Suite Lifecycle Management:  Michael Mast (S281396)
Interesting and Intriguing
  • Service-Enabling Oracle E-Business Suite:  Arun Manchanda, Veshaal Singh (S281415)
  • Oracle Fusion Applications User Experience: Jeremy Ashley, Killian Evers (S281652)
  • Oracle XML Publisher: Enterprise Reporting and Delivery Platform:  Osama Elkady (S281400)
  • Towards Fusion: Identity Management for Oracle Applications including Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft and Siebel:  Ed King, Sid Choudhury (S281634)
  • How to Secure Your Oracle E-Business Suite Deployment:  Robert Armstrong (S281394)
  • Using Oracle SOA Suite with Oracle E-Business Suite:  Arun Manchanda, Sameer Phatarpekar (S281413)
  • How to Personalize Your Oracle E-Business Suite Without Writing Code: A Talk About Forms Personalization and the OA Framework:  Gregory Frost (S282865)
  • Oracle Forms Personalization Without Coding:  Bill Sawyer (S281409) 
My Own Sessions
  • "Meet the Experts" from the Applications Technology Group
  • Using Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite (S281709)
  • Customer Case Study: Leveraging the Enterprise Identity Management Capabilities of Oracle Application Server 10g with Oracle E-Business Suite:  Arun Chan, Mike Kron (S283122)
  • Customer Case Study (Rafael):  Oracle 10g Identity Management with Oracle E-Business Suite:  Gilad Bilia (S281389)
  • And... at unpredictable times, I'll be at the Release 12 Technology Stack booth (Pod A75 in the Oracle Demogrounds)
OpenWorld X-Treme

This is a series of hands-on sessions and workshops on specialized topics.  There's an E-Business Suite technology track that covers Oracle XML Publisher, Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) Customization and Extensibility, Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) for E-Business Suite Applications, and Business analysis and simulation.


Hi Steve, Sorry to blow the XMLP trumpet but there are several sessions from customers that have implemented XMLP in EBS ... these are the most useful sessions for other customers to hear whats involved in the implementation from a fellow customer.
Cheers, Tim

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