Sneak Preview: Integrating EBS with Desktop Apps via Web ADI Development Framework

Web Applications Desktop Integration (Web ADI) is an enterprise framework for integrating the Oracle E-Business Suite with desktop applications. It's a Self-Service Oracle Application that lets you download and upload selected data between EBS products and  Microsoft Excel.  It allows you to modify bulk data in Microsoft Excel, working either online or offline, and upload the modified data using Web ADI.  It also allows you to generate Microsoft Word documents for mail merges.

What's Coming for Web ADI?

Are you interested in integrating EBS application with desktop application using Oracle’s Web ADI framework? Are you interested in creating custom Web ADI integrators with the ability to define validations, lookups, and business rules? Well, you're in the right place! The Oracle Applications Technology Group is working on providing a new development framework to create and manage custom desktop integrators.

Web ADI integration architecture diagram

We're building out this upcoming framework to provide rich functionality to:

Define integrators

  • Security rules
  • One or more interfaces to import data-to EBS
  • One or more contents to extract data-from
  • Validation rules – flex fields, description flex fields, SQL-based lookup
  • Business rules to import data to EBS

Manage integrators

  • Create integrators
  • Edit and delete custom integrators
  • View Oracle-seeded and custom integrator definitions

Define and Manage UI components and lookup screens

Let Us Know About Your Integration Requirements

We're very interested in hearing about your requirements for integrating the E-Business Suite with your desktop applications.  If you're using Oracle Web ADI or have a requirement to create custom integrators, please email the following questionnaire to:

Rakha Ayothi email

For Oracle-seeded Web ADI Integrators:

  1. Does your company use Oracle Web ADI?
  2. What is your current version of Oracle Applications? (11i RUP __ / R12 RUP __ )

For Custom Integrators:

  1. What requirements do you have for developing custom integrators?
  2. How are you creating custom integrators? (In-house development / Vendor Product _<name>_)
  3. Are you interested in participating in an Early Adopter Program for the Web ADI Development Framework?

Your Contact Details

  • Company Name:
  • Contact Person:
  • Contact Number:
  • Contact E-mail address:

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I just chanced on this article and we're looking at using Web ADI more extensively and these proposed changes would be the tipping point to the argument to use them or not. When (roughly) will this functionality be available for production?

Posted by Kofi on October 16, 2009 at 05:22 AM PDT #

We are currently using 11i RUP and will be moving to R12 RUP in 2012. We are using WEB for Invoice Upload, GL Journal Uploads currently. The template were built using MS 2003. the company recently upgraded to MS 2010, removing MS 2003 from most machines. Without being on R12, is there anyway to create integrators compatible with MS 2010.

Posted by Kathlleen Harshfield on February 15, 2011 at 04:19 AM PST #

Hi, Kathleen,

We don't have any plans to backport new desktop integration capabilities from EBS 12 to EBS 11i.

You can continue to use the WebADI with Microsoft Office 2010 in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i. All existing WebADI capabilities in EBS 11i should continue to work as expected with that combination.

EBS 11i left Premier Support last year, and Extended Support runs only for another two years; see:

EBS 11i Extended Support Starts December 2010 with Minimum Patching Baselines

If you're interested in using the latest WebADI capabilities in EBS 12, this might be a good opportunity to discuss upgrading to EBS 12 with your end-users.


Posted by Steven Chan on February 17, 2011 at 01:27 AM PST #

I understand that Oracle Sales is to have some access points with Web ADI particularly in the Opportunity arena.

Where might I find some good documentation on that portion of Web ADI?

Posted by guest on March 24, 2014 at 05:56 AM PDT #

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