New Whitepaper: Upgrading EBS 11i Forms + OA Framework Personalizations to EBS 12

Personalizations are -- and have always been -- one of the safest and most upgradable ways to "customize" your Oracle E-Business Suite screens, both for Oracle Forms-based screens and for Oracle Application Framework-based pages. However, the upgrade from Release 11i to Release 12.1 spans many years of EBS evolution, during which time Oracle has actively been building many new features and modules. A lot has changed in Oracle E-Business Suite that may affect upgrading your personalizations from 11i to 12.1. 

We have published a new note on My Oracle Support that discusses ways to evaluate your existing personalizations:

Two distinct types of personalizations

There are two distinct types of personalizations:

  1. Form Personalization
  2. OA Framework Personalization.

Both types of personalization are completely metadata-based. The personalizations are stored as data in database tables. However, because the underlying technologies (Oracle Forms and OA Framework) are very different, Forms personalizations and OA Framework personalizations are not equivalent and cannot be converted or migrated from one to the other.

Diagram showing how personalizations can be transported for like-to-like functionality from EBS 11i to 12 Like-to-Like.gif

Critical factors when affecting upgradeability

Upgradability of personalizations is based on the premise that you are upgrading "from like to like." That is, a personalization based on a certain form, affecting certain fields, will be upgradable to the next version of the same form assuming that the underlying structure of the form is the same (that is, the blocks and fields touched by the personalization are still in the form and have the same names). In other words:

  • For an upgrade from one minor release to another minor release, personalizations are generally likely to be upgradable.
  • For an upgrade from one major release (11i) to another major release (12.1), personalizations are much less likely to be upgradable.

Personalizations that need to be reimplemented manually

A personalization is not upgradable if you are not upgrading "from like to like." This can happen for a number of reasons:

  1. A screen or page has been sufficiently modified in the new version of the product such that the old objects that were personalized no longer exist in the new version. For the 11i to 12 upgrade, however, forms are more likely to have been rebuilt in OA Framework than to have been modified using Oracle Forms.
  2. An Oracle Forms-based screen has been replaced by an OA Framework-based page. This is very common across the 11i to 12.1 upgrade, because many products have rebuilt a lot of their Oracle Forms-based functionality into OA Framework while adding or redesigning other features. For example, the user interface for item instance functionality in Oracle Install Base has been rewritten in OA Framework.
  3. A screen or page has been moved into a different product, so the personalization metadata no longer applies (because each product has its own namespace). For example, between 11i and 12.1, some payments forms were removed from Oracle Payables (AP) and their functionality was consolidated with other payments functionality into a new Oracle Payments (IBY) module. Personalizations made to those original AP payments forms would no longer apply.

Comparing EBS 11i screens to EBS 12 equivalents

For the most part, when you upgrade an OA Framework-based page from Release 11i to 12.1.3, that OA Framework page will still exist in 12.1.3 unless the specific Oracle E-Business Suite product has been heavily redesigned. So in general, OA Framework personalizations are likely to upgrade smoothly ("like to like") to 12.1.3, though of course it depends on the specific products you have.

There are various ways to tell if a particular form or page no longer exists in 12.0 or 12.1. Generally, you should start with the upgrade manuals for your installed products and determine if there has been a major redesign of any of the modules you have. In those cases, most of your form personalizations will no longer apply, and in fact, you will probably no longer need them anyhow. For example, as mentioned above, payments functionality has been moved into a separate Oracle Payments module (IBY). Many customizations you might have had for that functionality can be retired instead of re-implemented because the new product offers significant configurability, and features were added as standard that previously may have required customization to achieve.

For further information, see Note 1292611.1.  Happy reading and upgrading!


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