Identity Crisis: Are Patches to EBS 11.5.9 Equivalent to 11.5.10?

[Aug 14, 2008 Update: Added an observation from one of our readers who pointed out that the more of the latest patches you've applied on top of your existing 11.5.9 environment, the faster the upgrade to 11.5.10 will be.]

A frequently asked question popped up again in my inbox this morning. Its recurrence is particularly timely with the end of Premier Support for E-Business Suite Release 11.5.9 in June 2008. The question is:

If an EBS 11.5.9 environment has some or all of the EBS 11.5.10 Family Packs installed, is it considered to be an 11.5.10 environment?

Screenshot of Metalink download screen for Maintenance Pack patchset 3480000

Break It To Them Gently

From a support perspective, an EBS 11.5.9 environment will always be regarded as an 11.5.9 environment regardless of the number of later patchsets, rollup patches, mini packs, or family pack updates that may have been applied.

The good thing is that the more patchsets, rollup patches, mini packs, or family pack updates that have been applied, the quicker the 11.5.10 upgrade will go, since the upgrade will not need to copy or process existing 11.5.10 files. In addition to which, although you will only have applied family packs to modules that you utilize and the 11.5.10 upgrade will contain and copy files for all modules, it will only process generation of files and reports etc for modules that are in use. Plus any upgrade of functional modules to 11.5.10 will normally mean that all the system modules AD, FND, etc have also been upgraded already.

The only recognized way to upgrade your E-Business Suite 11.5.9 to 11.5.10 is to apply either of the following: 11.5.10 Consolidated Update 2 (Patchset 3460000) or Maintenance Pack (Patchset 3480000).

Oracle recommends that you apply the later Maintenance Pack, since it supercedes Patch 3460000.

In other words, an Apps 11.5.9 environment will always be considered to be an 11.5.9 environment even if you were ambitious enough to reverse-engineer either of the two 11.5.10 patchsets above and apply all of the constituent 11.5.10 minipacks and product family packs individually.

Now, realistically, nobody would bother to embark upon this lonely and rocky road. After all, the reason most sysadmins choose to stay on 11.5.9 and apply individual product family packs instead of the Maintenance Pack is to apply the smallest number of patches possible. Ergo, a patched 11.5.9 environment will contain only the minimum number of patches that the sysadmin deems necessary, and will never have everything contained in the much-larger Maintenance Pack.

What If You Want To Stay on 11.5.9?

If you do not apply either of the two 11.5.10 patchsets shown above, you will be considered to be running EBS 11.5.9. That's your choice, naturally. However, you should be aware of the support implications of that decision.

Remember that Premier Support for 11.5.9 officially ended on June 30, 2008. With the new support changes announced by Chuck Phillips earlier this year at OAUG Collaborate 2008, the first year of Sustaining Support for 11.5.9 includes resolution of Priority One technical assistance requests. 11.5.9 users in the U.S. will also receive 1099 support for the first year of Sustaining Support. Each support category covers different things. Here's the latest published summary table:

Types of Oracle Support: Table showing types of support available for each Lifetime Support category, including definitions for Premier Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support

A Final Word of Advice

The clock is on for 11.5.9 users. If you're still on that release, I'd strongly recommend that you start planning your upgrade strategy as soon as possible.

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Thanks for this information. Can you clarify whether 1099 support during the first year of Sustaining Support means that 2008 year end 1099's were the last update, or whether 2009 1099's will be the last?


Posted by David Spencer on July 07, 2009 at 10:03 AM PDT #

Hi, David,

The 11.5.9 Sustaining Support extension will include a US 1099 for the 2009 year-end.

You might find this article useful:

Extended Support Fees Waived for EBS 11.5.10 and 10gR2 DB Through 2011 -


Posted by Steven Chan on July 09, 2009 at 06:10 AM PDT #

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