New AutoConfig Rollup Patch Q Now Available

The latest AutoConfig Rollup Patch Q (Patch 5985992) is now released and is generally available for download from Oracle Metalink.

AutoConfig Flowchart 3:

The official name for this patch is:
This Rollup patch is cumulative:  it includes all E-Business Suite technology stack configuration fixes that we've previously released either individually or in patchsets such as AutoConfig Rollup Patch P (Mar/Apr 2007, Patch 5759055).

This Rollup includes a large number of enhancements and fixes, including the following:
  • A new s_startServers context variable, used to customize the number of child processes created by Oracle HTTP Server on startup
  • Apache access_log now logs the amount of time taken by Oracle HTTP Server to serve
  • Enhancement allowing the use of the JConsole tool to locally monitor Apps 11i JVMs.  This feature is backported from Release 12.  You can find out more on enabling remote monitoring in this blog article.
  • Enhancements to the URL Firewall to allow iPayment servlet access for customers deploying the Oracle Lease Management (OKL) product as an external application.
  • Context file customizations from Oracle Application Manager (OAM) are now reported by the adchkcfg utility
  • Fixes for the Inventory Utility Report
  • TXK Pre-patch Check Utility reports all database nodes in RAC setups
  • During the execution of AutoConfig, the log file path will be printed at the beginning instead the end of the AutoConfig run.
  • Enabled context variable s_discostatus on Windows
  • Unset the environment variable LD_ASSUME_KERNEL for SLES10 or higher
  • Enabled to run on Solaris SPARC 64bit.
  • Enhancement to log files (stderr and stdout) to include JVM startup timestamps
  • Several changes to improve autoconfig performance
  • Corrected the issue of having to disable Discoverer 4i each time AutoConfig was run on Windows. Now the default setting for Discoverer 4i is set to disable.
  • Removed unwanted parameters from init.ora template to enhance performance of Release 11i with the 10gR2 database
  • Fixed bug in Autoconfig to run the job afcpgsm without errors.
  • Enabled AutoConfig to run in parallel on multiple middle tiers with Jserv load balancing enabled
For more details about this patch's contents, see the README.



Hello Steven,
Thanks for the update.
Have a small query, i see you have mentioned "Enabled to run on Solaris SPARC 64bit"

I remember that i have run on Solaris SPARC 64bit earlier also without problems.

Is there a bug fix which this patch covers in this regard or am i missing something.


Posted by Sam on August 08, 2007 at 03:16 AM PDT #


From features listed in the README.TXT for the patch is the following:
>> 10. Fixed Autoconfig failure that happened when customers ran autoconfig in
parallel on multiple middle tiers with Jserv load balancing enabled.

Does that means that it is supported to run autoconfig in parallel mode for any previous version except cfg-s with Jserv LB?
Can you point to the doc or clarify this question for us?

As autoconfig runs takes up to 20 min in some configuration and having 6-8 nodes brings us to 2 hours just to run it in serialized mode.

Thank you in advance,

Posted by Yury Velikanov on August 09, 2007 at 08:25 PM PDT #


I know that you are busy person.
We would be thankful if you can help us to clarify autoconfig question.

Thank you in advance,
Group of your blog's funs

Posted by Yury Velikanov on August 14, 2007 at 08:00 AM PDT #

Hello, Sam,This issue is specific to an upgrade scenario associated with the 10.2 database.  It's reported in bug 5959608:<snip>After Upgrading db tier to 10.2.0 on SOLARIS 64 bit machineOn the RDBMS tier when generating new xml tier=db appsuser=apps appspass=*******.Get Error : UnsatisfiedLinkError exception loading native library: njni10</snip>Regards,Steven

Posted by Steven Chan on August 15, 2007 at 03:00 AM PDT #

Jurijs,I'm trying to clarify this use case with our AutoConfig team; stay tuned...Regards,Steven

Posted by Steven Chan on August 15, 2007 at 03:05 AM PDT #

Hello Steven,

Just wonder have you got anything back from AutoConfig team?

Thank you in advance,

Posted by Yury Velikanov on August 26, 2007 at 11:30 PM PDT #

Hi, Jurijs,Here's the scoop to date:  running AutoConfig in parallel is theoretically supported, although our testing of this in large-scale deployments has been somewhat limited.  I would recommend testing this yourself in testbed environment before trying this in a multinode production environment.  We would be interested in hearing your feedback on this in your environments.  If you encounter anything unusual, please drop me a line with the Service Requent number and I'll have ensure that our AutoConfig development team gets engaged directly.Regards,Steven

Posted by Steven Chan on August 27, 2007 at 04:33 AM PDT #

Thank you for your response.
I'll definitely will give you know if we will face any problems running autoconfig in parallel.
I have posted your response to (~250 members).
I hope all together we will get the final answer.

Posted by Yury Velikanov on August 27, 2007 at 08:04 AM PDT #

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