E-Business Suite Technology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Last updated: February 21, 2013

Given changes to our blogging platform this year, it's gotten much harder to browse and locate previously-published articles on certain topics.  As a workaround, here's a FAQ to act as an index to our most-commonly referenced articles.

1. EBS Technology Stack Basics

Q: I'm completely new to Oracle E-Business Suite.  Where do I start?

A: There's a lot to learn, but don't get intimidated.  This article is a good starting point to understand key terms.  The latest EBS 12.1 documentation is hereThis article has pointers to good resources for beginners, including formal training from Oracle University.

Three tier architecture for EBS 12.0 and 12.1

Q: How can I keep current on EBS technology stack news?

A: We announce over 120 new certifications a year.  Stay current by monitoring or subscribing to this blog.  We publish roadmaps for upcoming certifications few times a year.  The latest is available here.

Q: Where can I find documentation for EBS technology stack components?

A:  Documentation for the EBS 12.1 is here; documentation for older releases is here.  Technology stack components that must be updated regularly are cross-referenced in these Note roadmaps:

Q: What are the latest E-Business Suite releases?

A: There are two types of EBS releases:  Rapid Installs and Release Update Packs.  Rapid Installs can be used to create a brand-new E-Business Suite environment.  Release Update Packs can only be applied on top of an existing environment.  The releases are:

Q:  What technology stack versions were included in the latest EBS releases?

A:  Here's a summary of the bundled technology stack components in the three EBS 12 Rapid Install releases that you can (and should) upgrade yourself as new versions become available.

2. Support Policies

Q: I'm having a problem.  How can I get help?

A: Sadly, this blog isn't the best place to get technical support.  For technical support resources and tips on logging Service Requests with Oracle Support, see this article.

Q: Is my third-party product supported with Oracle E-Business Suite?

A: We test specific Oracle products with the Oracle E-Business Suite.  This is called certification. We don't certify the E-Business Suite with third-party products, but you can certainly use them.  We distinguish between certification and support.  For details, see this article.

Q: What do I need to know about support for EBS 11i?

A: Premier Support ended on Nov. 30, 2010.  Extended Support began on Dec. 1, 2010.  New EBS 11i patches will be created for a minimum baseline environment.

Q: What do I need to know about EBS 12 Support dates and patching baselines?

A:  They're governed by two interlocking policy documents.  If you're running EBS 12, you must ensure that you're on these minimum patching baselines.

EBS Premier and Extended Support timelines

Q: How do Server Technologies (Database) support policies affect EBS environments?

A: Database support dates for Premier, Extended, and Sustaining support apply to E-Business Suite, too.  EBS users do not get any special exemptions from Oracle Database support dates.

Q: How do Fusion Middleware support policies affect EBS environments?

A:  Support policies for Fusion Middleware components used by EBS are a bit more complicated.  See this article for details.

3. Upgrades and Migrations

Q: I want to upgrade from EBS 11i to 12.  Where do I start?

    Q: I need to migrate my server to a different platform.  Where do I start?

    A: Verify that your target platforms are certified.  Plan your migration carefully.  Evaluate available tools for the job, including the Transportable Database process or Transportable Tablespaces.

    Q: I plan to upgrade EBS and migrate my server platforms.   Which do I do first, and what tools can I use?

    A: In general, migrating your database server to faster hardware will make your EBS upgrades faster.  There are more considerations for different endian platforms.  For more details, see this whitepaper on best practices.

    4. EBS System Maintenance

    Q: My E-Business Suite environment has slowed down.  What can I do?
    A: Start here.  Power users will love the additional tweaks and tips referenced in this article.

    Q: How can I reduce my maintenance downtimes?
    A: There are seven ways to reduce your patching downtimes.  EBS 12 users can also optimize AutoConfig execution and run AutoConfig in parallel.

    Q: What resources are available to help me test my environment?

    A: Testing is vital; your EBS environment is unique.  You can use testing tools like the Oracle Application Testing Suite.  We provide Test Starter Kits for older tools such as WinRunner and QuickTest Professional, too.

    Q: What's the best strategy for maintaining my environment?

    A: Apply EBS and technology stack updates to your environment in this order of priority.

    5. General Certifications

    Q: Is <version X> of <component Y> certified with the E-Business Suite?

    A: Check this one-page summary.  If what you're looking for isn't listed, check the official certification database on My Oracle Support.

    Q: When will the next version of <something> be released or certified with EBS?

    A:  Oracle's Revenue Recognition rules prohibit us from discussing certification and release dates.  And, besides, it's just unwise for us to speculate about dates.  This is why.

    Q: Is my third-party product supported with Oracle E-Business Suite?

    A: We test specific Oracle products with the Oracle E-Business Suite.  This is called certification. We don't certify the E-Business Suite with third-party products, but you can certainly use them


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