Apps Technology 12.0.3 Update Now Available

In conjunction with yesterday's release of the Applications 12.0.3 Release Update  Pack, the third major update for the Apps Release 12 technology stack is now available for download from Metalink:

ATG Patch 6077669 screenshot: Screenshot of download screen for Oracle Applications Technology Software Update 12.0.3 patch 6077669

Family Pack Updates vs. Release Update Packs

New readers might have missed previous discussions about naming standards. To recap:  in Release 11i, we have these things called Rollup Patches, which
inexplicably became known as "RUPs."  Release 11i Rollup Patches contain patches for a single product family (e.g. ATG Family Pack H Rollup 4).

In Release 12, we're now shipping these things called Release Update Packs.  Given the way that neologisms form, it's inevitable that these will be called "RUPs" too.  The difference is that the R12 Release Update Packs combine patches created across several E-Business Suite product families. 

The patch that we're announcing today only includes updates for the Applications Technology family of products, that is, the technology stack for the E-Business Suite Release 12.  This patch does not include updates to the functional applications like Financials or HRMS.  For information about the broader Apps 12.0.3 Release Update Pack, see:
This ATG rollup patch includes all fixes released on top of ATG Family Pack A, including those released in the following updates:
Since this is the third update to the Release 12 technology stack, its official (admittedly cryptic) name is: R12.ATG_PF.A.DELTA.3.


You must apply the R12.AD.A.DELTA.3 (patch 6272715) before applying this ATG rollup patch.  For more information about that prerequisite AD patch, see Oracle Applications DBA Software Updates, Release 12.0.3 (Metalink Note 454385.1).

This ATG Family
Pack update can be applied on top of the following:
What's New?

Regardless of what it's called, the third Applications technology stack update for Release 12 contains the following new features:
  • Oracle Application Framework

    HGrid 'Record Set Size' Property - For an HGrid (hierarchical grid), the Record Set Size property on nodeDefinition items can be personalized by administrators. When the Expand All feature of an HGrid is being used, setting the Record Set Size for child nodes limits the number of child records displayed for each parent record at that level of the HGrid. This improves the display performance for very large HGrids.

  • Oracle Applications Technology Stack

    Customizable Directory Information Trees (DIT) and configurable Relative Distinguished Names (RDN) - These features are now supported for use in
    Oracle E-Business Suite environments integrated with Single Sign-On 10g. Default values no longer have to be used. For further details, see the Oracle System Administrator's Guide - Security at Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12+.

  • Oracle Diagnostics

    Oracle Diagnostics has enhanced support for long-running tests as well as tests that generate large reports. See the Oracle Applications Supportability
    Guide at Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12+ for more details.

  • Oracle XML Gateway

    Notifying Transaction Owners for Errored Transactions - To manage transactions errors more efficiently, Oracle XML Gateway now lets you associate a transaction owner with a transaction type in the Define Transactions form. If an error occurs in a transaction of that type, Oracle XML Gateway sends a notification to the transaction owner in addition to the Oracle XML Gateway system administrator and trading partner contact. This notification allows the transaction owner and system administrator to act on the error if needed. See the Oracle XML Gateway User's Guide at
    Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12+ for more details.

    Automatic Reprocessing of Errored Transactions After Notification Timeout - Oracle XML Gateway uses two new profile options to manage
    notification timeouts proactively if no explicit action was taken on an error notification. The ECX: Notification Timeout profile option sets the timeout period, measured in minutes, for a notification. The ECX: Maximum Retries profile option sets the maximum number of times that Oracle XML Gateway will automatically reprocess the errored transaction after the notification timeout period.
    See the Oracle XML Gateway User's Guide at Oracle E-Business Suite Online Documentation Library Release 12+ for more details.
What's Been Fixed?

In addition to those new features, this update contains fixes for the following areas:
  • Oracle Application Object Library (AOL)
  • Oracle Report Manager
  • Oracle Applications Technology Stack
  • Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator (WebADI)
  • Oracle Workflow
  • Oracle XML Publisher
For a complete list of the contents of this update, see:


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