Apps Technology 12.0.2 Update Now Available

[July 18, 2007 Update:  Added links to subsequent article discussing the overall E-Business Suite 12.0.2 Release Update Pack.]

The second major update for the Apps Release 12 technology stack is now available for download from Metalink:

Family Pack Updates vs. Release Update Packs

A short word about terminology is needed before I go much further.  In Release 11i, we have these things called Rollup Patches, which inexplicably became known as "RUPs."  Release 11i Rollup Patches contain patches for a single product family (e.g. ATG Family Pack H Rollup 4).

In Release 12, we're now shipping these things called Release Update Packs.  Given the way that neologisms form, it's inevitable that these will be called "RUPs" too.  The difference is that the R12 Release Update Packs combine patches created across several E-Business Suite product families.  As of today, this Family Pack update can be applied on top of the previously-released Apps 12.0.1 Release Update Pack.   It is included in the Apps 12.0.2 Release Update Pack.

The patch that we're announcing today only includes updates for the Applications Technology family of products, that is, the technology stack for the E-Business Suite Release 12.  This patch does not include updates to the functional applications like Financials or HRMS.  For information about the broader Apps 12.0.2 Release Update Pack, see:
This ATG rollup patch includes all fixes released on top of ATG Family Pack A, including those previously released in the Apps 12.0.1 Release Update Pack.  Since this is the second update to the Release 12 technology stack, its official (cryptic) name is: R12.ATG_PF.A.DELTA.2.

What's New?

Regardless of what it's called, the second Applications technology stack update for Release 12 contains the following new features:

OC4J Load Balancing

Previously, Oracle E-Business Suite customers needed to purchase third-party hardware in order to support multiple application tiers. This new feature utilizes the native Oracle Application Server 10g's ability to load-balance without the need for third-party hardware.

For more details, see:
Technology Inventory Report

This new Technology Inventory Report delivers standardized and accurate version information about the Applications Technology Stack. When Oracle E-Business Suite administrators want to obtain the version of technology that is installed, they can run this report as a command line utility.

For more details, see:
Oracle Diagnostics Available from the Diagnostics Page

A new link has been added to the Diagnostics page (a separate link, not a choice on the poplist). If you select this link, you navigate to the Oracle Diagnostics home page. To use Oracle Diagnostics, see the Oracle Applications Supportability Guide.

What's Been Fixed?

In addition to those new features, this update contains fixes for the following areas:
  • Application Object Library Software Updates (17 fixes)
  • Applications Manager Software Updates (2 fixes)
  • Technology Stack Software Updates (1 fix)
  • Workflow Software Updates (4 fixes)
  • XML Publisher Software Updates (2 fixes)
  • e-Commerce Gateway Software Updates (4 fixes)
For a complete list of the contents of this update, see:


John,Thanks for the comments.  The references to 12.0.1 are deliberate, since this technology stack update can be applied on top of the larger Apps Release Update Pack 12.0.1, if customers don't wish to apply the larger Release Update Pack 12.0.2.Thanks for the observation about HRMS.  I'm still assembling notes on the overall Release 12 RUP2 updates on the functional side, which I'll publish as soon as possible.Not fully back on my feet yet, but getting back into the game slowly...Regards,Steven

Posted by Steven Chan on July 17, 2007 at 07:41 AM PDT #

Your latest 12.0.2 announcement has two references to 12.0.1 towards the top of the note in the FPU vs RUP discussion.

Also, just FYI to you, 12.0.2 does introduce significant functionality change unlike 12.0.1. Look at the HRMS document for some examples.

By our count, 12.0.1 included 635 bug fixes. I have not been able to determine the count from 12.0.2?

Some great new features with the load-balancing and tech inventory report.

Good stuff.

Glad to have you back on your feet again.

Posted by John Stouffer on July 17, 2007 at 10:26 AM PDT #


Ignore my recent posting. I have been concentrating so much on Release 12.0.2 that I did not READ 12.0.2 TECHNOLOGY patch. DUH!

Sorry. Good note as always.


Posted by John Stouffer on July 17, 2007 at 11:01 AM PDT #

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