Monday Dec 16, 2013

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.3 Now Available

We are very pleased to announce that Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2.3 is generally available for download now:

EBS 12.2.3 Patch 17020683 download

Instructions for downloading and applying the patch:

What Does EBS 12.2.3 Include?

This Release Update Pack (RUP) for the EBS 12.2 release codeline includes new features as well as statutory and regulatory updates, and error corrections for stability, performance, and security. 

This is a consolidated suite-wide patch set. Release 12.2.3 is cumulative and includes new updates as well as updates made available in one-off patches on prior 12.2 releases.

User Experience Modernization

With 12.2.3, the Oracle E-Business Suite incorporates current UI design trends and improves user productivity by including:

  • New look and feel: appears lighter and fresher, with flat rather than dimensional elements, reduced gradients, and white or light colors with splashes of darker color.

  • Rich table interaction: allows an end user to scroll through a table if its width exceeds the browser's width, detach a table and work with it as a separate component with a wider width, and re-size and reorder table columns that an end user can then save as a user personalization.

  • Worklist header icon: displays by default in all HTML-based pages, the worklist header icon is an alternative to including a worklist region in the Oracle E-Business Suite home page. Users can select the icon to view a summarized list of recent notifications, then click to view and respond to notification details.

For a complete list of new features, see:

Upgrading to EBS 12.2.3

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 11i to 12.2.3?

No.  EBS 11i customers must first upgrade to EBS 12.2 before applying 12.2.3.

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.0 to 12.2.3?

No.  EBS 12.0 customers must first upgrade to EBS 12.2 before applying 12.2.3.

Is there a direct upgrade path from EBS 12.2 to 12.2.3?

Yes.  EBS 12.2 customers can apply 12.2.3 directly to their environments.  EBS 12.2.3 is an Online Patch -- it may be applied while EBS 12.2 is running.

How can I prepare for EBS 12.2?

More technical references

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Friday Dec 13, 2013

Automate Testing Using Oracle Application Testing Suite with Flow Builder for E-Business Suite

Previous articles have discussed the benefits of automated testing with the Oracle Application Testing Suite, a.k.a, "OATS". As a reminder, OATS includes the following components:
  • Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications – for functional and regression testing
  • Oracle Load Testing Suite for Oracle Applications – for load and performance testing
  • Oracle Test Manager – for test process management, test execution and defect tracking

The latest release of Oracle Application Testing Suite, referred to as 12.3, includes a new "Flow Builder" capability designed to reduce the effort and expertise needed to create and maintain automated test scripts for EBS 12.1.3 and 12.2. This should be welcome news for EBS customers looking to streamline their upgrade projects.

What is Flow Builder?
Flow Builder is an automated test generation framework delivered as part of the Oracle Functional Testing Suite for Oracle Applications. It provides an alternative to the traditional "record/playback" method for creating test scripts, which is time-consuming and produces scripts that are difficult to maintain.

Using Flow Builder, even non-technical testers can generate working test scripts from pre-built components. Each component represents an atomic test operation such as “create an invoice batch” or “apply an invoice hold.” Testers can assemble the pre-built components into test flows, and combine test flows with spreadsheet data to drive the testing of multiple data conditions. To maintain Flow Builder-generated scripts, testers need only know the names of common application functions instead of a complex scripting language.

Screenshot of Oracle Flow Builder extension for Oracle Application Testing Suite

Includes a Starter Kit
The EBS QA team uses the Flow Builder feature to do EBS testing, and provides pre-built test content that customers can use to jump start their own testing projects. Flow Builder includes an EBS starter kit with over 2000 pre-built components and 200 pre-built flows. The Flow Builder framework allows customers to add, modify and extend the pre-built components and flows to address new functionality and customizations to EBS.

Improves Productivity
The EBS QA team has improved their productivity by 60% using Flow Builder’s component-based test generation framework instead of a traditional record/playback approach. With Flow Builder, EBS customers can significantly improve their productivity and test coverage while saving on testing expense. Flow Builder content updates will be available for each new EBS major release, allowing customers to reduce maintenance overhead for test scripts. 

You can download the Oracle Application Testing Suite from the Oracle Software Delivery Cloud or the Oracle Technology Network.


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Wednesday Dec 11, 2013

New IBM AIX on Power OS and Tools Requirements for EBS 12

IBM logoBeginning on February 16th 2014, Oracle E-Business Suite patches for Release 12 (12.0, 12.1, 12.2) on the IBM AIX on Power Systems platform will be built with a newer version of the IBM XL C/C++ compiler (version 11). Customers who plan to patch or upgrade their E-Business Suite environments after February 16th 2014 must meet all the new requirements prior to applying new patches generated after this date.

IBM has published an end of Support date for the compiler version (XL 9) that is currently used for Release 12 builds and patching.

We are announcing this to give time for our customers to prepare and to be compliant with all requirements for E-Business Suite patches generated after this February 16th 2014 date.

Please review the documents below for all new requirements required by the changes in the runtime and utilities packages on IBM AIX on Power Systems.

Where can I find more information?

Friday Dec 06, 2013 Database Certified with E-Business Suite on 11 New Platforms

As a follow up to our prior announcements, Oracle Database 11g Release 2 ( is now certified with Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 on the following additional platforms:

EBS Release 12.1 (12.1.1 or higher):

  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) (10, 11)
  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit) (10)1
  • HP-UX Itanium (11.31)
  • IBM AIX on Power Systems (64-bit) (5.3, 6.1, 7.1)
EBS Release 12.0 (12.0.4 or higher):
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) (10)
  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit) (10)1
  • HP-UX Itanium (11.31)
  • IBM AIX on Power Systems (64-bit) (5.3, 6.1, 7.12)

EBS Release 11i ( + ATG PF.H RUP 6 and higher):

  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit) (10, 111)
  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit) (10)1
  • IBM AIX on Power Systems (64-bit) (5.3, 6.1)

1 : This is a 'database tier only' or 'split tier configuration' certification where the application tier must be on a fully certified E-Business Suite platform.
2 : Certified for 12.0.6

This announcement for Oracle E-Business Suite R12 and 11i includes:
  • Oracle Database 11gR2 version
  • Oracle Database 11gR2 version Real Application Clusters (RAC)
  • Oracle Database Vault 11gR2 version
  • Transparent Data Encryption (Column Encryption) using Oracle Database 11gR2 version
  • TDE Tablespace Encryption using Oracle Database 11gR2 version
  • Advanced Security Option (ASO)/Advanced Networking Option (ANO) with Oracle Database 11gR2 version
  • Export/Import Process for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12 Database Instances
  • Transportable Database and Transportable Tablespaces Data Migration Processes for Oracle E-Business Suite Release 11i and Release 12
Where can I find more information?

Please also review the platform-specific Oracle Database Installation Guides for operating system and other prerequisites.

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Monday Dec 02, 2013

Office 2010 64-bit Certified with EBS 12

Office 2010 logoMicrosoft Office 2010 64-bit is now certified with EBS 12.0.6, 12.1.3, and 12.2 with desktop clients using the following configurations:

The 32-bit equivalents are already certified; details are available here.

Are any patches required?

You must apply server-side patches to EBS 12.0.6 and 12.1.3 environments.  Additional server-side patches are not required for EBS 12.2.x.  All required interop patches are documented here:

What about EBS 11i?

There are no plans for this certification in E-Business Suite 11i.  This certification primarily affects Web Application Desktop Integrator (a.k.a. WebADI, BNE) and Report Manager (FRM) integration with a 64-bit desktop client configuration.  Architectural constraints in the EBS 11i versions of these components make these certifications infeasible.

What EBS products are covered by this certification?

The Oracle E-Business Suite is comprised of several product families such as Financials, Supply Chain Management, Human Resources, and so on.  These product families group together collections of individual products.  Some of these products may be optionally integrated with one or more Microsoft Office components such as Excel, Word, and Projects.

Individual E-Business Suite product teams have the option of building integrations between their products and one or more Microsoft Office components.  This is not mandatory.  Over forty E-Business Suite teams offer these kinds of Office integrations today.

Examples of available integrations include:

  • HRMS Payroll integrations with Microsoft Excel
  • Supply Chain Management Contracts Core integration with Microsoft Word
  • Financials General Ledger (GL) integration with Microsoft Excel
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Proposals integration with Microsoft Word

Which Office versions are certified?

We explicitly tested Microsoft Office 2010 64-bit Professional Edition with Oracle E-Business Suite.  We expect that our certification tests also apply to the 64-bit equivalents, if available, to the following editions:

  • Home and Student Edition
  • Home and Business Edition
  • Standard Edition
  • Professional Academic Edition
  • Professional Plus Edition
We have no plans to certify the following editions with Oracle E-Business Suite:
  • Office Web Apps
  • Starter Edition
  • Mac Edition
  • Office Mobile
I would not expect the results of our certification with Office 2010 Professional Edition to apply to the four editions above.

How are these integrations supported?

You can log Service Requests against the E-Business Suite product that you're trying to integrate with Microsoft Office. 

For example, you might be trying to take advantage of CRM Marketing (AMS) 12.1.2's integration with Excel 2010.  To get support, you can log an SR against CRM Marketing directly. 

The Support team for that product will help you diagnose and resolve the problem.  If the issue is isolated to a Microsoft product, then it may be necessary to log a corresponding support ticket with Microsoft, as well.

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