Thursday Feb 21, 2013

Getting Started as an E-Business Suite DBA

The other day, a reader asked, "How does one become an EBS DBA?" He'd worked on an ERP environment in the past but seemed to be overwhelmed. This is understandable; there's lots to learn.  The good news is that there are many options to becoming an Apps DBA.

If you have limited funds

1. Start with the official documentation

There is a vast trove of information contained within the online E-Business Suite Documentation Library. Our documentation writers are devoted to capturing everything that you need to know to manage the E-Business Suite, and the organization of the documentation is top-notch.  All aspiring DBAs should start here:

Screenshot of new EBS documentation library

2. Build your own sandbox environment

The only way to learn is to work with a real environment. You can download Oracle VM templates for the E-Business Suite and have an environment running within a few hours:

3. Get the latest information

EBS technology is constantly being refreshed.  You can learn about specific EBS topics from the developers themselves in these free one-hour webcasts:

We release over 150 new certifications a year, so it's vital to monitor or subscribe to this blog to stay current:

4. Talk with your peers

There are dozens of Oracle EBS discussion forums. The best DBAs in the world congregate here and are generous with their expertise.  Some recommendations for DBAs:

If you prefer formal classroom-style training

Oracle University has some excellent courses: Oracle Applications - E-Business Suite Training

Here are some great ways get started in E-Business Suite Tools and Technologies:

If you want to get certified

You can get certified through the Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) program. Here is the learning track to becoming an EBS DBA:

There's no free lunch

As I was getting ready to fire off an email to the gentleman, I sat back and thought about the context of the gentleman’s inquiry. We have a diversified selection of education offerings that are fee-based and free. Oracle University courses are outstanding. Self study classes can be performed from anywhere. Our documentation resources are extensive as well as comprehensive. We have software to download and try. Everything is in place to achieve all the goals you might ever want to achieve dealing with Oracle Application Technologies. 

There is just one catch: whatever route the gentleman chooses to take, there will have to be a substantial investment in time and resources. Technology continually advances, so this will be an ongoing investment.

Often, individuals who embark on the path of learning our technologies miss that. I wish I could convey to those that start the journey, that even for those of us who are Oracle professionals, we never stop learning our own technologies.

There is no easy way to become an expert.  but it's worth it



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