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Announcing Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager

Due to recent enhancements and importance within Oracle's storage portfolio, StorageTek Storage Archive Manager 5.4 (SAM-QFS) has been renamed to Oracle Hierarchical Storage Manager (Oracle HSM) 6.0.

Key points to note:

  • The functionality of Oracle HSM 6.0 is identical to that of SAM-QFS 5.4
  • There are no changes to partner resell requirements.  Oracle HSM resell rights are granted through the Tape, NAS, or SAN storage knowledge zones.
SAM/HSM is the critical component to the popular Tiered Storage Specialization, and has a wide variety of use cases including:
  • Cloud infrastructure using OpenStack Swift
  • Genomics data
  • Geospatial data
  • Medical images
  • Research data
  • Public transportation records
  • Content management
  • Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN) backup
The latest release included significant enhancements:

Share and Scale Data
Data management infrastructure can be optimized by combining Oracle HSM with StorageTek QFS shared file system. Together, these technologies provide a complete data management solution with integrated file services, high-performance capabilities, file sharing, and robust scalability. StorageTek QFS client servers can be scaled horizontally to achieve extremely high data ingest rates.

LTFS Support
LTFS-formatted tapes can be imported into an Oracle HSM archive. Oracle HSM reads the index partition on the LTFS tape and uses that data to create the StorageTek QFS file system metadata. This can be done without copying the information on the data partition of that tape, enabling extremely fast imports. Data also can be exported onto LTFS-formatted tapes to be shipped to remote locations.

Automatic Data Integrity Validation
The Data Integrity Validation feature of StorageTek T10000C and T10000D tape drives can automatically verify that all data in the archive is accessible. Data integrity audits can be scheduled based on policies defined by the administrator. Oracle HSM can be configured to automatically self-heal in the event that any data is corrupted. Both StorageTek T10000 enterprise tape drives as well as LTO tape drives are supported, enabling customers to protect their entire environment.

Cloud Archiving with OpenStack Swift
An OpenStack Swift interface in Oracle HSM enables the QFS file system to function as an object store. Objects can be archived through OpenStack Swift using simple GET, PUT, and DELETE commands, while the archive minimizes TCO by tiering the objects to flash, disk, or tape. This method of archiving data enables web APIs to be used for writing data to tape and is ideal for cloud infrastructures. 

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