Tuesday Jun 02, 2009

Sun Startup Essential Member Worldeka - Competition

Firstly we would just like to say a big thank you to all of you for joining Worldeka during our beta stage, we have had so much great feedback which has really helped us put the finishing touches to our fantastic platform!

Worldeka will be coming out of beta and launch to the public on 8th June so we thought that it was a great time to have a little competition for our early adopters and to stimulate the community into action! We want to put faces to names, discover you passions and help you connect, communicate and collaborate with other like-minded individuals and charities.

With that in mind we will be giving a shiny new Flip HD Camcorder to the person with the prettiest and most dynamic profile, we want you to upload profile pictures, links and videos, create projects, make friends and connect with charities. Obviously we are interested in quality, not quantity – blow our minds!

Go to Worldeka and enter the competition now

Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

Worldeka - Guest posting from a Startup Essential Customer

Howdy Sun Startup Essentialees!

My name's Sophie Cox and me and my brother Charlie are the founders of Worldeka.com. Worldeka is a collaborative platform for social change aimed at charities, NGO's, activists and policy makers. We believe the Internet is making the world smaller and giving us a real opportunity to make change, as President Obama says, "As the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself"

As this is a blog for startups I thought we'd talk a bit about the current economic environment and its relevance to the startup scene.

I know many of you are worried about the economy but it's often said, and well worth remembering, that there's no good time to start a business. It's an indisputably hard time right now but there are some benefits; recruitment is a key one, great people previously gobbled up by the city are suddenly becoming err available, and the kinda folk who would never get involved in something as risky as a startup are realizing everything's risky so they might as well! Another benefit is startups are suited to the current environment - companies need to be innovative, agile and adaptable, all things small dynamic new business have in shedloads! Most importantly I feel to survive in an inhospitable climate you need support, and the startup scene right now (often supported by SSE!) is legendary!

Your network is your powerhouse, word of mouth and recommendation is the most strident form of marketing, skill exchange is an essential commodity for small business and friendship, well that's the most important. Your community can encourage you and support you when you are unsure or despondent; a text from a friend on the scene saying they were just talking about you to someone cool, a write-up on someone's blog, a few drinks when you're a bit broke, these are the things that keep you going when your not sure if its all going to be worth it.

So our advice, don't freakout! Focus on the stuff your great at and find easy then help other people do it, find exceptional people that can help you with the stuff you find tricky and most importantly get out there, find your local groups and conferences, get involved with your scene, cos ultimately not everything is about money but it is always about the people.

Would you like access to Worldeka ? Special Beta Invite code for Startups available now -

Private beta code SSE992

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Future of Web Apps The week that was.- Setup and Day 1

Future of Web Apps - Exel Centre - Docklands - October 08

Setup day on Wednesday went smoothly, I arrived to find the stand setup and collateral ready, I just needed to make my presentations work for the sessions and get my voice ready to talk a lot. The evening was looming ahead and thus I decided to check in, get ready and prepare myself for a dinner with the stars.

Part of working with Carsonified is the personal effort they make for everyone involved and thus the evening before FOWA was a select dinner with the speakers over the next few days, the Big Hitters. Sitting down to dinner we all recived a personalised Journal, which was a fantastic touch and then I decided I would have a few beers or to, and thus preceeded to chat to Andrew Turner from Mapufacture   Elaine Wherry from Meebo, Stefan Fountain from Soocial and Anish from Yuuguu, lots to chat about, picnic, economy, the hoff and the competition between Andrew and Elaine around the number of slides they were going to present in 40 minutes.

Day one - Lift Off

Phew what a start, we had BookingBug, Worldeka and Snagsta on the Startup Essential Lounge to talk to startups about what its like to work with Sun, and how we can help them in various ways, then we also had the death ride, the Surf machine.

What continued throughout the day was lots of conversations around what Sun is doing with the Startup community in EMEA, how we are helping them, not just from a technology perspective but also from a networking, introductions, scaling or the other things that Sun is great at.

On the other side of the hall, we had the Sun Developer stand and the guys from MySQL and Zembly there talking about development, what that means, how we can resolve problems and help build quick scaleable platforms. Want to know more about Zembly ? Check out the interview with Todd CTO here now.

So lots of sessions, lots of pictures, lots of interaction and that is just day one......then we all went off to get changed, freshen up and attend the media temple party at FOX, which for me was a chance to become once again, the man in the shirt.

So there became an official after FOWA party committe, and we had to discuss what we were going to do next, as the hotel bar was closing and thus we decided to go to the Startup Essential bar, (supported by Every City) and discuss startups, UK Scene, the economy until the early hours of the morning and thus then we will have put the worlds to right. As you can see we had a great representation from the UK Startup Scene, Nic from fav.or.it,  Josh from theIplatform, Jake from TactileCRM, Andy from Rummble and Andys sister from Every City and of course the man in the shirt.

Day two to look forward to, breakfast with the speakers, and a buzzing Friday with Tim Bray speaking as well....also the famous Facebook party as well to prepare for, along side a day of telling everyone about Startup Essentials, wait till the next episode for more...


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