Wednesday Jul 16, 2008

Radiohead, data manipulation and just so cool

So just saw a post on Mashable, around Radiohead and thought what is this all about, it links to a Youtube video that you can watch, and it blew me away, no cameras were used it is just pure data that also you can manipulate and recreate yourself, immerse yourself in creating your own video to a song. So in true web 2.0 style you can now create and mashup your own music video that can be shared and shown across the globe, now for anyone in the UK who is my age, watch out Top of the Pops, here I come.

Tuesday Jul 08, 2008

Downing Street for Startups

Why would 20 UK Startup Companies be invited to Downing Street ?

I had the pleasure last week to be invited to Downing Street, as part of the webmission contingency to network, catch up and generally discuss with all the UK Startups that took part in the mission what they got from the week in San Francisco and what had happened since then. I was also one of the three to talk to the audience and put forward my thoughts personally, but also as a manager of the Startup Essential programme to answer what did Sun get from this tour.

So what did I get from Webmission08  ?

A large wide deep network across Government at local and Central levels, in reach into the UK press and alongside that more introductions from the startups themselves to other companies and contacts, that has meant I have built a wide far reaching audience to help convey Sun's message out to not only just the UK market but EMEA and the US. That was only from the 4 days I spent there, how powerful is that ?

Well to quantify it, from that point on I have met due to webmission08 at least 100 more people, who have then linked out to other networks and opportunities, I have now a deeper understanding of the UK Startup market but also the bodies that are involved within it as well.

So was Webmission08 worth it ? Yes definitiely, I gained some new friends a whole load of people to help push the message out about Startup Essentials, and gained Sun credibility in this area, so Ill end on the Sun tag line, the network is the computer, but in this case the power is in the network that helps to sell computers.

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

TechCrunch Pitch - Startups Pitch.....

So do you know Techcrunch pitch is next week ?

Have you got a ticket ?

Are you pitching ?

So if the answer is no, no and no, then be quick its going fast, Startup Essentials is one of the sponsors and this is going to be a great night, so go here now.....

Thursday May 22, 2008

GigaOm and Jonathan Explaining Sun and why are we relevant to Startups

GigaOM - Jonathan Interview


GigaOM - This week meet Jonathan Schwartz, CEO and President of Sun
Microsystems. Learn how he helped the company earn $3.615 billion in
revenue for the 08' fiscal Q2. Plus, Om and Joyce say farewell to
season one. The GigaOM show will be taking a brief hiatus.

Tune and listen to Om Malik interviewing Jonathan talking about Sun, how we have more to offer the startup space and our strong open source brands in the marketplace that is driving innovation now.



Thursday May 15, 2008


Fuel Conference 



On June 13th, Sun is the partner for the Fuel Conference, and Im proud to say that we will have some time, amongst the elite set of speakers, to present about Startup Essentials, but you know what Im not going to, as I know Sun is great and everyone should be working with us and we can help scale your application and company better than anyone...

So what Im going to do, is get a customer to do this for me, they came from nowhere to work with Sun and want to share the good and bad points with the audience, so Nick from is going to do this and demonstrate his reason for making the choices he did and how that is working.


Fuel is a brand new, one-day conference designer for entrepreneurs and marketers, who want to make their companies, services and products remarkable. With insights from leading companies including, Innocent Drinks and Virgin, this isnt just startups but brands who are there to discuss and give insight.  

So why is Sun part of this ? Well we need to market to startup companies using the new rules of marketing, and as we are a disruptive company and believe in communities then this is an ideal event to learn more and share that.

So you want to know more about Blogging, Twittering and Social Networking ? Want a discount as well ?

Email me direct Stewart.Townsend(AT) for a promo code, for being part of the Startup Essential Programme.

Wednesday May 14, 2008

Startup focused events, and oh yes a BBQ...

So its May, normally rainy season in the beautiful country we live in, but hey that means it BBQ time...!!

So we have lots of events, that Startup Essentials are part of, and want you to be part of to, all focused around Startups and New media, social networking and one just on having fun.


BEing Digital 


Being Digital -

Being-Digital is the digital (Internet, mobile, TV etc.) event of the
summer - held on the 10th June.


This one day conference will bring the best digital executives, entrepreneurs and investors in the UK together for one day of discussion and debate around 7 core themes (social, search, advertising, identity, content, location and retail)

They'll be around 30 cutting-edge demo companies on stage and all day demos of their products and services, to a 200 strong audience, with two major names, helping and compering.

Do you want to demo ? Why aren't you demoing, is what you should ask ?

If you are a member of Startup Essentials, you are entitled to a substantial discount off, email me direct to obtain the demo code. (

A competition will be run alongside, starting on the 11th June for the best Being-Digital Demo pitch (1 min on stage). The winner will receive free hardware and consultancy from Startup Essentials, and

Places are going very quickly, as expected, so sign up now, as its only around the corner.

FUEL Conference

London 13th June 

Fuel is a brand new, one-day conference designer for entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make their companies, services and products truly remarkable. With insights from leading companies including, Innocent Drinks and Virgin as well as experts from the web design and development world Fuel will give you the tools to take your business to the next level.

Again if you are a member of Startup Essentials, a large discount off the entry fee for this one, email me again for more details and the promo code.

SeedFund Summer BBQ.

The summer is coming, its going to be a hot, hot, hot one, so what better than a BBQ ! Make sure you get to the SeedFund/Startup Essential BBQ in London, enjoy a free drink and food (subject to usual cashflow of sponsors) and mingle with a relaxed crowd of the uber cool best in the startup scene.

So you ask what is Seedfund ? It is the platform for the UK's best entrepreneurs, investors and experts (eg: fundraisers) to connect. If you are an entrepreneur, investor or expert then come along and join the informal environment.

Time and Place
Thursday, June 19, 2008
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Secret Cool Central London Location
London, United Kingdom


So lots going on, we have mini-bar as well end of May, Northern Startups happening tonight so join the club now, why should you because...


Startup Essentials

So, do you want to buy one of the most highly engineered servers/PC on
the planet, that can run Windows, Linux or Solaris ?

Do you want something that has a service team who answer the phone , if
it were to break ?

Would you like to be able to build a scaleable application, and get help
from world class engineers who do that ?

Would you like all of this for £350 ?

Come and join the likes of and who are
enjoying the Sunshine at Startup Essentials.

Sign up to be in the club at http// 



Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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