Tuesday Nov 17, 2009

Startup of the Week: Joyent Scores Big!

Congrats Joyent team for the fantastic announcement today!! 

Joyent, both a long-time Sun Startup Essentials member and hosting partner - has been profitable for years, and boasts some really impressive customers (e.g. ABC.com, LinkedIn, and more).

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Thursday Nov 12, 2009

Startup Weekend Comes to NYC

Have you ever had a great idea for a startup but needed the motivation and encouragement to actually make it a reality? Join theStartup Weekend community and find out how easy it is to go from idea to launch in only 54 hours! [Read More]

Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

Did We Say Hosting at 25% Off?

Looking for rock-solid web hosting at discounted rates? Talk to someone that understand startups ;)

Joyent has a deal for Sun Startup Essentials program members with hosting services 25% off list price. Starting price is $16.59/month. No joke! 
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Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

I so can't wait for this - Join us at #140conf London - 17 Nov at O2 Indigo

Do you want to know where I will be on November 17th, Im going to be at the O2 Indigo, not hanging out trying to get signatures of the latest bands but at the #140conf London event, more details below but with Stephen Fry on the bill its going to be a fantastic day and if you want to attend as a Sun Startup Essential member you get 40% discount. Yep 40%....

The 140 Characters Conference: London will be taking place on 17 November at the O2 Indigo.

The schedule for #140conf: London offers 50+ speakers in 27 fast sessions during the course of just one day.

At the #140conf events, we look at twitter as a platform and as a language we speak. In London we will be exploring the effects of the real-time Internet on Business. Overall we will be exploring the systemic effects the worldwide adoption twitter is having on business.

Some of the topics we will cover at #140conf London include: Racism as a Resource; Sky News: Twitter, Reputation and #iranelection; twitter and Brands, twitter and Education, twitter and Media, twitter and Small Business, twitter and Sports, twitter and The Police, twitter and TV, twitter and Music.

Please review the videos from the NYC event to get a feel of the pace of the event and the content shared

It is our intention to provide a platform for as many people as possible to share their thoughts and engage in conversation with the attending delegates. You will find individual talks set to: 10 minutes; “Featured talks” 15 and 20 minutes and the various panel discussions are set for 15 and 20 minutes.

Speakers include special guest Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) together with:

Alex Bellinger (@alexbellinger) - Journalist; Founder, SmallBizPod
Andrew Davis (@andrew_davis)
Andrew Keen (@ajkeen) - Author, Cult of The Amateur: How the Internet is Killing our Culture
Babs Rangaiah (@babs26) - Vice President, Global Comms Planning, Unilever
Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray) - Founder, Small Biz Survival
Boyd Hilton (@boydhilton) - TV Editor for Heat Magazine
Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) - President, New Marketing Labs
Ciaran Norris (@ciaranj) - Director Invention/SocialMedia8
David White (@daveowhite) - Chair
Dean Landsman (@DeanLand)
Digital Maverick (@digitalmaverick) - Learning technologist, Moodle evangelist
Ebony Rhiney-James (@EbonyRJ) - Digital Marketing Manager at Warner Music Group
Federico Grosso (@federicogrosso)
Gerd Leonhard (@gleonhard) - Media Futurist, Author, Blogger
Heather Gorringe (@wiggled) - Founder, Wiggly Wigglers
James Poulter (@jamespoulter) - Digital Strategist for Ogilvy PR
Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver), twitter investor, creator of #140conf
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - CMO, Kodak
Jonathan Almond (@jonalmond)
Josie Fraser (@josiefraser) - Social & Educational Technologist
Kathleen Hessert (@kathleenhessert) - CEO, Sports Media Challenge
Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. (@kyraocity) - Associate Professor of Music and Anthropology, Baruch College-CUNY, writer, blogger
Lauri Stevens (@lawscomm)
Manny Norte (@mannynorte) - Kiss FM
Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier) - Author, Ebay for Dummies; Radio Host
Maz Nadjm (@Mazi) - Responsible for social networking at Sky Television, sky.com
Nick Halstead (@nickhalstead) - CEO, TweetMeme
Nick Keane (@nickkeane)
Pamela O'Hara (@pmohara) - Co-founder, Batch Blue
Peter Gregson (@petergregson) - Cellist and Co-founder of the Production Company Coffeeloop
Ray Paul (@raypaulbbc) - Executive Producer for Weekend Programs at BBC Radio 1
Roberto Bonanzinga (@Bonanzinga) - Balderton Capital
Saul Klein (@cape) - Index Ventures
Sean Seton-Rogers (@setonrog) - PROfounders Capital
Sherry J. Bitting (@SJBRules) - Co-founder and Marketing Director, Parlour Magazine
Shirley Williams (@shirleyearley)
Stephen Fry (@stephenfry)
Steve Saul (@stephensaul) - Social media/blogger for Simon Cowell's X-Factor
Sue Black (@Dr_Black)
Tal Givoly (@givoly) - Chief Scientist, Amdocs
Tim Bradshaw (@tim) - Digital media correspondent, Financial Times
Vikki Chowney (@vikkichowney) - Editor of Reputation Online, Centau Media

The take aways from this event will provide the attending delegates knowledge, perspectives and insights to the next wave of effects twitter and the real-tme internet will have on business.

As Sun Startup Essentials is a friend of Jeffs we have a lovely discount for you, save 40% on a Delegate Ticket up until 15 November or until tickets last. 

Click here to register:

Get the tickets quickly as this will be a sell out shortly.

SmallBizPod - The untapped resource for Small Businesses Globally

SmallBizPod is a podcast, blog, news and community site for small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. This is how it all happened.

Back in March 2005, Alex Bellinger became one of only a handful of people in the UK to start podcasting.

Looking around for a subject he realised there were no British-based podcasts on business. Since he had just set up his own business and had spent many years focusing on the small business sector, a podcast on entrepreneurship seemed like a good way to go.

SmallBizPod was born. The podcast, blog and website now attract tens of thousands of listeners and readers a month from all over the world.

Inspire, Inform, Entertain

From the start SmallBizPod has been there to inspire, to inform, and to be fun to listen to and read as well. I think thanks to some wonderful contributors and interviewees, it's achieved just that.

Over time, the site has grown to become one of the most visited sites for SMEs in the UK. It's also developed into a wonderful free audio resource to provide inspiration and advice from business people with real experience and real insight.

Take the time to listen to some inspiring interviews from some renowned people on subjects such as marketing, business advice, funding and many more, the beauty is that these are free and really insighful and great to hear that not just you in that Startup boat alone.

Visit http://www.smallbizpod.co.uk/  now and keep an update on the latest podcasts.

Also if you really love what you hear and see then Vote for them in the European Podcast Awards -

Monday Nov 02, 2009

Startup of the Day: Micello... You Did It Again!

Congratulations Micello team for winning the Runner-up award at the AT&T Platinum Fast-Pitch contest!!! Wow!

The event took place at CTIA, held on October 7-8, 2009 in San Diego, CA where AT&T reviewed over 60 entries. The winners received a share in $40,000 of prize money and opportunities for inclusion in an AT&T distribution channel.

Micello has built a database of maps of places people go to shopping malls, college campuses, convention centers etc, and allows users to access, navigate and explore those places using their mobile phones. Unlike, its competitors, Micello keeps its own database of place of interest rather than relying on satellite-based map systems. In addition, by integrating social networking services into the application, Micello brings together all the activity happening inside a building where people gather. 

Find out more at micello.com

Friday Oct 30, 2009

Free Webinar: Creating a Perfectly Tuned System

    A balance between processor performance, memory bandwidth, and IO performance all contribute to system performance. Applications like business intelligence and data warehousing (BIDW), and Rich Media are particularly sensitive to overall performance. 

    The Sun Fire X4275 is designed for the ground up for powering both rich media streaming applications, and business intelligence and data warehousing applications.

    In this webinar, you'll find out:

    • The design principles of the Sun Fire X4275 (Intel Xeon 5500 series processors, 64 GB of memory, 12 TB of storage, 8xSSD or 12x15K drives for IOPS performance all in the same 2U chassis, and up to 24 GB of network bandwidth)
    • How flash technology can multiply IO performance offering significant savings in cost/stream, cost/IOPS and cost/GB as well as savings in energy and space
    • How the Sun Fire X4275 is the building block of the powerful Oracle Exadata V2 server recently announced by Oracle.
Date: November 4, 2009
Time: 8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm UK / 5:00 pm Central Europe / 8:30 pm India (New Delhi) (check timezone)
Speakers: Tushar Katarki, Product Manager, Angelo Rajadurai, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Sun Startup Essentials

Register Now

Archived Webinars

Media140 - Guest Post write up from Sarah Blow

The other day I was one of the lucky few with the opportunity to attend the Media140 Branding event over at RIBA in London.  The event was aimed at media professionals and the majority of the audience were PR agencies and branding professionals.

Having spoken to a number of the attendees I would have to say there were as many experts in the audience with interesting things to say on Branding, building a brand and representing the brand on Twitter and related tools as there were on stage.   The content that was provided on the stage was only a small part of what was actually shared and the #media140 twitter stream provided a raft of additional conversation and content. 

So what came up at the event... And what did not... Here's a few of my notes:

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Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

The Sixty-Second Startup Digest

Busy entrepreneurs need to stay on top of all the latest startup information, but who has the time? Here's a look at what went on around blogosphere and in the news last week, in case you missed it.

Are advisory boards a good or bad idea for startups? Entrepreneur-turned-VC Mark Suster says that depends on your goals.

All the advice from startup industry analysts who recommend entrepreneurs consider starting new green-tech business aren't just spouting rhetoric. Finance mogul George Soros recently committed a whopping $1 billion to the clean-tech startup sector.

Do you have trouble balancing work and home life? Do you love the art of the deal? Are you addicted to pursuing the next big opportunity? You may be an entre-holic.

Some startups don't need barrels of money to get off the ground. If you're a U.S.-based business looking for a micro-loan, there's a good chance Kiva.org can help.

Startups looking to raise capital sometimes hire finders to help them out. If this is something you're considering, “We can’t find investors on our own� isn't a good enough reason to go this route.

Flickr image courtesy of angermann.

Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

November Events Rocking Silicon Valley!

Mark your calendars! There are a couple of super cool events in November you don't want to miss: SVASE & GABA BIGs Digital Media, and Startup Weekend.

SVASE & GABA Present the BIGs Digital Media, November 19

Social Financing - Using the Web to Mine Money for Your Venture

Raising money from VCs is increasingly difficult for early stage companies--even ones with a good product.  Social networks have been great for generating awareness but how do you turn social equity into funds for your business?  Social financing is working well for entrepreneurs in developing countries and those improving the well-being of society and the environment.  Could that same model work here?  New models are rapidly emerging that are changing the landscape for how businesses raise money. 

Join this dynamic panel of experts as they discuss this timely topic!

  • What is social financing?
  • What is microfinancing?
  • What new tools are available today?
  • How companies facilitate sources of social funding
  • How social networks can become social financing engines

The Panel: Marc Dangeard, Founder, Entrepreneur Commons; Joshua Sams, Co-Founder & CEO, Sprowtt Marketplace; 2 additional panelists TBD

Moderator: Sumaya Kazi, Sr. Social Media Manager, Sun Microsystems

WHEN: Thursday, November 19

6:00 – 7:00 pm: Networking and hors d’oeuvres

7:00 – 8:15 pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A

8:15 – 8:30 pm: Additional Networking

LOCATION: Sun Microsystems, 12 Network Circle, Building 12 (make a left at the main entrance), Menlo Park, CA 94025. Map

Register now!


WHEN: November 20-22nd

WHERE: The Hacker Dojo

Register Before 10/30 for 20% off – Use code “swearlybird”

There are 10 Startup Weekend events going on for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this November! Last year they had over 25,000 events, 3 million participants, and over 1 billion media impressions. 

Additional Locations:

November 13th-15th: Tulsa, OK – Boise, ID – London, UK

November 20th-22nd: New York – Bay Area (Silicon Valley) – Cleveland, OH – Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA – Lexington, KY – Atlanta, GA

December 4th-6th: (just a little later) Paris, France – Corvallis, OR – Boston, MA

What’s new:

  • Global visibility for your startup – GEW will have amazing exposure and follow-up with national coverage for Startup Weekend and startups in likes of The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, NYTimes, Forbes, and USA Today.
  • Meet more investors, vc’s, ceo’s, cto’s, lawyers, and successful entrepreneurs working one-on-one with teams.
  • Sunday night voting among your peers will allow one startup to win a grand prize.
  • Top teams will be invited to Startup Weekend exclusive spots at the top tech events.
  • Spotlight your startup via Startup Weekends global partners.
  • Coaching and mentoring for startups after the weekend.
  • Free web hosting for startups at the event
  • Free business plan guidance
  • Other Free software and discounts

Student Tickets are limited – Remember to bring your Student ID!

Startup Weekend is a now a non-profit out of Seattle, WA. 

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials Masterclass - 12 November

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STARTUP ESSENTIALS sun.com/startups - Marketing - SSE Startup Masterclass
Thursday 15th October Time 6pm til 20:30

Brand strategy is one of the most fraught areas of marketing, though also one of the most important. As a Startup it's often the element that gets left behind and not really identified. But how can you tell an investor what business you are in, if you don't really know yourself? It's a vital step in creating the company identity.

The key point is you can’t have a strategy without a clear objective. Restating a goal is not strategy, execution is not strategy, and tactics are not strategy. This masterclass will demonstrate why a strategic approach to brand management can play a crucial role in defining a strong, winning identity for your company.

What does this mean ?

When you're talking to investors, you'll be able to clearly articulate who your market is, describe how talking and listening to your customers will better equip you to target your audience and take your message out, in these tough economic times.
Register Now
Why should I attend this masterclass?
Because you will learn to define:
what business are we REALLY in?
in that context, what's our positioning?
who are our key stakeholders? Which are most important at this stage?
can we crisply define and communicate the compelling value we offer?
what are our core and secondary value propositions?
having established all the above, are we able - in plain language and briefly - to communicate our differentiated and powerful branding to clients, partners, media and investors?
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Hear from Michael Bayler, a senior consultant and published author, specialising in consumer-led marketing and innovation. Mike has a wealth of experience speaking on current issues such as post-Internet brand strategy, consumer culture, digital marketing, and branded entertainment. Having advised some of the world’s leading brands, media companies and international stars, including Nokia, Diageo, Telefonica, Bacardi Global Brands, Sky, BT, Sony BMG, Sony ATV, Ogilvy & Mather, Robbie Williams, Dido and Simon Cowell, Mike know's his stuff!

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Monday Oct 19, 2009

Congrats Global Geeks!

Congratulations to the 4 winners of the North of England "stimulus package". Visuvi, LinkedNow, Chyngles, and Hear Planet will receive free airline tickets to the UK, marketing help, free office space for one year, and introduction to investors in Northern England. Way to go!!

Visuvi is an visual-based search engine with patent pending technology in content-based image recognition. Visuvi's search engine examines the content and patterns within an image, categorizes that information via mathematical indexing and delivers search results of images with similar characteristics. Visuvi's analysis is entirely machine generated examining the content of the image itself and does not rely on text. More

LinkedNow is a social networking platform for working professionals and has two main goals. First to help find, review and talk about what's great - and not so great - about current and past employers. Secondly, LinkedNow wants to enable best ways of looking for a new job online. Very handy! More

Chyngle is a B2B mobile application platform which enables any venue to create a branded, custom mobile application to enhance the customer experience during events, increase venue and vendor revenue and communicate directly to attendees through their own interactive in-pocket marketing channel. Chyngle works with stadiums, malls, airports, theme parks, schools, resorts, hotels, cruise ships, casinos, conferences, etc. More

HearPlanet is a mobile audio discovery guide - it's like having a professional tour guide providing coverage for hundreds of locations, with additional enhanced content added daily. It also offers a geolocation device to discover instant info on things that are nearby. More


Friday Oct 16, 2009

Changing the Way You Look at Storage - Free Startup Webinar

Join our rock star, Angelo Rajadurai, in this free webinar that will focus on ZFS. ZFS is a new kind of file storage subsystem that provides simple administration, transactional semantics, end-to-end data integrity, and immense scalability. ZFS is not an incremental improvement to existing technology; it is a fundamentally new approach to data management. ZFS also combines, Disks, DRAM and Flash into one storage subsystem easily providing the best overall price performance for storage. Come learn about ZFS and its benefits. See a demo of how easy it is to use and administrate. Hear from a startup on their experience with ZFS.

Date: Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Time: 8:00 am PDT / 11:00 am EDT / 4:00 pm UK / 5:00 pm CEST / 8:30 pm India (New Delhi) (check timezone)
Speaker: Angelo Rajadurai, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Sun Startup Essentials

Register Now

Thursday Oct 15, 2009

Startups of the Day: Geeks Going Global

Instead of having the "startup of the day" spotlighting one startup, we'll have the "startups" (plural) of the day as a lot of startups shined yesterday at our Menlo Park campus when they pitched their products to North England. The 3-4 winners of the "stimulus package" to set up shop in Northern England will be announced soon. In the meanwhile, here's a synopsis of all the cool companies. 

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Tuesday Oct 13, 2009

Startups Going Global Event

This event is going to rock the Sun campus in Menlo Park tomorrow. A number of startups will be pitching to investors for a chance to win a "boost package" from North England (funding, PR, free office space, etc.) to launch their business in the UK. Both the pitching startups and presenters are top notch - with most companies having very nice products already in the market.

Program Schedule
12:00PM Lunch
12:30PM Gareth Lewis, Opening Remarks & Geeks Going Global Program
12:40PM Juan Carlos Soto, Sun Microsystems, Global Reach of Sun Startup Essentials
12:50PM Steve Smith, Financing Globally
1:00PM Startup Pitches & Demos
1:55PM Success in Global Entrepreneurship - Richard Irving (Partner: Pond Ventures - The Transitive Story)
2:05PM Startup Pitches & Demos
3:00PM Success in Global Entrepreneurship – Chris Wade (CEO Shozu – The Shozu Story)
3:15PM Success in Global Entrepreneurship – Suranga Chandratillake (CEO Blinkx– The Blinkx Story)
3:30PM Networking


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