Monday Jan 25, 2010

Startup of the Day: Micello... Indoor Maps Available for Download

If you have a iPhone/iPod Touch, here is a very useful application that provides indoor maps on the iPhone—it has been dubbed as "Google Maps Inside a Building".

The application, "Micello Indoor Maps", is available for free download from the U.S. iPhone AppStore, and has received some good reviews.

Micello's backend is completely a Sun stack—running on Sun Fire X2270 servers, MySQL, and GlassFish.

Congratulations Micello team for this big milestone!



Friday Jan 22, 2010

Project Management To Go

Looking for a project management tool?

Check out, a simple, yet powerful and secure project management tool that allows you to collaborate with as many people as you want, inside OR outside of your company intranet!

Best part: the tool is free to use and comes with 100MB accounts - try it out at:

A little background: 25,000+ Sun employees use a similar tool worldwide, so this is industrial-strength! The basic code of this tool was open-sourced in 2007 and became part of where it underwent severe security audits. Enjoy!

Thursday Dec 17, 2009

Host Your Java Apps on the Java Store Beta

Java + You. Driving Great Experiences

New releases of both the Java Warehouse Developer Portal and the Java Store Beta are available now. 

What's New 
  • Improved version control – faster updates and shorter test time for your applications.
  • Enhanced Metrics – More information on your applications usage once installed.
  • More countries – Access the Java Warehouse from 14 countries.
  • Java Store Beta – The Java Store Beta Program is open again to U.S. consumers. The latest release of the Java Store Beta delivers an enhanced look-and-feel and easier navigation.
Learn More 

Visit the Java Warehouse to submit your free and for sale applications.To participate in discussions and hear from other developers, visit the Java Warehouse Forum

Download and test the new Java Store beta

Feel free to send feedback through this website.  

Wednesday Dec 16, 2009

Cool Gadget - Cool Prizes: LiveScribe Developer Challenge

Livescribe is Hosting a Developer Challenge

Submit your original smartpen app to the Livescribe Developer Challenge for a chance to win over $10,000 in prizes and special promotion within the Application Store and through media outlets. The contest runs worldwide December 7th 2009 – Feb 13th 2010. For official rules and to enter, please visit the Livescribe Developer Challenge website

Livescribe Developer Challenge

Livescribe Developer Day on Jan 12th 2010

We are hosting a Developer Day on the evening of Jan 12th 2010 in San Francisco, California [USA]. Highlights will include: An inside look at the future of paper based computing with Livescribe CEO, Jim Marggraff, a developer panel, the opportunity to mingle with other developers and get feedback from Livescribe engineering and app store teams. Please note this event will have a registration cap. If you are interested in participating, please email to get on the short list

Beta Launch of Livescribe Application Store

The Beta Livescribe Application Store launched on Thursday November 19th with more than 30 free and paid apps include a range of language apps that help users to read and hear translated phrases, educational apps that help users study geometry, organic chemistry, Hebrew chanting, as well as numerous games including Blackjack, Video Poker or Hangman.

Thursday Dec 10, 2009

Startup of the Day: RingCentral - Cloud-based Phone Systems for Small Businesses

RingCentral provides cloud computing based business phone systems. With top industry honors, including PC Magazine's Editor's Choice Award and Small Business Computing's Excellence in Technology, RingCentral offers full access to core small business phone services and helps improve productivity for tens of thousands of customers worldwide. Headquartered in San Mateo, California, RingCentral is privately held with backing from Sequoia Capital, Khosla Ventures and DAG Ventures. 

Cloud-Based Business Phone Systems: The Backbone of the Virtual Office

Technology has dramatically reduced overhead costs by allowing entrepreneurs to work from a virtual office—a location such as a home, garage or even a car. The advantages of working from a virtual office are great.  There’s no need to pay for a commercial lease or additional utilities. You don’t even need a storefront now that you can easily sell goods and services online.


Cloud-based phone systems (a.k.a. virtual or hosted PBXs) form the backbone of any virtual office. They allow customers to call a single number, which is then routed via VoIP to any number of devices (such as a home or mobile phone), so customers don’t have to play phone tag to reach a customer service rep. Systems designed specifically for business add auto-receptionist and dial-by-extension functionality, call queues, answering rules, Internet fax and more, making it much easier for customers and employees to communicate.  What’s more, you can add lines instantly, so you can scale your phone system as your company grows.


These days, all you need to start a business is good idea—even (or especially) in this economy.  According to a recent article in The New York Times, a growing number of unemployed professionals, young and old, have turned their misfortunes into opportunity, leveraging resources on the Internet such as LegalZoom, GoDaddy and Etsy to open shop and turn a profit.


Having a professional phone system that follows you wherever you are—whether you’re at home, at the airport or in your car—can take your startup businesses a step further, by making sure that you are always available for your customers.  It doesn’t matter if you work from an office, or if you take your office with you wherever you work. 

For more information, or for a free 30-day trial, please visit: 

New NetBeans 6.8 Supports PHP 5.3, JavaFX, and a lot more!

The NetBeans(TM) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) 6.8 is now available from Sun and the NetBeans community. You can download the NetBeans IDE 6.8 at

Key Updates

PHP Support: The NetBeans IDE expands its support of dynamic languages with support for PHP 5.3 and the Symfony framework.

JavaFX(TM): The latest version of the NetBeans editor provides improved code completion, hints and navigation for JavaFX.

Complete Java EE 6 Support: Java EE 6 language features simplify Java application development with less XML configuration, more annotations and more POJO-like development.

GlassFish v3 Support: Developers can easily target and deploy to GlassFish v3, including the new lightweight GlassFish v3 Web Profile. 

Tighter Integration with Project Kenai: Project Kenai, a collaborative environment for hosting open source projects, now delivers full support for JIRA and improved instant messenger and issue tracker integration. For more information visit

C/C++ Profiling: The new Microstate Accounting indicator and I/O usage monitor help developers profile and tune C/C++ applications.

NetBeans Platform: As an application framework for Swing applications, the platform saves developers a huge amount of time and effort by providing commonly-used facilities such as menu items, toolbar items, keyboard shortcuts, and window management.

Additional information is available at:

Java EE 6 -

GlassFish v3 -

Monday Dec 07, 2009

Affordable Load Testing

By Shanti Subramanyam

Commercial tools for load testing cost a pile of money, and free tools don't have the necessary functionality. Luckily, Faban solves both these problems. 

Faban is two things:

  1. A framework for developing performance and load tests.
  2. A tool to run these tests and view their results.

The former is called the “Faban Driver Framework” and the latter is called the “Faban Harness”. Although the two are related, it is entirely possible to run an arbitrary test developed outside of Faban using the Faban Harness. In fact, many benchmarks do just that. In this respect, Faban is rather unique.

The Driver Framework

The real power of Faban is unleashed only when you use the framework. The framework provides capabilities similar to other load testing tools, namely : emulate users, keep track of response times and other metrics, run monitoring tools etc. Some unique features of Faban include the ability to :

  • accurately measure server response times at the network layer
  • emulate a Markov model to realistically model web workloads
  • emulate a Poisson process for inter-arrival times
  • support hundreds of thousands of users with the lowest possible resource requirement

If that doesn’t convince you to try Faban, maybe some of the features in the Harness will. Please read on.

The Harness

The Faban Harness is a web application that queues and executes runs, displays reports and graphs from previous runs and in general serves to maintain the results repository. Some features of the harness include :

  • Gathering of configuration information across all the systems in the test configuration (including driver systems)
  • Automatic collection of system level performance monitoring data
  • Ability to run arbitrary scripts/commands to collect any type of monitoring data
  • Automated management of a wide variety of common server applications like apache, MySQL, glassfish etc.
  • Graphing of both workload and monitoring data for easier analysis

If a lot of these features sound like LoadRunner and other fancy, high-priced tools, they are (in fact these tools don’t even have all of the functionality I’ve listed above). And you get all this for free in an open-source tool !


So check it out. The easiest way to get started with Faban is using the Quick Start Tutorial. It gives step by step instructions on installing Faban and running a pre-built workload including screen-shots.

If you are ready to start creating your first workload, check out the Creating your first Workload Tutorial. For users new to Java, this step by step tutorial should make it really use to get started. 

Wednesday Dec 02, 2009

Free Startup Webinar: An Introduction to Sun's Developer Collaboration

With over 30,000 members and 6,000 projects, Project Kenai is an open service from Sun Microsystems that allows you to host your open source and closed source projects and code, and collaborate with distributed teams. With Project Kenai, your startup has the ability to host up to five projects and use collaborative features of your liking, including:

  • Source Code Management (Mercurial, Subversion and Git)
  • Issue Tracking (Jira or Bugzilla)
  • Forums
  • Mailing Lists
  • Wiki
  • Download facility
  • Chat, and a lot more!

Topic: An Introduction to Sun's Developer Collaboration
Date: Wednesday, December 9, 2009
Time: 8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 4:00 pm UK / 5:00 pm Central Europe / 9:30 pm India (New Delhi) (check timezone)
Speakers: John Brock, Sr. Product Manager, Emerging Internet Technologies

Register Now

Archived Webinars

Tuesday Dec 01, 2009

Take the PayPal Developer Challenge and win up to $150,000!

PayPal has launched a new set of APIs that allow developers to embed payment technology into applications. This is a whole new way of making money from your apps. Learn more at, PayPal’s developer hub where you can grab code, product offerings, documentation, sample apps and more.


To make things more exciting, PayPal is offering the chance to win up to $150,000 in their first PayPal X Developer Challenge!!  Submit an app that uses the new APIs, and you could win big.  The deadline to register is looming – Dec. 16 – so don’t miss out! 


PayPal is looking for the most innovative live applications that open payment capabilities for businesses, especially in the areas of Social Media, Gaming/Entertainment, E-commerce, and Mobile/Consumer Electronics. 

The grand prize winner gets $50,000 cash plus up to $50,000 in waived transaction fees. Second place winner gets $25,000 plus up to $25,000 in waived transaction fees. Entrants will also get exposure for their apps to the PayPal developer community through the voting process.

The contest is worldwide except for France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Czechoslovakia and where prohibited. Full contest details can be found at Make sure you register for the contest by Dec. 16.  Registration is easy; you just need to provide one or two sentences about your concept.   Final live apps and a demo video are due Feb. 7, 2010.

For great brainstorming ideas, check out the 
sample apps on, and you can follow the contest on Twitter at #xcontest.

Extended Thanksgiving Sale

We're making available a number of servers at prices you may like -- while supplies last. These server lines were discontinued at the end of September and are now available through the SVASE network to qualified startups\*.  Take your pick from this great line-up: 

Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server  Part Number:  RS-A84GWZ1-DS-SU          $350 USD
AMD Opteron Model 1210 DC CPU (1.8GHz/1MB), 2x 1GB ECC DDR2-667 memory, Serial ATA drive equal or better than standard configuration, DVD, 1x PSU,  Service Processor, 4x 10/100/1000  Ethernet ports, 6x USB 2.0 ports, 1x I/O riser card with 2x PCI-Express x8 slots, no power cords, order Geo-specific x-option. RoHS-5. 

Sun Fire X2100 M2 Server   Part Number:  RS-A84GGZ1-DS-SU          $375 USD
AMD Opteron Model 2218 DC  CPU (2.6GHz/1MB), 2x 1GB ECC DDR2-667 memory, Serial ATA drive equal or better than standard configuration, DVD, 1x PSU, Service Processor,  4x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports,  6x USB 2.0 ports, 1x I/O riser card with  2x PCI-Express x8 slots, no power cords, order Geo-specific x-opt. RoHS-5. 

Sun Fire X2200 M2 Server   Part Number:  RS-A85JGZ2H-DS-SU         $500 USD
2x AMD Opteron Model 2218 DC  CPU (2.6GHz/1MB), 4x 2GB ECC DDR2-667 memory, Serial ATA drive equal or better than standard configuration,  DVD, 1x PSU, Service Processor, 4x 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports, 6x USB 2.0 ports, 1x I/O riser card with 2x PCI-Express x8 slots, no power cord, order Geo-specific x-option. RoHS-5. 

Sun Fire X4150 Server  Part Number:   RS-B13US2-KD6-SU                 $1400 USD 
2x Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5345 CPUs (2x4MB L2, 2.33 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB, 80W), 4GB mem. (2x2GB PC2 5300 FB-DIMM), 4x146GB 10K RPM 2.5 SAS drives, internal SAS RAID PCI Exp. HBA, DVD+/-RW drive, 2x PSU, embedded LOM, 4x Ethernet ports, 5x USB 2.0 ports, 2x 8-lane PCI slots, no power cord, order Geo-specific x-option. RoHS-5. 

Sun Fire X4150 Server    Part Number:  RS-B13UQ2-KD6-SU                $1600 USD 
2x Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5450 CPUs (2x6MB L2, 3.0 GHz, 1333 MHz FSB, 80W), 4GB memory (2x2GB PC2 5300 FB-DIMM), 4x 146GB 10K RPM 2.5 SAS drives, internal SAS RAID PCI Exp. HBA, DVD+/-RW drive, 2x PSU, embedded LOM, 4x Ethernet ports, 5x USB 2.0 ports, 3x 8-lane PCI slots, no power cord, order Geo-specific x-option. RoHS-5.

\* This offer is available to startups less than 6 years old, with fewer than 150 employees. Qualified startups need to apply to the fee-free Sun Startup Essentials program. Contact Jagat Bhuyan via email or phone (951-544-4220), for additional information about this program and/or offer.

The Difference Engine - Early Stage Funding

The Difference Engine is a full time 16 week acceleration programme which combines investment capital of £20,000 (for 8% of the business) with mentoring, support and office accommodation with various other services provided by our partners.

At the conclusion of the programme the businesses will be expected to be investor ready, and will have to present their businesses and products to a group of venture capitalists and angel investors at a demo day.  The first programme will commence in February 2010 and will be run from Boho One located in Middlesbrough.

The Difference Engine is comparable to Y Combinator (Silicon Valley), TechStars (Boulder, Colorado & Boston, Massachusetts) and Seedcamp (London). Outside of London, this will be the first major acceleration programme to be set up in Europe, and clearly demonstrates our ambition to help aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Startup Bonanza - Roll up and get Enterprise class servers now.....

X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5450 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x SAS Drives/2 x PSU                          


X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5345 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x HD SAS Drives/2 x PSU                  

£1,050.00/ €1200   

X2200M2: 2x2218 Opteron Dual Core CPUS /8G RAM                        

£380.00/ €440

X2100 M2: 1 x 1218 Opteron Dual Core/ 2GB MEM

£290.00/ €330

X2100 M2: 1 x 1210 Opteron Dual Core/ 2GB MEM

£260.00/ €300

Wish to purchase ? If you aren't a member of Sun Startup Essentials then sign up now


Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

Join Us at the Digital Living Room Summit & Get 20% Off

Join the Sun Startup Essentials team us as we host the 5th Digital Living Room Summit and Venture Forum on Tuesday, December 15 at our Santa Clara auditorium, produced in association with iHollywood Forum. Sun Startup Essentials members: Get 20% off until December 4th. Contact: to get the discount code. 

As we head into 2010, many of the promises of previous years are becoming reality: Internet-enabled television; HD, iTV and soon 3D TV, networked game consoles and subscripion VOD, to name just a few. But many critical questions remain: which technologies will succeed? What will the adoption curve and price points look like?

That's why the fifth annual Digital Living Room, Dec. 15 in Santa Clara, CA, should be on your calendar.  One of the oldest conferences about the future of home entertainment, this year's Digital Living Room focuses on 2010 and the technologies most likely to transform consumer experience next year. Why wait for CES when you can get a jump on networking and intelligence-gathering now?

Here's some of what you'll learn about:

• The arrival of 3D television
• Social TV.
• Networked games
• The connected home
• Cloud computing and the living room
• New paradigms for VOD
 Analyst projections for 2010

Hear from visionaries like Bill Binenstock, Vice President and Manager,; Brad McManus, Director of Investments, Panasonic; Tushar Saxena, Director of Home Networking Technologies, Verizon Communications; plus top executives from Playstation, EpixHD, Sun, Intel and many more. Plus, you'll get to network and make deals with these people in an intimate environment you'll never find at CES.

For just 48 hours, take advantage of a special rate available of as low as $150 for a basic ticket. Buy a Deluxe ticket for $195 and get a free ticket to our kickoff party in San Francisco on Dec.14 at Blumberg Capital. Register at

Are you an entrepreneur or venture capitalist? Consider joining us for the DLR Venture Forum, a unique platform to pitch for funds and demo your product. To apply, please send an email to  For information, call 310.736.4133 or email host Michael Stroud at

Monday Nov 23, 2009

Guest Post: Startup Weekend Bay Area

By Shanti Subramanyam

I attended the Bay Area Startup Weekend in Mountain View this previous week-end. This was the first such event I attended and it was an amazing experience – so I thought I’d share it.

The idea behind the event was that a bunch of folks would show up, some of them would pitch ideas for new startups and the others would join them if they liked the idea and/or had the necessary skills to build it. The goal was to build a working prototype over the course of the week-end. Read more.

Tweetmeme rolls out more features and options - Twitter Advertising

A blog advertised by Nick Halsteqd: "I wanted to share some fascinating numbers on how content gets disseminated across twitter via Retweets, we recently launched our own Analytics package that allows individual stories to be analysed in great detail."[Read More]

Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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