Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

UK Networking Events - Hermione shows us the way

This is a posting by Hermione way, from Techfluff.TV one of Sun's Startup Essentials Partners

A comprehensive networking list for any startup, that can help determine where to focus your networking time and energy.


Microsoft Bizpark: A program that provides Software, Support and Visibility for Software Startups. In the UK, Bindi Karia is the woman you want to speak to.

Sun Microsystems: Get discounted servers, open source and discounted software free technical expertise and more, free to join and the man you’re after, the man with the most colorful shirts in London is Stewart Townsend.

SeedCamp:  At Seedcamp, they believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders needed to succeed.  Reshma Sohoni is  CEO and here is the Seedcamp twitter account.

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Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Guest Post - Hermione Way - Think it all happens in Silicon Valley? You’re totally wrong! My list of Europe’s hottest startups in 2009!

I love Internet startups. Why? Because they solve problems, often creating innovative products and services enabling us to live our lives in an easier and far more enriched way. All this, whilst trying to find a revenue model that actually makes money- a hard thing to do a) on the Internet and b) in the current economic climate.

There are loads of great startups coming out of the USA, but loads more coming out of Europe. The tech world doesn’t revolve around Silicon Vally you know?!

I’ve been lucky enough to hang out with some of these great companies over the past few months and just been having a read of some of the amazing startups pitching on stage at The Next Web conference in Amsterdam next week …So i thought i would share and compile a little list of some of the hottest startups in Europe right now…

I have put them in a few catagories- Seedcamp winners, Digital Mission companies, Web Mission companies and friends’ companies- As you can see the list is very long and that shows just how many great start-ups there are coming out of Europe right now- Move over America we are catching up and coming to get you!

Seedcamp 09 winners. (sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials)

About: “At Seedcamp, we believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders need to succeed. We want to provide a catalyst for the next generation of great entrepreneurs and help you take risks, think big, and succeed. Participating in Seedcamp will give you enormous validation and access to a world-class network of advisors to help you with every aspect of your business, plus a direct route to seed and venture capital.”

uberVU: Tracking comments on your social media content

Kyko: Casual gaming inside MSN / Live Messenger

Basekit - Make building complex webapplications easy.

Soup.io - Personal publishing on the web made easy

Toksta - Provide instant messaging systems for social networks

Mobclix - iPhone analytics

StupeFlix - Smart video slideshows from photographs

Pitching at The Next Web 09 (sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials)

About: The Next Web 2009 is the fourth edition of the conference that began in 2006. 900+ Internet professionals gather for 3 days to enjoy Amsterdam, the conference and to do business.


Yellow Birds don’t have wings but they fly to make you experience a 3D reality. Launching at The Next Web Conference


Contextured is the pain free SEO and SEM solution search marketers have been waiting for.


Create stunning presentations that helps you to move beyond the slide


E connects people to people and people to services, all in real life. It’s like having all your online identities in your pocket. Launching at The Next Web Conference


Name your own price on thousands of items then negotiate! Launching at The Next Web Conference


With Silentale, store all your personal conversations in one place and access them from anywhere. Time travel through your message history.

Remote Device Management solution for mobile business phones. Monitor, access, synchronise and control employees mobile phones via RCM Web (administrator) panel.
Launching at The Next Web Conference

Roll your own Microblogging or Mobile Social Network!

Quick TV
We provide revolutionary online tools & accountable video play-out to media publishers looking to give their videos the interactive edge. Launching at The Next Web Conference

Mimic Media

MimicMe enables online shoppers to fit clothes online with a personalized 3d model and shop real time together with their friends. Launching at The Next Web Conference


YourTour is a unique online solution for tailor-made holidays.


Personalize your internet experience. Launching at The Next Web Conference

Yunoo is a personal finance application where users can get insight into their personal finance, discuss financial topics and save money.


Mendeley: Free academic software to manage & share research papers and a network to discover research trends and like-minded researchers


Huddle is the world’s greatest collaboration app - beautiful, so usable, open API and fully integrated with Linkedin, Facebook and more


IRL is the first visual social network on the web to map where your friends are & what they are saying. See your social network on a map. Launching at The Next Web Conference


Bring your architectural 3d to life in an online, interactive 3d project environment. Create a true architectural experience with Visibuild. Launching at The Next Web Conference


Tarpipe makes it easy to share content across different social media applications.


CoTweet powers your brand on Twitter. Engage people across your organization to tweet through your brand’s Twitter account as a team.


Find, collect and publish from 30+ video sites


Advanced Recommendation Technology


Personalized city guides with customized information.

Companies on Digital Mission 09. (sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials)

About: Specifically this is the “Digital Mission” - a kind of trade mission, but with more sex appeal - to Austin, Texas for the South by South West Interactive (SXSWi) conference from 12-18 March this year.

\* Best Before
\* BookingBug
\* Ceros
\* cxpartners
\* dpivision
\* ensembli
\* Facultas
\* Harvest Digital
\* Hubdub
\* Infurious
\* Mixcloud
\* Mobile Pie
\* Mydex
\* Myrl
\* NixonMcInnes
\* Plebble
\* ProofHQ
\* Rummble
\* School of Everything
\* Six to Start
\* skive
\* Short Fuze (Moviestorm)
\* Snagsta
\* Splendid
\* Tactile CRM
\* The Filter
\* The iPlatform
\* Traffic Digital
\* Vizimo
\* We7
\* we are social
\* Workhound
\* Worldeka
\* Yiibu

Companies on Web Mission 09. (Sun Startup Essentials Partner)

About: The Web Mission represents an amazing opportunity for the best of entrepreneurial UK talent to visit Silicon Valley and learn for themselves the differences that make the US a breeding ground for innovation and, more importantly, successful execution of ideas.

\* www.artesiansolutions.com
\* www.businessitonline.com
\* www.cereproc.com
\* www.coclarity.com
\* www.complianceandrisks.com
\* www.concrete-media.com
\* www.corebridge.com
\* www.freshnetworks.com
\* www.mtivity.com
\* www.proofhq.com
\* www.replify.com
\* www.sift.com
\* www.sosius.com
\* www.tactilecrm.com
\* www.viapost.com
\* www.yuuguu.com
\* www.zemanta.com

Two alumni from Web Mission 2008

\* www.huddle.net
\* www.trampolinesystems.com

Friend’s companies:

Some friend’s companies are already in the above lists!

Alex Tew- PopJam

Paul Walsh- Wubud

Robert Loch- Pureescapes

Michael Smith- MindCandy

David Langer- GroupSpaces

Joshua March- iPlatform

Sophie and Charlie Cox- Worldeka

kieran O’Neill- Playfire

Lucian Tarnowski- Brave New Talent

Michell Dewberry- Chiconomise

Geoff Hughes- Funditfrog

David Hathiramani - Asuitthatfits

Caroline Whitmey- MsBond

Anthony Eskinazi - Parkatmyhouse.com

Louise Campbell- http://www.myehive.com

Michele Obi- MyFashionLife

Michelle Gibs- Pout

Steve Kennedy- Talklets

Sam Mathews- UGame

Nick Halstead tweetmeme.com

Fabio De Bernardi -Ilikeucoz

Renate Nyborg- Madhousecollective

Simon Campbell- Viapost

Sun Startup Essentials is a sponsor of Techfluff TV one of Hermione Ways companies, broadcasting interviews about European Startups across the globe, this is taken from Techfluffs Blog

Monday Dec 08, 2008

Techfluff.tv sponsored by Startup Essentials - Episode Two

Episode Two of Techfluff.tv brought to you by Startup Essentials, a round up of the UK Startup Scene.

Check out the santa hats in Chinwag live and of course the Escalator pitch with the lovely Alicia from Skimlinks and to top the show,  Mike The Butcher and his knife answering the questions on ask the expert.


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