Monday Mar 09, 2009

The Rising Sun Startup Rally - NextWeb also discounted tickets for SSE members

At The Next Web Conference 2009 we are going to give 24 (early stage and often unfunded) startups the chance to show their new service on main stage to our highly web-savvy audience in The Next Web Rising Sun Start-up Rally.

We are proud to present this unique event together with SUN Microsystems and their SUN Startup Essentials program.

In the past our conference proved to be a great launch pad for startups. For the startup rally only the best startups are selected and get the opportunity to boost their profile at no costs. Submission closes on March 15th which gives you only 10 days to get prepared!

Also would you like to attend NextWeb ? Here is a chance now to gain a special Sun Startup Essential discount of 150 euros, reducing the price to 600 Euros. Sign up for Sun Startup Essentials using the reference NextWeb now.

Virtualisation for Dummies - Introduction and Guide

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Thursday Mar 05, 2009

How to listen to advice about your startup

On Monday, we launched OneIS.

Lots of people have been kind enough to give us advice while we've been developing OneIS. Looking back, we've learnt that really good advice inspires ideas, but doesn't dictate a specific path to follow.

If you think about it, that's only to be expected. Technology startups are so new, no one you meet will have have years of experience running a business like yours. In fact, if you're launching a disruptive business, you definitely don't want advice on "how to do it" because you'll be deliberately doing it a different way.[Read More]

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

Startup Essentials Customer story - OneDoc, Multizone, BizSpark and Sun

CASE STUDY: OneDoc Limited

Professionally hosted Infrastructure allowing complete location independence

OneDoc is a privately, British owned software company that provides collaboration and compliance software. Its technology is based on the Microsoft software platform, and makes multi-user editing and sharing of Microsoft Word and other documents safe and effortless whilst providing a brilliantly simple compliance solution. The software cleverly tracks the changes to multiple Word documents by multiple users  – and allows easy electronic collaboration for document review and editing.

OneDoc has been in development for a number of years and is run by a talented team who has helped build a number of great technology companies often at the forefront of a new market sector. Although the business is based in Reading, the team are dispersed around the UK and its become a requirement to be location independent in everything that OneDoc does.[Read More]

Tweetmeme - Sponsor slot - Push and promote your Startup Essential Startup

TweetMeme is simple in concept: aggregate the number of times a certain blog URL, picture, video, or sound file is linked to on Twitter and rank them in order. The site is clean, fast and easy to use. But what it didn't have before was a way to make any money.

That has now changed with its latest update, which adds a 'Sponsored tweet' area in the upper-right corner of the page. According to the TweetMeme blog post, sponsors can 'promote' a story link as frequently as every 24 hours to appear in the box. These sponsored links also appear in the RSS feed (appropriately denoted), increasing the likelihood of folks clicking on them.

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TechFluff TV - sponsored by Startup Essentials - A round of startup news from Europs

Doodle API contest launches today

To celebrate the launch of the Doodle API, we challenge the Doodle community to develop useful and innovative extensions for Doodle using the API. The contest ends April 14 2009 24:00 CET.


  • 1st: A trip to Zurich including a meet-up with the Doodle team and some of our friends at Sun Microsystems. We'll cover the trip to Zurich and 5 overnight stays.
  • 2nd: One Conference Pass for the 2009 JavaOne Conference
  • 3rd: One Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

Decision Process

The Doodle team will pre-select the nominees based on the following criteria: Use of the Doodle API, utility, originality, ease-of-use, quality/reliability, appeal, design. A jury will determine the 3 winners from these nominees.


API documentation

The Doodle API is RESTful and uses OAuth for authentication and authorization. (You can of course also use our front-end API for the poll wizard and the fact that every Doodle poll generates an Atom feed.)


Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

James Gosling - Would you like to meet him in person ?

Who is James Gosling ?

So if you are a Java fan, you know the answer to that question and you are probably now thinking I want to meet the man, so where and what do I need to sell ?

You have to be a member of Sun Startup Essentials programme, aimed at helping young companies Start smart and Scale part of this you get special invites to meet thought leaders in person, this is limited to 50 members from across Europe only.

If you would like to sign up and express your interest in attending, please REGISTER INTEREST and do so now, quickly.

The session will consist of James presenting his thoughts, then an open QA session, a chance to take pictures and talk to him freely, this is not a large event, its a small VIP only meeting with James in person.

London CBC (Customer Briefing Centre)

Sun Microsystems Ltd.
Regis House
45 King William Street

Date :  March 18th - 10.30 - 12.00

UK PHP Event - you want a discounted ticket ?

So the biggest PHP conference is happening this week in London, with 500 attendess and some great speakers lined up, you would be mad to miss it.....

So if you want to know more details, its on Friday this week, in London, go HERE to get details on the speakers and venue.

Through our partnership with the organisers, Sun Startup Essentials and MySQL have negotiated a ticket discount for members, if you would like a ticket for the event, at a reduced rate then sign up HERE now, this is a time limited offer and we hope to see you there.

Friday Feb 20, 2009

SeedCamp - Emea Mini Tour

Startup Essentials is proud to be a sponsor of the mini seedcamp tour and seedcamp week, if you are based in the following cities then sign up to attend the seedcamp events now.

Mini Seedcamp 2009 events:

Tel Aviv January 29th
Paris February 24th
Warsaw March 18th
London April 20th
Helsingborg, Sweden 5th May
Ljubljana, Slovenia 14th May
Berlin 9th June

Starting a business in Europe is not easy, and even harder for first time entrepreneurs

At Seedcamp, we believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders need to succeed. We want to provide a catalyst for the next generation of great entrepreneurs and help you take risks, think big, and succeed. Participating in Seedcamp will give you enormous validation and access to a world-class network of advisors to help you with every aspect of your business, plus a direct route to seed and venture capital.

Seedcamp brings togeher all of the above and ends with a week long event in London, where startup from across EMEA will be chosen to have investment put into them, from an investment panel, to help seed and grow them.

For more details and sign up, go HERE now


The first event especially for the Twitter development community will take place on the evening of Tuesday 24th March at Sun Microsystem’s Customer Briefing Centre in London. The event will be developer centric with the content best suited to people who are already developing applications on top of Twitter or who intend to start building a Twitter application in the near future.

A full programme for the evening will be announced soon. The Twitter Developer Nest is inspired by the hugely successful Facebook Developer Garage: London, it’s our intention to evolve the event in a similar style but with a few Twitter-esque differences.

Sign up HERE now 

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Wednesday Feb 18, 2009

How does Facebook manage 1800 MySQL Servers with just 3 DBAs?

Easy: not only are their DBAs smart but, thanks to MySQL Enterprise Platinum they have "Virtual DBA Assistants" that help them manage servers in a scale out environment. The MySQL Enterprise Monitor proactively monitors all MySQL servers using a set of MySQL provided expert advisors, to identify and alert DBAs of problems, security vulnerabilities and tuning opportunities so they can be acted upon well in advance of a problem or outage occurring.

The consultative support in MySQL Enterprise Platinum means that Facebook DBAs can also talk to MySQL Engineers for advice on how to properly design and tune MySQL servers, schemas, queries, and replication set-ups to maximize performance and availability. It really is like having more staff but without the cost of hiring. So MySQL not only helps Facebook scale their platform technical, we help them scale their DBA staff and finances at the same time.

So are you a startup ? Do you want access to those same engineers and the same resources to scale and grow without trawling around through contacts to get the right person, then find out they havent got the skills ?

Contact  to find out how in Startup Essentials  you can expand your DBA resources team by trying MySQL Enterprise for yourself at Startup prices.

Techfluff TV - Twestival Roundup Special from Europe - Sponsored by Startup Essentials

Worldeka - Guest posting from a Startup Essential Customer

Howdy Sun Startup Essentialees!

My name's Sophie Cox and me and my brother Charlie are the founders of Worldeka is a collaborative platform for social change aimed at charities, NGO's, activists and policy makers. We believe the Internet is making the world smaller and giving us a real opportunity to make change, as President Obama says, "As the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself"

As this is a blog for startups I thought we'd talk a bit about the current economic environment and its relevance to the startup scene.

I know many of you are worried about the economy but it's often said, and well worth remembering, that there's no good time to start a business. It's an indisputably hard time right now but there are some benefits; recruitment is a key one, great people previously gobbled up by the city are suddenly becoming err available, and the kinda folk who would never get involved in something as risky as a startup are realizing everything's risky so they might as well! Another benefit is startups are suited to the current environment - companies need to be innovative, agile and adaptable, all things small dynamic new business have in shedloads! Most importantly I feel to survive in an inhospitable climate you need support, and the startup scene right now (often supported by SSE!) is legendary!

Your network is your powerhouse, word of mouth and recommendation is the most strident form of marketing, skill exchange is an essential commodity for small business and friendship, well that's the most important. Your community can encourage you and support you when you are unsure or despondent; a text from a friend on the scene saying they were just talking about you to someone cool, a write-up on someone's blog, a few drinks when you're a bit broke, these are the things that keep you going when your not sure if its all going to be worth it.

So our advice, don't freakout! Focus on the stuff your great at and find easy then help other people do it, find exceptional people that can help you with the stuff you find tricky and most importantly get out there, find your local groups and conferences, get involved with your scene, cos ultimately not everything is about money but it is always about the people.

Would you like access to Worldeka ? Special Beta Invite code for Startups available now -

Private beta code SSE992

Hadoop User Group UK meeting in London Sponsored by Startup Essentials

  • Location: London, UK
  • Venue: Sun, Regis House, 45 King William Street, EC4R 9AN
  • Date: April 14th 2009
  • Presenters:
  • Tom White (Cloudera): Practical MapReduce
  • Michael Stack (Powerset): Apache HBase
  • Isabel Drost (ASF): Introducing Apache Mahout
  • Iadh Ounis and Craig Macdonald (University of Glasgow): Terrier
  • Paolo Castagna (HP): "Having Fun with PageRank and MapReduce"

10.00 - 10.15: Arriving and chatting
10.15 - 11.15: Practical MapReduce (Tom White, Cloudera)
11.15 - 12.15: Introducing Apache Mahout (Isabel Drost, ASF)
12.15 - 13.15: Lunch
13.15 - 14.15: Terrier (Iadh Ounis and Craig Macdonald, University of Glasgow)
14.15 - 15.15: Having Fun with PageRank and MapReduce (Paolo Castagna, HP)
15.15 - 16.15: Apache HBase (Michael Stack, Powerset)
16.15 - 17.00: General chat, perhaps lightning talks (powered by Sun beer)
17.00 - 00.00: Discussions continues at a nearby pub (suggestions welcome in the comments)

This is the second HUGUK meeting and if you would like to attend then sign up here now


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