Wednesday Jun 17, 2009

More Free Accounts For Facebook Development


About a year ago, Sun Startup Essentials - in partnership with Joyent launched a program that provides developers of Facebook applications with a free piece of the Joyent Cloud. This program was so successful, the waiting list was very, very long.

Joyent is expanding this program to better handle the ongoing massive demand, and is now in the process of eliminating the waiting list. Very soon, new sign-ups will be accepted to the program immediately. Joyent also plans to expand the infrastructure that runs the Free OpenSocial and Bebo programs in the same manner, in the near future. More about these programs is at

If you are ready to create the next great Facebook application, please sign-up here.

Monday Jun 01, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials Discount at Structure 09


Get the scoop on how to put cloud computing to work in real companies at GigaOM’s Structure 09 conference on June 25th -- and get a 10% discount on this year's conference. This is an exclusive benefit for Sun Startup Essentials members.

Register directly on the conference website and the discount will be applied automatically.

Location: Mission Bay Conference Center, San Francisco, CA.

GigaOM has assembled quite a line up for the keynotes:

  • Marc Benioff – Founder and CEO,
  • Paul Sagan – President and CEO, Akamai
  • Greg Papadopoulos – CTO and EVP, Sun Microsystems
  • Jonathan Heiliger – VP Technical Operations, Facebook
  • Michael Stonebraker – CTO and Co-Founder, Vertica Systems
  • Richard Buckingham – VP Technical Operations, MySpace
  • David Yen – EVP Emerging Technologies, Juniper Networks
  • Werner Vogels – VP and CTO, Amazon
  • Raj Patel – VP of Global Networks, Yahoo!
  • Yousef Khalidi – Distinguished Engineer, Azure, Microsoft
  • Vijay Gill – Sr. Manager, Production Network Engineering and Architecture, Google
  • Jeff Hammerbacher – Chief Scientist, Cloudera
  • Michelle Munson –  President and Co-Founder, Aspera
  • Lloyd Taylor – VP Technical Operations, LinkedIn
  • Michael Crandell – CEO and Founder, RightScale
  • Jason Hoffman  – CTO and Founder, Joyent

 Full details of the schedule for Structure 09 are available at:

Meet us at CommunityOne and JavaOne

If you are planning to be at CommunityOne and JavaOne, we hope you'll have time to stop by our pods. Pretty much our entire US team will be there, and would happy to meet you at the Pavilion.

The Sun Startup Essentials pod is number 443, and our Cloud Computing booth is number 515 and 410.

Also, don't miss the coolest areas on the pavilion floor: Startup Row and the Cloud Computing area ;) 

Last, but not least, some amazing startups will be also on stage during the General Sessions.

Pavilion Booth #443

Monday, Jun 1   2:45pm – 7:30pm:

Jeremiah Shackelford Jagat Bhuyan Tuesday, Jun 2 11:15am – 3:15pm: Laura Ventura Kevin Ohlson 3:30pm – 7:30pm: Jeremiah Shackelford Jagat Bhuyan Wednesday, Jun 3 9:45am – 1:15pm: Kevin Ohlson Laura Ventura 1:15pm – 4:30pm: Jeremiah Shackelford Jagat Bhuyan Thursday, Jun 4 9:45am – 2:00pm: Jagat Bhuyan Gregg Sorlien

Pavilion Booth #515 & #410 Monday, Jun 1    2:45pm – 7:30pm: Alka Gupta Joann Yates Tuesday, Jun 2 11:15am – 3:15pm: Alka Gupta Vince Vasquez 3:30pm – 7:00pm: Marty Duey Joann Yates Wednesday, Jun 3 9:45am – 1:15pm: Angelo Rajadurai Marty Duey Dileep Kumar Vince Vasquez 1:15pm – 4:30pm: Angelo Rajadurai Sujeet Vasudevan Dileep Kumar Sonya Yu Thursday, Jun 4 9:45am – 2:00pm: Angelo Rajadurai Vince Vasquez Joel Weise Sujeet Vasudevan Sonya Yu

Thursday May 28, 2009

Artists Wanted has just launched a contest to create the most inspiring ads for our Sun Startup Essentials program. We're looking for videos, posters, and banner ads that communicate the value of this program. Total prize money is USD$5,000, and people from around the world can participate. Ads must be in English though.

Please let your creative friends know about this great opportunity! 

The deadline to submit ads is July 21, 2009. Some great ads have already been submitted on the contest website.

P.S. Sun employees and contractors can compete, but they are not eligible for the Sun prize.  They can win the community and Zooppa awards.


Tuesday Jul 31, 2007

Top 10 UK Start Ups as per the Guardian

So we have sunshine in the UK, and that means the top ten......of whats hot.......

The Guardian have produced a list of what they perceive to be the Top 10 Start Ups in the UK.


Some interesting investment data as well, in terms of the amount of money driven into the UK marketplace, showing an interest in small business and enabling them to grow quickly.


The boom is back. In Britain, the internet doldrums took a long time
to disappear – but in recent years the startup buzz is back in the air
and fresh ideas are starting to blossom.

According to a recent
report from industry intelligence analysts, Library House, €1.8bn
(£1.2bn) was invested by venture groups in software and IT companies
across Europe in 2006, with the lion's share of 31% - €558m – going to
British groups. The figures are expected to be marginally lower in
2007, as investors try to avoid an overheated market.

Our top 10 (in alphabetical order)

Social networking for frequent travellers.

Intelligent search of property websites.

Online identity management.

Alternate reality gaming.

Print on demand: cards, notes and stickers.

Map-based property search.

Touch Local
Local directory services.

Trusted Places
User-created local information.

Peer to peer lending.

Recruitment 2.0.

 See the article for the full links, but some interesting organisations, some Im aware of, some that Im not..

Friday Jun 29, 2007

Sun - Just a large start up


So a conversation yesterday, and funny this also stimulated something in the back of my mind I heard at the North West Start Up Meeting a few weeks back, essentially dont miss out on the obvious.

So at the moment Im talking to a lot of Start Ups in all areas of technology, some social networking, some community focus, others just developing the obvious, where the obvious doesnt exist...

But what struck me yesterday is, I work for a large global company with thousands of employees, passionate about what they do, but stepping back where did Sun start ?

Sun was started in 1982, with four employees, yes that is 4.....So Im not going to recite the history of the company, who we are, what we do, Ill point you at one of the Internets lovely wonders, shared knowledge


The point is, Sun is a Start Up, we have grown into a large start up, but fundamentally as a company we started with four friends who had a passion and a drive to do something in the world that they believed would make a difference, and change it. Look at what not the company but the people in this start up have added back into the World

  • Solaris
  • Java
  • Sparc

And still we hold true to our Start Up Roots, in terms of allowing our employees to be open, express themselves and do what is right for the company...

So meeting with these UK based Start Ups, seeing there passion and dedication, my new mantra is going to be to tell them, how I understand them, as I work for a Start Up as well.



Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

North West Start ups meeting

I had the pleasure of attending the North West Start up meeting last week, held at KPMGs offices in Manchester centre.

 This is organised by Manoj Ranaweera  who does a fine job of bringing interesting speakers together with like minded inidividuals, so what were the highlights for me.

Ajaz Ahmed articulated the story of his eureka moment with Freeserve. The story was well published, so I am not going to repeat it here. He also spoke about Browzar, Abdul, etc. 


Key messages were (and this was a funny discussion from Ajaz a true public speaker) 

  1. Do the obvious before someone else realise it is obvious.
  2. Make the message simple
  3. Hire the best PR Agency you can afford - do the unexpected, e.g.
    Hiring Bernard Manning to open his Indian Restuarant got immense

What was interesting, Freeserve was the largest ISP in the UK in its day, and floated for over 1.5 billion pounds, but only had 3 people working for the organisation and had to hire more to take it beyond 15 staff to make it more attractive to floatation. The marketing and technology was outsourced, and this is where SaaS is going, outsource the logistics or the aspects that cause you the most pain and focus on growing the business.

Davind Ingram from Izimi spoke about his path, to this start up, that is based in the UK and the bay area...some of the key points for me.

  • The team consists of 18 people, who have in some form or other worked together in the past in large scale organisations or projects
  • They are self funded from family, to the tune of $7.5m, and thus have the confidence and belief in what they are doing.
  •  Dont try and tell everyone everything, focus on the strongest points, and then let the others seed through
So who attended ?
  1. Lee Stratford - Co-founder and ex-CEO of Plusnet until recently. Here is a guy with many stories to tell. Certainly a privilege to meet him.
  2. Mike Gibbard - Chief Solutions Architect at Burns e-Commerce
  3. Ewan Leith - Pipex
  4. Neil Jones and his friend - Total Amber
  5. Les Baker - Sun Microsystems
  6. Paul Madeira - OpenText

First timers at NW StartUp 2.0

  1. Phil Brown - CEO of Causeway Technologies 
  2. Tony Bray - Founder and ex-Director of recently sold Version One
  3. David Hawdale - Owner of Hawdale Associates
  4. Stewart Townsend - Sun Microsystems
  5. Mike Carter - Co-founder of Ixis and edocr
  6. Stephen Morrisey - Innovation Squared

Continued support came from:

  1. Rhys Jones - Founder of Accountis, Sanoodi and web2os
  2. David Thomas - Inventya 
  3. Anish Kapoor - Founder and CEO of Yuuguu
  4. Alexander and Adrian Goldstone - Owners of Idinso
  5. Gang Lu - Blognation and Netvibes

The night, was interesting as from a Sun hat aspect, people had heard of Sun, but still had a perception that we only sold Sparc based systems and that Solaris, well thats not free is it, interesting for me was to gain feedback on the products and the markets, as just so diverse, but exciting.

 So for the next event, should be more exciting speakers and also watch this space.......




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