Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

Tweetminster - New Search Engine - A great #sunstartupessentials customer

Tweetminster, the media utility that connects people to UK politics has recently launched Tweetminster Search– a sentiment engine to measure the pulse of UK politics in real time.

Tweetminster Search is a new way to find, interact with and make sense of information that matters.

The search engine shows users how people feel about the issues of the day - as expressed through the thousands of messages posted to Twitter by politicians, news sources, journalists and the public.  Tweetminster Search works in real time, it shows what people think now, and tracks how their sentiment has changed over time.

Once entered a search term (eg. Iraq Inquiry) or up to three multiple terms (eg. Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems) – users are provided with:

    \* The number of relevant tweets about the subject over time (frequency)
    \* How these tweets break down into positive, negative and neutral opinions (sentiment)
    \* How many people have been reached through tweets about the topic/s (visibility)
    \* The individuals with the most impact on the subject (influencers)
    \* Plus lots of related information - associated terms and issues, links to relevant URLs and a location breakdown for where the terms are being discussed the most.

Alongside terms, users can also analyse Twitter usernames or a combination of elements. For example one can analyse the correlation between a topic (e.g. Tax cuts) and user (EricPickles).

The search engine also allows users to view and filter the tweets behind the results by party, source, politician, time, and also uses Twitter Lists to display livestreams of tweets by MPs, PPCs and journalists, bloggers, news sources and key influencers.

Tweetminster Search is designed to only analyse relevant content which is what makes Tweetminster Search different.  The technology defines relevance by determining the originality (for example a tweet may generate many RTs, Tweetminster includes the original tweet in its analysis), influence and reach of a tweet - so it doesn’t try to analyse all of Twitter, but only the content it determines that matters.

Tweetminster Search is currently in beta. Alongside tuning its performance, we will be adding new features, including more granular control of the data, additional data and content sources and more advanced filters, plus will soon release an API to allow anyone to access, use and manipulate the raw data.

On Twitter: @AlbertoNardelli

Tweetminster is a Sun Startup Essential customer and is hosted at everycity on Sun hardware and the Solaris OS, to enable it to scale and give real time speed.

Tuesday Dec 01, 2009

The Difference Engine - Early Stage Funding

The Difference Engine is a full time 16 week acceleration programme which combines investment capital of £20,000 (for 8% of the business) with mentoring, support and office accommodation with various other services provided by our partners.

At the conclusion of the programme the businesses will be expected to be investor ready, and will have to present their businesses and products to a group of venture capitalists and angel investors at a demo day.  The first programme will commence in February 2010 and will be run from Boho One located in Middlesbrough.

The Difference Engine is comparable to Y Combinator (Silicon Valley), TechStars (Boulder, Colorado & Boston, Massachusetts) and Seedcamp (London). Outside of London, this will be the first major acceleration programme to be set up in Europe, and clearly demonstrates our ambition to help aspiring digital entrepreneurs.

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Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Startup Bonanza - Roll up and get Enterprise class servers now.....

X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5450 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x SAS Drives/2 x PSU                          


X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5345 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x HD SAS Drives/2 x PSU                  

£1,050.00/ €1200   

X2200M2: 2x2218 Opteron Dual Core CPUS /8G RAM                        

£380.00/ €440

X2100 M2: 1 x 1218 Opteron Dual Core/ 2GB MEM

£290.00/ €330

X2100 M2: 1 x 1210 Opteron Dual Core/ 2GB MEM

£260.00/ €300

Wish to purchase ? If you aren't a member of Sun Startup Essentials then sign up now


Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

UK Networking Events - Hermione shows us the way

This is a posting by Hermione way, from Techfluff.TV one of Sun's Startup Essentials Partners

A comprehensive networking list for any startup, that can help determine where to focus your networking time and energy.


Microsoft Bizpark: A program that provides Software, Support and Visibility for Software Startups. In the UK, Bindi Karia is the woman you want to speak to.

Sun Microsystems: Get discounted servers, open source and discounted software free technical expertise and more, free to join and the man you’re after, the man with the most colorful shirts in London is Stewart Townsend.

SeedCamp:  At Seedcamp, they believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders needed to succeed.  Reshma Sohoni is  CEO and here is the Seedcamp twitter account.

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Monday Nov 23, 2009

Seven Ways to Get Your Startup Noticed by the Media

When you officially launch your startup and send out a flurry of press releases, the silence can be deafening while you wait for the phone to ring and reporters to call you. Here are some tips to improve your chances of getting noticed by the media.

1) Make sure your press release stands out, but don't overdo it. A clear, concise, and brief press release that gets your message across without a lot of excess verbiage[Read More]

Webinar hébergement nouvelle génération

Le mercredi 2 décembre à 11h00 - heure de Paris - Sun Starup Essentials vous invite à découvrir l'offre de Planet-Work, notre partenaire hébergement.

Frédéric Vannière, Directeur Technique, vous expliquera comment il a mis en oeuvre les fonctionnalités de virtualisation de Solaris et de ZFS pour proposer des packages d'hébergement souples, évolutifs et économiques. En route pour le Cloud Computing !
Inscrivez-vous !

How can Sun Startup Essentials help you ? Small Business, Startup we can help you

Sun Startup Essentials - How can Sun Microsystems help you ? from stewart townsend on Vimeo.

Learn how Sun Startup Essentials can help you if you are a company less than 6 years old, with 150 employees or less.

Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

The Sixty-Second Startup Digest

Busy entrepreneurs need to stay on top of all the latest startup information, but who has the time? Here's a look at what went on around blogosphere and in the news this week, in case you missed it.[Read More]

Monday Nov 02, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials - Breakfast Briefing

...The CRASH you haven't seen yet...

This time we go behind the scenes of the worst financial calamity that flooded our TV screens last Christmas...

What lessons have we learned? 

What do you do when your whole world has SUDDENLY collapsed, the rug has been pulled out from under you, the regulators are circling and the media spotlight is focused on you?

We are doing business in unpredictable times - impacted by the collapse of the financial systems.  And experts are predicting another down surge...

How do you lead your team, your employees, shareholders and family who are all looking to you for inspiration?

As we get closer to the 1st anniversary of one of the darkest winters the finance markets had ever seen, we bring to you our next breakfast...[Read More]

Friday Oct 30, 2009

Helia a installé OpenSolaris sur une Dedibox. Témoignage

Bonjour Séverin, peux-tu te présenter ?

Bonjour Laurent ! Entrepreneur du web depuis 2006, je m'appelle Séverin Benizri et je suis fondateur de la société Paris Labs qui édite des plateformes de réseaux sociaux, notamment le service J'ai un parcours un peu hybride entre le commercial et la technique, comme beaucoup de monde dans ce secteur.

Que fait Helia ?

Helia est un réseau social professionnel qui encourage le partage d'expérience entre des internautes qui ont des affinités pour le même métier ou les mêmes entreprises. Helia propose également des outils de communication aux entreprises qui souhaitent maîtriser leur réputation sur le Web. D'ici à la fin de l'année, il y aura des informations à jour sur plus de 500.000 entreprises sur Helia, des actualités et des offres d'emploi.

Pourquoi as-tu adhéré au programme Sun Startup Essentials ?

Nous étions très impliqués dans le développement Java. Il nous a paru naturel de nous associer à la maison mère... Le programme présentait de belles opportunités aussi bien dans le domaine du conseil que dans l'acquisition de matériel informatique.

Quelles technologies Sun utilises-tu ?

Aujourd'hui, nous travaillons avec des ingénieurs Sun sur une migration vers OpenSolaris afin d'utiliser ZFS, la virtualisation avec les zones Solaris et GlassFish.

Pourquoi as-tu choisi d'installer OpenSolaris sur une Dedibox ?

Aujourd'hui, Dedibox propose un bon rapport qualité/prix qui correspond à nos besoins actuels d'hébergement. Nous voulions explorer les possibilités d'OpenSolaris sans pour autant changer de fournisseur de services dans un premier temps. En revanche, nous nous intéressons de près aux serveurs Sun, notamment aux processeurs SPARC.

Comment s'est passée l'installation ?

Après avoir envoyé le DVD d'OpenSolaris aux équipes Dedibox, nous avons obtenu un accès VNC (partage d'écran) sur notre serveur pour procéder à l'installation. L'installation s'est déroulée sans problème, tout le matériel ayant été reconnu avec des pilotes adaptés dans la distribution Sun !
Ensuite, avec l'aide d'un ingénieur de Sun, Amir Javanshir, nous avons pu configurer le serveur pour qu'il héberge notre service. Après quelques adaptations et configurations des principaux outils, notre service était dupliqué sur l'environnement OpenSolaris. 

Quelles sont les prochaines étapes pour toi ?

Nous sommes en train de d'effectuer des tests fonctionnels et de performance sur les différentes architectures. Parallèlement, nous faisons évoluer notre technologie vers une architecture plus modulaire (OSGi). Notre objectif est d'héberger la nouvelle version de la technologie sur un serveur Sun avec l'environnement OpenSolaris à T1-2010.

Merci Séverin et bon courage pour la suite !

Pour en savoir plus, vous pouvez envoyer un email à

Media140 - Guest Post write up from Sarah Blow

The other day I was one of the lucky few with the opportunity to attend the Media140 Branding event over at RIBA in London.  The event was aimed at media professionals and the majority of the audience were PR agencies and branding professionals.

Having spoken to a number of the attendees I would have to say there were as many experts in the audience with interesting things to say on Branding, building a brand and representing the brand on Twitter and related tools as there were on stage.   The content that was provided on the stage was only a small part of what was actually shared and the #media140 twitter stream provided a raft of additional conversation and content. 

So what came up at the event... And what did not... Here's a few of my notes:

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Audience - NY09 - Nov 5th and 6th

Audience is a conference aimed at those who recognise the need to reach engage and influence audiences of all kinds, an investigation into how this is changing, and a look at how technology has in the past and is now, through new media tools and the social web, changing audience participation and interaction.

The  speakers range from large traditional media organisations with Dan Farber of CBS, though the recording industry with Warner Bros. Music CTO Ethan Kaplan, advertising with Crayon’s Joe Jaffe, HR and internal audiences with Frank Roche of iFractal and new media players like Mike Arrington of TechCrunch and Jason Calacanis of Mahalo, not to mention Musicians like Adam & Mia and the inimitable Andrew Keen of “Cult of the Amateur” fame with more being added all the time.

Engaging on November 6th in the Hudson Theatre, one of New York’s oldest playhouses. We felt it was appropriate to hold a conference that was about Audience in a place that was specifically designed for one.

If you’re interested in meeting with a diverse and eclectic crowd and have a goal of understanding how the methods used to reach engage and influence audiences have changed and are changing as we speak and the possible future direction of these things then please do head along. They’d be delighted to have you.

More Details below and also a SPECIAL OFFER for SSE members - $50 discount - use the code  sunstartup and go here to get your tickets now

Wednesday Oct 28, 2009

How to Pitch a Potential Investor

Scary. Nerve-wracking. Exciting. Game changing. There are several ways to describe what it's like to pitch to a venture capitalist (VC) or angel investor, but boring typically isn't one of them. Considering the possibilities that go along with an large influx of cash, the experience of pitching a VC is both invigorating and anxiety-ridden at the same time. Here are six ways to make the job a little easier.[Read More]

Tuesday Oct 20, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials Masterclass - 12 November

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STARTUP ESSENTIALS - Marketing - SSE Startup Masterclass
Thursday 15th October Time 6pm til 20:30

Brand strategy is one of the most fraught areas of marketing, though also one of the most important. As a Startup it's often the element that gets left behind and not really identified. But how can you tell an investor what business you are in, if you don't really know yourself? It's a vital step in creating the company identity.

The key point is you can’t have a strategy without a clear objective. Restating a goal is not strategy, execution is not strategy, and tactics are not strategy. This masterclass will demonstrate why a strategic approach to brand management can play a crucial role in defining a strong, winning identity for your company.

What does this mean ?

When you're talking to investors, you'll be able to clearly articulate who your market is, describe how talking and listening to your customers will better equip you to target your audience and take your message out, in these tough economic times.
Register Now
Why should I attend this masterclass?
Because you will learn to define:
what business are we REALLY in?
in that context, what's our positioning?
who are our key stakeholders? Which are most important at this stage?
can we crisply define and communicate the compelling value we offer?
what are our core and secondary value propositions?
having established all the above, are we able - in plain language and briefly - to communicate our differentiated and powerful branding to clients, partners, media and investors?
Register Now
Hear from Michael Bayler, a senior consultant and published author, specialising in consumer-led marketing and innovation. Mike has a wealth of experience speaking on current issues such as post-Internet brand strategy, consumer culture, digital marketing, and branded entertainment. Having advised some of the world’s leading brands, media companies and international stars, including Nokia, Diageo, Telefonica, Bacardi Global Brands, Sky, BT, Sony BMG, Sony ATV, Ogilvy & Mather, Robbie Williams, Dido and Simon Cowell, Mike know's his stuff!

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