Tuesday Jan 05, 2010

Mini Seedcamp - Zagreb

Mini Seedcamp Zagreb is a one day event aiming to connect the 20 best web-tech, mobile and software talent with some of the leading entrepreneurs, developers, and experts from the European tech ecosystem.

We will be bringing together 20 of the region's best seed stage tech start-ups with experienced entrepreneurs, investors, and developers from the Balkans and all over Europe to participate in a day of intense mentoring, panel discussions and presentations at the excellent Croatian Chamber of Economy.

Seedcamp has previously seen some great teams from the region such as Zemanta from Slovenia, Brainient and UberVU from Romania, and Shoutem from Croatia who have all been Seedcamp Week Finalists. While we strongly encourage strong startups from Croatia and its neighbouring countries from Slovenia and Turkey to Greece, Bulgaria and Hungary and Romania to apply, our open door policy means that any startup from accross the EMEA and beyond can apply.

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Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

How Corporate Lawyers built a fan club.

This morning I presented on Networking - How to work a crowd to women @ sun Europe, I really enjoyed it and it gave me a chance to sit back and reflect on what we have done with Sun as a brand externally and the whole Startup Essentials programme, how it has grown and actually driven new customers and revenue back to Sun.

Later in the day I was having a conversation about social media and how Im starting a Masters course in this area and talking about communities, how they are built,  but from  a corporate brand view and how they can change the perception of their industry or how they approach a new audience.

What struck me is how two corporate lawyers came into the startup scene blind, suited and fluted and have won the hearts of minds of so many companies, startups and gained new friends, if you don't know Danvers and Barry you haven't lived, throw away your image of lawyers as these guys break that totally but still are devout proffessionals to the legal trade, helping so many startups with general information they do not oversell and then to top it off they deliver a monthly session called Bootlaw that is free and has great pizza and beer to boot.

I tend not to shout about people if I truly don't believe in what they are doing, but these two guys help truly support the community, they listen intently and act upon their actions and provide information and support to a wide audience, but what they have done so sincerely is give their organisation a sustainable brand outside of legal images one of true gentlemen wishing to help and if that means at some stage it means some business for Winston and Strawn, then even better.

So how have they done this ?

\* Initially done their research on the events in London to attend, where the crowd is at.

\* Attended these events and spoke to people, listened to them and understood what the crowd requires and is looking for

\* Moved onto sponsoring some of the more high profile events, they are the lawyers for huddle and thus sponosored there meetup and leveraged that fact to get the startup to promote them out and do introductions.

\* Setup their own event, once a month bringing an audience to them and educating them for a few hours on facts that they want to hear about from a legal perspective.

\* No hard sell, honest approach and open.

\* Introduced people to each other, see if mutual help can be given (They have done this numerous times for me, which has resulted in a great customer reference Music Metric )

\* Had fun doing this, and made it fun to be around them.

\* Supported the community whole heartedly and sincerely as much as possible.

This is a great test scenario of how to successfully build yourself business in a community that has perceptions of your brand or sector, showing that with time and effort a great new revenue stream can be built in an area of business that you would think was to hard to break into.

So a salute to Danvers and Barry, an amazing reference on how to build a community within a community and change the perception of your brand by following the basic principlesof just listening and engaging, being a part of the community not sat on the outside blowing hot air but most of all being yourself but acting as a responsible advocate for your organisation.

In case you missed it,they had a guest post on Techcrunch a few weeks ago, giving their views on the concept of the standardised term sheet which gives you an idea of the reach they now have by getting a significant amount of exposure on Techcrunch Europe.

Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Seedcamp Week London - Sun Startup Essentials Sponsor

Seedcamp Week 2009

Seedcamp Week 2009 will be held in central London on 21-25th September 2009.

We will be keeping this page up to date with information, updates, videos and pictures in the runup to and during Seedcamp. For a more up to date stream of our activity check out our blog and twitter. You can also check out key Seedcamp Week dates here.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the highlights from 2008.

Sun Startup Essentials is a sponsor and mentor for the third year running of this event, hope to see you all there.

Monday Mar 30, 2009

Win a chance to spend 90 days in a business accelerator in Silicon Valley.

I’d like to tell you about a great opportunity for your company to get business and go-to-market mentoring, coverage in the press, introductions to leading Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, investors and potential partners…and a chance to win a 90 day stay in a business accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Sun Essentials has just partnered with Innovate!Europe, a unique, three-part program to identify Europe’s most promising startups and accelerate their drive into the global technology market. Hundreds of promising startups from around Europe and Israel are competing for invitations to the Innovate!Europe Master Class and Silicon Valley Trade Mission and to be recognized as the Top European Startup and win free 90-day stay at Guidewire Group’s business accelerator in the heart of Silicon Valley, a prize worth over $30,000.[Read More]

Friday Feb 20, 2009

SeedCamp - Emea Mini Tour

Startup Essentials is proud to be a sponsor of the mini seedcamp tour and seedcamp week, if you are based in the following cities then sign up to attend the seedcamp events now.

Mini Seedcamp 2009 events:

Tel Aviv January 29th
Paris February 24th
Warsaw March 18th
London April 20th
Helsingborg, Sweden 5th May
Ljubljana, Slovenia 14th May
Berlin 9th June

Starting a business in Europe is not easy, and even harder for first time entrepreneurs

At Seedcamp, we believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders need to succeed. We want to provide a catalyst for the next generation of great entrepreneurs and help you take risks, think big, and succeed. Participating in Seedcamp will give you enormous validation and access to a world-class network of advisors to help you with every aspect of your business, plus a direct route to seed and venture capital.

Seedcamp brings togeher all of the above and ends with a week long event in London, where startup from across EMEA will be chosen to have investment put into them, from an investment panel, to help seed and grow them.

For more details and sign up, go HERE now

Monday Oct 27, 2008

Seedcamp - Did you know Startup Essentials is a Friend of Seedcamp ?

Startup Essentials has been a sponsor of Seedcamp for the last two years, and helps support it in any way it can, as we are an avid startup community supporter and thus Seedcamp is a great chance to help push out our support across EMEA to more countries that Startup Essentials is live.

So want to know what the latest thing we have done.......go HERE now.


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