Saturday Nov 28, 2009

Bar Camp Mainz. Wrap up: Scaling, Java 7 und JavaFX Vortrag

Bar Camp Mainz

Das Bar Camp Mainz läuft prima. Schauen Sie unbedingt am Sonntag rein!

Anbei meine heute gehaltenen Vorträge wie versprochen! 

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Stefan Schneider, Matthias Schmidt

Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

"High Performance at Massive Scale – Lessons learned at Facebook" by the CTO of Facebook.

11:30 a.m. PT  Thursday, October 8, 2009 (US WEBCAST)

Facebook has grown into one of the largest sites on the Internet today
serving over 200 billion pages per month. The nature of social data
makes engineering a site for this level of scale a particularly
challenging proposition. In this presentation, I will discuss the
aspects of social data that present challenges for scalability and will
describe the the core architectural components and design principles
that Facebook has used to address these challenges. In addition, I will
discuss emerging technologies that offer new opportunities for building
cost-effective high performance web architectures.

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Tuesday Apr 14, 2009

Wanna learn how to scale and promote your startup?

Are you wondering when and if you should use the "Cloud"? Are you concerned about scaling your business?
Will your infrastructure and technology hold up when your business grows.  If this describes you, we hope you
can join us at this excellent technical seminar. 
WHEN: Thursday, April 23rd, 10:00 AM - 12:00, noon

WHERE:  Sun Microsystems, 101 Park Ave., 4th floor, New York, NY, map.

WHAT: Technology and Infrastructure to Scale Your Startup

● Using the cloud to reduce cost
● Testing your current application to make sure it scales
● Finding and eliminating bottlenecks before they happen
● Ideas of incorporating the cloud into your scaling platform
● Reducing the cost of storage

We will have plenty of time for discussion, and a light lunch will be served.

WHO: Two excellent speakers, Anil Vasagiri, Senior Investment Associate at Connecticut Innovations and Angelo Rajadurai Sr. Technology Evangelist Sun Microsystems will present.

BONUS:  You will also have an opportunity to participate in Spotlight your Startup and potentially promote your company on Sun websites

REGISTRATION: This event is free of charge. Please register online,

Wednesday Jan 21, 2009

28th Jan Manchester (6 pm start) - Thriving as a Tech StartUp in an UpStart economy - Beating the economic blues

"Thriving as a Tech StartUp in an UpStart economy - Beating the economic blues", the first Northern StartUp 2.0 event of 2009 will be held on 28th Jan 08 at Howarth Clark Whitehill, Manchester, UK. Visit to purchase a ticket.

2009 series of events will start with a lighthearted subject. Discussing how tech companies can survive, reposition and emerge as champions ready for exit when the economic turnaround takes place in 24 to 36 months from now.

It all started with sub-prime mortgages followed by prestigious banks going under worldwide resulting in low liquidity and economic contraction. Large companies are cutting down costs and headcounts with significant hits on R&D. In most cases all R&D spend has been frozen or cancelled. This is a great time for tech startups to innovate, prove concepts and be there strong when the economy recovers.

Whilst the last three years saw the emergence of web 2.0 startups with no clear focus on revenue generation, the current economic climate is forcing these startups to think otherwise. The startups with the right strategy will emerge, grow and have the opportunity to acquire struggling startups.

The doors open at 6pm. We are fortunate to welcome a number of new speakers:

1. Mike Butcher - editor of TechCrunch UK, the ultimate authority on tech startup news in the UK and Ireland - Mike will be staying overnight in Manchester, so come prepared with your 60s if you want coverage on TechCrunch
2. James Brocket - CEO of Calibreone, the company that produces quarterly review of tech investments. See their reports at
3. Ed French - Venture Capitalist at Rising Stars. Ed will speak on the impact to venture capital and what he is looking for in
4. Neil Parkin - Business Link North West. Large chunk of government funding will be channelled through BusinessLink/NWDA



1. Sponsor this event for £500.00+VAT
2. Startup4Slaughter - would you like this slot (cost £50 + VAT for two people)
3. Speaker: Tech founder/CEO - tell us your story if you had to drastically change your strategy to suit the credit squeeze


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