Tuesday Mar 10, 2009

Startup ? Do you backup your data ?

Do you backup your Data or systems ?

Do you keep it all on laptops and over various systems ?

What happens if it gets lost, crashes, fails, can your business survive ?

DrLogic Backup a new startup, has a solution that can help solve these problems and more, as they understand the problems you are going through and how to solve them economically and efficiently, here is some information on them:

Some people never realise how valuable their data is until they lose it. Anyone who’s ever worked within the safety of a large organisation can find IT support one of the biggest headaches when starting a new business. In your company’s early years, you can be reliant on
freelancers, contractors and partners to help you grow.  All well and good for the balance sheet but when your system crashes, or your
laptop goes walkabout, vital business documents and customer files can seem to evaporate and there’s no one to call to complain. We started Dr Logic Backup to provide businesses with a reliable way to safeguard their data without adding more to their workload.  It’s our mission to be 100% reliable and we realised from the outset that we had to deliver more than just a promise. We selected Sun Microsysems to underpin our service because we were looking for the most solid, robust, expansive hardware, storage and operating system in order to deliver what our customers need.

We designed Dr Logic Backup to provide a worry-free service - robust enough to handle the most precious files, straight-forward enough to be used by non-technical staff and efficient enough to work with anytype  of internet connection. By underpinning our backup solution with Sun servers and Sun’s Open Storage initiative we can deliver automatic, simple backup and recovery coupled with data protection.

Some say time is money. Unfortunately for anyone who has ever taken too long to retrieve an important file it can also mean reputation. A
start up can’t afford anything but good customer feedback when building a brand. As we’re only five years old ourselves we know all
about that.  Being a Sun Essentials Start Up Partner we’re able to take advantage of their network and support as we grow.  We know we’ve got something to offer that people need.  And it’s been a wise move to build our business on a strong foundation. Until computers never crash, people never make mistakes and gremlins don’t thrive in office buildings, Dr Logic backup can be a vital business tool. It’s an investment in a business’s sanity. And hooking up with the Sun Essentials Start Up programme has been an investment in ours.

Wednesday Dec 17, 2008

ZFS Discovery Days

Featuring a live demonstration of the Sun Zettabyte File System (ZFS) working with Sun Open Storage hardware

Understand how to take full advantage of ZFS features using Sun's World Leading Coolthreads servers, Sun X64 servers and Sun's Open Storage arrays.

ZFS simplifies file and volume management whilst dramatically reducing operating costs and increasing data consistency

  • The massive growth and diversity of storage requirements means that it is becoming complex and expensive to manage your data using traditional file systems and volume managers
  • With traditional solutions, there is no guarantee that data has not been 'silently corrupted' somewhere in the system, however expensive your storage array
  • Many traditional solutions are inflexible when data requirements change leading to over-provisioning or downtime for re-builds
  • Storage software, to perform tasks such as Snapshots and Replication, can often be as expensive as the hardware and involve additional costs when hardware is upgraded
  • ZFS changes all of this...removing the need for volume managers and providing end to end checksums meaning that data integrity is maximised, regardless of the type of storage device used. ZFS is fully integrated at zero cost with Sun Solaris 10 on more than 1,000 multi-vendor Sparc and X86 platforms.
  • For the first time, it is feasible to deploy low cost Open Storage hardware, such as Sun's JBOD arrays or Sun's X4500 data server, but deliver the performance and data integrity of solutions costing 10 times more.

Now you can see this in action and get detailed information on best practices and strategies

Attend our ZFS Discovery Day. A Sun expert will explain the design concepts of ZFS and outline Sun's open storage strategy. Delegates will learn how to set up file systems using ZFS and how to employ in-built facilities such as copy on write snapshots and data replication, and all of this will be demonstrated using the latest Sun CMT and X64 servers, combined with the latest open storage hardware. Delegates will then take a look at how ZFS and Solid State Disks can be combined to accelerate application performance. Various usage scenarios will then be demonstrated, such as MySQL, replication and porting from a legacy volume manager in a 'live' application environment. The session will conclude by demonstrating the Common Array Manager and with an investigation into the savings in total cost of ownership.

Sun and ZFS can help you dramatically reduce your acquisition and operating costs, whilst providing the performance and security that is delivered through this advanced file system. Stop using technology that was designed for 20th century systems....move into the 21st century with Sun and ZFS.



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