Wednesday Oct 07, 2009

"High Performance at Massive Scale – Lessons learned at Facebook" by the CTO of Facebook.

11:30 a.m. PT  Thursday, October 8, 2009 (US WEBCAST)

Facebook has grown into one of the largest sites on the Internet today
serving over 200 billion pages per month. The nature of social data
makes engineering a site for this level of scale a particularly
challenging proposition. In this presentation, I will discuss the
aspects of social data that present challenges for scalability and will
describe the the core architectural components and design principles
that Facebook has used to address these challenges. In addition, I will
discuss emerging technologies that offer new opportunities for building
cost-effective high performance web architectures.

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Monday Sep 28, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials - Masterclass - Marketing

STARTUP ESSENTIALS - Marketing - SSE Startup Masterclass
Thursday 15th October Time 6pm til 20:30

Brand strategy is one of the most fraught areas of marketing, though also one of the most important. As a Startup it's often the element that gets left behind and not really identified. But how can you tell an investor what business you are in, if you don't really know yourself? It's a vital step in creating the company identity.

The key point is you can’t have a strategy without a clear objective. Restating a goal is not strategy, execution is not strategy, and tactics are not strategy. This masterclass will demonstrate why a strategic approach to brand management can play a crucial role in defining a strong, winning identity for your company.

What does this mean ?

When you're talking to investors, you'll be able to clearly articulate who your market is, describe how talking and listening to your customers will better equip you to target your audience and take your message out, in these tough economic times.
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Why should I attend this masterclass?
Because you will learn to define:
what business are we REALLY in?
in that context, what's our positioning?
who are our key stakeholders? Which are most important at this stage?
can we crisply define and communicate the compelling value we offer?
what are our core and secondary value propositions?
having established all the above, are we able - in plain language and briefly - to communicate our differentiated and powerful branding to clients, partners, media and investors?
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Hear from Michael Bayler, a senior consultant and published author, specialising in consumer-led marketing and innovation. Mike has a wealth of experience speaking on current issues such as post-Internet brand strategy, consumer culture, digital marketing, and branded entertainment. Having advised some of the world’s leading brands, media companies and international stars, including Nokia, Diageo, Telefonica, Bacardi Global Brands, Sky, BT, Sony BMG, Sony ATV, Ogilvy & Mather, Robbie Williams, Dido and Simon Cowell, Mike know's his stuff!

Saturday Sep 19, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials helps Online Gaming Company Boosts Uptime and Performance, Cuts Power Consumption and Costs with Sun Server Solution

Outspark is a growing entertainment services company that publishes and operates a number of online multiplayer social games. These free games and other related content are used by millions of players around the world every year. The company — which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and maintains an office in Seoul, Korea — has 60 employees.

Customer Challenges

  • Improve server performance
  • Increase system availability
  • Scale to meet growth in online Web server usage
  • Lower power-consumption costs


Outspark participated in the Sun Startup Essentials program, through which it purchased and implemented a Sun server solution featuring the Sun Fire X2250 server and other Sun server technology. The company also receives additional network services management from Sun partner NaviSite. The Sun server solution contains quad-core processor technology, which lends itself to fast performance and high availability for the game and Web servers managed by Outspark.

Business Results

  • Increased system performance
  • Improved system uptime from 80% to 98%
  • Increased ability to scale system for future growth
  • Reduced power consumption by $250 per month

Wednesday Sep 16, 2009

How Corporate Lawyers built a fan club.

This morning I presented on Networking - How to work a crowd to women @ sun Europe, I really enjoyed it and it gave me a chance to sit back and reflect on what we have done with Sun as a brand externally and the whole Startup Essentials programme, how it has grown and actually driven new customers and revenue back to Sun.

Later in the day I was having a conversation about social media and how Im starting a Masters course in this area and talking about communities, how they are built,  but from  a corporate brand view and how they can change the perception of their industry or how they approach a new audience.

What struck me is how two corporate lawyers came into the startup scene blind, suited and fluted and have won the hearts of minds of so many companies, startups and gained new friends, if you don't know Danvers and Barry you haven't lived, throw away your image of lawyers as these guys break that totally but still are devout proffessionals to the legal trade, helping so many startups with general information they do not oversell and then to top it off they deliver a monthly session called Bootlaw that is free and has great pizza and beer to boot.

I tend not to shout about people if I truly don't believe in what they are doing, but these two guys help truly support the community, they listen intently and act upon their actions and provide information and support to a wide audience, but what they have done so sincerely is give their organisation a sustainable brand outside of legal images one of true gentlemen wishing to help and if that means at some stage it means some business for Winston and Strawn, then even better.

So how have they done this ?

\* Initially done their research on the events in London to attend, where the crowd is at.

\* Attended these events and spoke to people, listened to them and understood what the crowd requires and is looking for

\* Moved onto sponsoring some of the more high profile events, they are the lawyers for huddle and thus sponosored there meetup and leveraged that fact to get the startup to promote them out and do introductions.

\* Setup their own event, once a month bringing an audience to them and educating them for a few hours on facts that they want to hear about from a legal perspective.

\* No hard sell, honest approach and open.

\* Introduced people to each other, see if mutual help can be given (They have done this numerous times for me, which has resulted in a great customer reference Music Metric )

\* Had fun doing this, and made it fun to be around them.

\* Supported the community whole heartedly and sincerely as much as possible.

This is a great test scenario of how to successfully build yourself business in a community that has perceptions of your brand or sector, showing that with time and effort a great new revenue stream can be built in an area of business that you would think was to hard to break into.

So a salute to Danvers and Barry, an amazing reference on how to build a community within a community and change the perception of your brand by following the basic principlesof just listening and engaging, being a part of the community not sat on the outside blowing hot air but most of all being yourself but acting as a responsible advocate for your organisation.

In case you missed it,they had a guest post on Techcrunch a few weeks ago, giving their views on the concept of the standardised term sheet which gives you an idea of the reach they now have by getting a significant amount of exposure on Techcrunch Europe.

Sun Startup Essentials - Special Offer - Mobius

Sun SSE Mobiu Smart Key and Key Services - SPECIAL OFFER

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials EMEA Newsletter

Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009
Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009

Good morning Startup Essentials Members

I hope you are rested and well after your summer break, and I want to share with you all the exciting events and cool things that are happening across Europe over the coming month.

As usual if you have any questions drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can -- or find me on Twitter.

If you would like to promote your event out to the Startup Essentials members drop me a line and I'll put it on the Blog Calendar and in the next newsletter.

Member-Only Webinars: Scalable Architectures
An Introduction To Scalable Web Architectures,
Part 1, 2, and 3
We hope you'll be able to join us for a new series of free webinars open only to program members. This will be your chance to ask live questions directly to our Web Scale Architects.
More agenda details and to register
  Want to win a luxury weekend at a Marriot? Plus have lots of fun at FOWA London?
Sun's fast and cheap Nehalem-powered Sun Fire X2270 and Sun Fire X4270 promise to put some sizzle into Oracle's hardware business
Are VC's investing in Twitter focused business models?
Chubbybrain partnering with Sun Startup Essentials - claim your startup now

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Refer-A-Startup Promotion

Recieve Firebox Vouchers
You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours...

x86 Dual core servers
Enterprise class servers from £260/€300
More details and how to purchase go here now


Web Application training/Java training at Startup Prices
Remarkable savings on one year, company-wide site licenses to the Sun eLibrary. Giving you access to advanced training packages, including hundreds of web-based courses on key technologies.

  • Improve flexibility of learning through an easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Use courses all year instead of one-time classroom visit
  • Use courses as a reference tool that can be revisited while preparing for certification.

Exclusive course for Sun Startup Essential Members only...

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Friends of #140conf: London with Jeff Keni Pulver
The event offers a chance to catch up with #140conf creator & casting director Jeff Keni Pulver.
Jeff will be giving a talk about "The State of NOW" and will moderate the discussion.
3rd September - from 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Announcing a new Meetup for Startup Essentials UK!
Sun's UK Campus Open Day for Startups
September 3rd, 12:30 AM

Meet Us At:
Seedcamp week September 2009 - London
Media 140 London 26th October
Future of Web Apps Sept 30th - October 2nd
London Open Coffee Every Thursday from 10.00 am -12.00
Drinktank Various dates (and states)
Paypal  19-20th September - London
TedxTuttle 17th September - London

Our full calendar is posted on our blog (upper right hand corner)

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Startup Of The Month:

GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. It promises to offer a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too.

Startup Of The Month

It enables users of keep track of their favourite artists and venues while offering a discovery mechanism to help you find more gigs you might like. It has a smart search engine which knows if you’re looking for artists, venues and so on. Enter multiple, Pandora or iLike usernames and the site will keep you informed about your favourite artists’ upcoming tour dates. You can then share the dates with friends via your social network of choice.

Giglocator is a partner of Sun Startup Essentials and James Proud our youngest SSE partner at 18 will be talking at FOWA about their technology and how they work with Sun.
More details

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What's Cool:
How to reach a large Enterprise audience for startup money

"System News for Sun Users"
System News for Sun Users/ has been published since 1998. The current 45,000+ subscribers include:

What's Cool
  • 30,000+ end-users who work at 8,000+ Enterprise/SME accounts
  • 9,000+ people who work for Sun -- including most of Sun's field sales organization
  • 5,000+ people who work for Partners (System Integrators. Channel Partners, Service Partners)
  • 1,000+ members of the press or analysts (low cost marketing)

The news portal,, serves about 1.5 million page views to about 600,000 visitors each year.

Find out more and costs by emailing Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM


So do you want to get more traffic to your startup?
Do you want to gain more attention for what you are doing? Are you a Sun Startup Essentials member? Answer YES to the above and now you can.

Check out the details here:
Startup Traffic
See how quickly Tweetmeme is growing

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  If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM

Thank you
Sun Microsystems
Sun Startup Essentials

\* In order to qualify for the Sun Startup Essentials program, your company must meet the following criteria:
- In business six years or less
- A maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
- Based in a country in which the program is offered
- A verifiable company presence (company name, street address [no post office boxes allowed], etc.).
- Agree to accept the program's terms and conditions

© 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. For information on Sun's trademarks see:

Thursday Aug 27, 2009

Seedcamp Week London - Sun Startup Essentials Sponsor

Seedcamp Week 2009

Seedcamp Week 2009 will be held in central London on 21-25th September 2009.

We will be keeping this page up to date with information, updates, videos and pictures in the runup to and during Seedcamp. For a more up to date stream of our activity check out our blog and twitter. You can also check out key Seedcamp Week dates here.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here are the highlights from 2008.

Sun Startup Essentials is a sponsor and mentor for the third year running of this event, hope to see you all there.

Wednesday Aug 12, 2009

Are VCs Investing in Twitter Focused Business Models?

White Paper

So far $23.3 Million Has Flown to Twitter Based Startups. Is This Just the Beginning of the Twitter-based Second Economy? What is to come? Twitter, the well funded startup, has amassed $55 million from various angels and VCs, and $23.27 million has flown to 11 Twitter-based startups from a variety of angel investors and venture capital firms.

This report takes a look at the investment activity with startups whose core functionality/capability is centered on Twitter to understand the types of Twitter-related startups being funded, the amounts of funding, the investors backing them, as well as overall trends and implications for such startups going forward.

To download this FULL REPORT go HERE now.

Monday Aug 10, 2009

Check out this Sun Startup Essentials video posted via Zooppa

Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

ChubbyBrain - partnership announcement

ChubbyBrain (, a unit of CB Information Services (CBIS), is an NYC-based information services platform tracking venture capital, angel investor, incubator and university entrepreneurship activity.  It is the largest startup database on the web with 25,000+ startup profiles and 3100+ investor profiles.  CBIS is making access to information about the innovation economy more transparent and is building data-driven tools, analytics and research for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. ChubbyBrain is CBIS' first offering.

Sun Startup Essentials has partnered with ChubbyBrain to help give the startup community information on topics of interesting using the vast repository of data that CB has collected and has access to, the first document  "Are Venture  Capitalists  Investing in  Twitter Focused Business Models? " will be available for download shortly, and another following soon after looking at iPhone application investments. Moving forward we will look to provide and support more information for the EMEA community of startups, and aim to produce some specific reports concentrating on that region, hot spots for growth and trends in the different areas.

If you are already an SSE member, you will receive a link in the next week to download the document whilst if you aren't then sign up here now at Sun Startup Essentials to receive this and other beneficial whitepapers, reports and FREE webinars as well.

Summer Loving and Summer party - 27th August organised by the most active startup supporters in the industry

So we have a summer party organised between the most active supporters of the startup community in the UK we are ready to let our hair down and have a good time.

Microsoft Bizspark
Sun Startup Essentials

It is being held on the evening of 27 August, at Firehouse, where we have exclusive use of the main bar and the nightclub for the entire evening. We've got a great budget as a result of the fantastic support we've had from all the sponsors, so there will be plenty to eat and drink - and not just beer and pizza!

We are charging a nominal entry fee of £5 - all proceeds of which will go to charity.

In order to get your tickets you need to go to and enter the password sent you as an SSE member in the email from Stewart Townsend, this is an invite only event.

Friday Jul 31, 2009


London - 17th September 13.00 - 20.00 REGISTER HERE

What is TEDxTuttle

TEDx is a program of local, self organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group.

The Tuttle Club is an anarchic collection of self organising people who like nothing better than to spark deep discussions and connections in small groups

What better than to mash the two up? Thus, TEDxTuttle has been organised by members of London’s Tuttle Club to combine  TED videos, some live speakers, and some Good Old Tuttling - coffee, conversation and connections - for an afternoon and evening of education, information, entertainment - and fun.

Tomorrow's World

The theme of the conference is "Tomorrow's World" and the plan (as such) is to look at 3 emerging aspects - Technology, Ecosystems and Social Systems. But, being Tuttle, anything could change...

Sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials 

Monday Jul 27, 2009


Getting quickly and easily from A to B has become indispensable in today’s mobile world. However, travel planning is often time-consuming, tedious and does rarely pay attention to CO2 emissions. routeRANK chairman Jochen Mundiger decided to address this problem and his start-up now offers an innovative solution for travel planning.

With the routeRANK travel search engine, people do no longer have to search individually on a multitude of websites and compare different flight, train or car journeys in order to find the best route. They can simply type in their departure/destination location and the date and, in a single search, routeRANK finds and ranks the best possible travel routes by integrating rail, road and air connections from multiple stations and airports in their locations. Users can sort these results according to their priorities such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions.

Once people have found their ideal travel route, they can book their tickets directly with the corresponding travel providers by following the link “Buy tickets”.

routeRANK also helps users with finding a hotel in big European cities. A click on “Find your hotel in…” directly leads to the hotel search on

However, routeRANK does not only help people with finding the best travel route more quickly and easily, but also addresses the need to reduce CO2 emissions. People are often not aware of the amount of CO2 emissions they produce through their journeys. Therefore, for each connection found, the Swiss start-up’s web application calculates CO2 emissions and makes environmentally conscious travel possible.

The current focus is on European travel; however airports and flight connections outside Europe are already integrated into the platform.

For an example, click here for the website of search results for a trip from Bern to Berlin:

In addition to this public version on, routeRANK also offers custom developed versions of its software to corporate customers and organizations, for their internal use or use on their own website, with applications in both travel and logistics. For example, see the Travel Helper developed for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and the Nokia Green Explorer at:

The B2B versions differ from the public version regarding the features the client wishes to integrate. The WWF Travel Helper does for example not show the prices of journeys, but focuses on CO2 emissions and lets people offset their carbon footprint.

We hope routeRANK will make travel planning easier and help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thursday Jul 23, 2009

Tomorrows Web - A conference by Young People for the Young People of tomorrow

August 8th - London - More Details and Tickets HERE

The Tomorrow's Web Conference brings youth and technology together in London on August 8th. It's the first of it's kind to hit the UK and is already set to be a truly unique and exciting event, with over 9 hours worth of planned speakers, panels and startup pitches, you can see why.

Learn from the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow, find out what they're thinking about current and future topics on the web. Sun Startup Essentials is the key sponsor of this event because we believe that the next wave of true technology shifts and changes is coming through the schools and universities as we speak, these young people will change our lifes, how we interact and solve problems in a different manner.

So take time to come and hear what has to be said, debate and interact and add your thoughts to this great conference.

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

The Next Women

After the success of first three Kitchen Dinners (all sold out), you are personally invited to our upcoming Summer Kitchen Dinner on Monday July 27th, 2009 at 7 pm.

With fine wine and great food from Frederic, the Kitchen Dinner takes place in the intimate settings of our very own kitchen in Notting Hill.

Come join a group of business heroes, startup novices and investors, each with a different story and a different experience, in order to connect, share and get that light bulb moment.

You can join our 'Kitchen Table Dinner' with fellow business leaders

Book now via eventbrite.

Testimonials of the last events:

"Thanks for a wonderful inspiring evening"

"What a magical evening"

"Thanks so much for an amazing evening at 'Kitchen Dinners'
I was thrilled to meet so many fantastic people."

"I enjoyed making new and great contacts"

"Wonderful Networking, amazing food, wonderful place"

"The concept is a great and I'll certainly be recommending you."

"What a fabulous setting for en enjoyable networking evening"

"Fantastic evening"

"This was one of the evenings to never forget"

"Inspiring set of Ladies, great to share thoughts with like-minded entrepreneurs"

As our kitchen table only allows limited seating, we hope
that you will take us up on this personal invitation.

Cost: £50 Book now via eventbrite.

Sun Startup Essentials
and WomenInspiredbyWine are happily supporting The NextWomen

Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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