Tuesday Nov 24, 2009

UK Networking Events - Hermione shows us the way

This is a posting by Hermione way, from Techfluff.TV one of Sun's Startup Essentials Partners

A comprehensive networking list for any startup, that can help determine where to focus your networking time and energy.


Microsoft Bizpark: A program that provides Software, Support and Visibility for Software Startups. In the UK, Bindi Karia is the woman you want to speak to.

Sun Microsystems: Get discounted servers, open source and discounted software free technical expertise and more, free to join and the man you’re after, the man with the most colorful shirts in London is Stewart Townsend.

SeedCamp:  At Seedcamp, they believe Europe has the talent, the role models, and the capital founders needed to succeed.  Reshma Sohoni is  CEO and here is the Seedcamp twitter account.

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Tuesday Oct 27, 2009

November Events Rocking Silicon Valley!

Mark your calendars! There are a couple of super cool events in November you don't want to miss: SVASE & GABA BIGs Digital Media, and Startup Weekend.

SVASE & GABA Present the BIGs Digital Media, November 19

Social Financing - Using the Web to Mine Money for Your Venture

Raising money from VCs is increasingly difficult for early stage companies--even ones with a good product.  Social networks have been great for generating awareness but how do you turn social equity into funds for your business?  Social financing is working well for entrepreneurs in developing countries and those improving the well-being of society and the environment.  Could that same model work here?  New models are rapidly emerging that are changing the landscape for how businesses raise money. 

Join this dynamic panel of experts as they discuss this timely topic!

  • What is social financing?
  • What is microfinancing?
  • What new tools are available today?
  • How companies facilitate sources of social funding
  • How social networks can become social financing engines

The Panel: Marc Dangeard, Founder, Entrepreneur Commons; Joshua Sams, Co-Founder & CEO, Sprowtt Marketplace; 2 additional panelists TBD

Moderator: Sumaya Kazi, Sr. Social Media Manager, Sun Microsystems

WHEN: Thursday, November 19

6:00 – 7:00 pm: Networking and hors d’oeuvres

7:00 – 8:15 pm: Panel Discussion and Q&A

8:15 – 8:30 pm: Additional Networking

LOCATION: Sun Microsystems, 12 Network Circle, Building 12 (make a left at the main entrance), Menlo Park, CA 94025. Map

Register now!


WHEN: November 20-22nd

WHERE: The Hacker Dojo

Register Before 10/30 for 20% off – Use code “swearlybird”

There are 10 Startup Weekend events going on for Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) this November! Last year they had over 25,000 events, 3 million participants, and over 1 billion media impressions. 

Additional Locations:

November 13th-15th: Tulsa, OK – Boise, ID – London, UK

November 20th-22nd: New York – Bay Area (Silicon Valley) – Cleveland, OH – Dallas, TX – Los Angeles, CA – Lexington, KY – Atlanta, GA

December 4th-6th: (just a little later) Paris, France – Corvallis, OR – Boston, MA

What’s new:

  • Global visibility for your startup – GEW will have amazing exposure and follow-up with national coverage for Startup Weekend and startups in likes of The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, NYTimes, Forbes, and USA Today.
  • Meet more investors, vc’s, ceo’s, cto’s, lawyers, and successful entrepreneurs working one-on-one with teams.
  • Sunday night voting among your peers will allow one startup to win a grand prize.
  • Top teams will be invited to Startup Weekend exclusive spots at the top tech events.
  • Spotlight your startup via Startup Weekends global partners.
  • Coaching and mentoring for startups after the weekend.
  • Free web hosting for startups at the event
  • Free business plan guidance
  • Other Free software and discounts

Student Tickets are limited – Remember to bring your Student ID!

Startup Weekend is a now a non-profit out of Seattle, WA. 

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

Networking - How to stand out in a crowd

Many people think of business or social networking as circulating around a room and exchanging business cards. But a broader view of business and social networking is that it creates a pool of contacts from which you can draw leads, referrals, ideas, and information for your job search and career progress. You can network without ever attending an official business or social networking event, although attending events is useful in networking.

The means is not only face to face events, but also Linked In, Facebook, e-mail, Conference Calls, etc.  In a nutshell, any form of communication is an opportunity for networking.  The "trick" is to be prepared, ready to promote yourself, present the right image to the right people, and use your networking contacts and events as opportunities for development.

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Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

FOWA - Top Tips to get the best from the event

So you are attending the Future of Web Apps in London this year and you realise this the biggest event in the UK, and has so many great people attending that you want to meet, sessions to hear intersting speakers and of course the party !!!!

What do you do to maximise the 48 hours of your life that could help your startup, help you make some great introductions and well just learn some new radical interesting content that inspires you to create your own company.

So from years of experience Stew's Top Tips

1. Plan Plan Plan Plan -

Do not turn up hoping that you will do all that you think you can do in your head. Thnk who do I want to meet ? How can I get to meet them ? Are they in demand so do I need to book time ahead to meet them ? This is so important, that you plan ahead as those two days fly by and you lose track of time and then bang its gone.

 2. Plan Plan Plan more

Think about what sessions you really really want to go and see, then use the ones that you don't wish to attend to network, mingle, and meet the people you really want to have a conversation with, arrange to go outside the venue if possible as to many distractions inside and you can get caught in many conversations. so where possible go outside and have that meeting/conversation,

3. Enjoy yourself but stay focused

It's so easy to get tied up in the meetings, sessions that you forget to have some fun, but even easier to get tied up in the fun element and not do any business thus have a balance, keep yourself allocated to time talking to people get to the point, agree an action and then move on FOWA isnt the place to have long drawn out conversations as you have to get a lot in those two days, so agree, swop details move on.....smile, have fun....

 4. Use your network, your friends network, the FOWA network

Ask around to find out a person you know to do that introduction, you can waste your two days to get to that one person then find out that Bob your friend went to school with them, thus part of planning put the word out you would love to meet XYZ who can help. FOWA is a friendly event and people there are great so try and think of ways to help them help you get that brief chat with someone quickly. Call in those favours and work around the network..

5. Lastly and this is the most crucial part. - READ CAREFULLY

I want you to party like you have never partied before, get some pictures of yourself in a silly hat, laughing and smiling and networking as FOWA is only once a year and if you miss out on meeting that person, hey there is next year........you have to roll in on the Friday looking rather worse for wear as then when you meet other people they don't feel so bad for being late for that meeting they booked with you, looking like they haven't been to bed and generally feeling that mutual pain, it bringers a much more lighthearted bond to the proceedings.

Oh and to help as well, come to The Sun Startup Essentials Chillout Lounge sign up for the Startup Newsletter and get your voucher, Friday morning turn up and we have some goodies, the FOWA emergency kit as put together by the team that will get your through the day.

See you all over the next two days @stewarttownsend

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

UK: Campus Open Day for Startups!

Sun Startup Essentials  - Campus Open Day

We invite you to join us at our UK headquarters on the 3rd of September as we open our doors for an insight into Sun's operations, the staff, as well as see the environment including our exciting technologies and eco-datacentre (with some refreshments & networking time thrown in of course ;-) )

Set in the Surrey/Hampshire border, a short distance from London and off the M3 motorway, the award winning campus consists of three buildings, "SPARC house", "Solaris House", & "Java House", interconnected by glass passages.  Many of the European-level activities are conducted on site, and it is home to many, if not all the organizations that make up Sun, including the services, sales, and software teams.  Onsite facilities include a restaurant, gym, a shop, massage/therapy rooms, hairdressers, coffee shops, and much, much more!

The agenda kicks off at 12.30pm:

- Arrive for a Welcome Briefing
- Lunch (courtesy of Sun Startup Essentials)
- Tour of the campus
- Tour of the datacentre (restricted numbers)
- Drinks reception

We hope you can join us!

Contact: matt.hosanee@sun.com or Twitter @scoobeesnac if you are interested and we will send you further information.


The campus is located here: Google Map There is a direct train to London and a free shuttle service to/from the station.

Startup Essentials is a free program that offers services, support and many opportunities to drive your business forward, and is open to individuals or companies that are less than 150 people, and less than 6 years in operation.  see http://sun.com/startups

Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Mashup Events - Startup Essentials Member offer

So you want to demo, you want to network, you want to listen to intellectual debates, but all of this takes time to build the right places to go and people to meet, so what if you could get all of this in various focused events, with a range of Entrepreneurs, Executives and like minded indivdiuals attending ?

Well now you can, thanks to Mashup Event who are offering out a yearly membership to their events and demos over the coming year, but not only that as I work closely with them, are willing to offer Startup Essential Members a 25% discount off the standard rate.

So you want to know more, then go here for more information now.

If you want more details on the costs and what you are entitled to for this membership, then go here now

In its simplest form, you get access to a vast range of diverse people to demo to, attend events with, build your network/relationships, partner with new people and this means SUCCESS.

Here is a brief overview of the packages and benefits

1. Full Demo - at any event includes: pitch to audience,profile on our website (members currently - 2500 ) , stand at event. This option is £200

2. Showcase membership - become an annual showcase member and receive more for your money this includes: opportunities to demo at any 4 mashup\* Events(a) during the year Also 2 x individual annual memberships for you and colleagues to attend any event. This is £500 to non SSE members, thus to members it is £375 for the year.

3. Mini Demo - For those really bootstrapped startups we offer a one-off watered down version of our full demo opportunity - POA

 So you can see the Showcase membership offers real value for money, and gives you access to a wide diverse network of people from Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors to Enterprise decision makers.

Forthcoming Events:

6th Nov - mashup\* Demo

11th Nov - mashup\* Event - Digital Growth 2009

So how do you get this discount ?

\*Email me your Sun Startup Essentials Member ID and Details to Stewart.Townsend(at)sun.com

\*I will then send these to Mashup Events, who will contact you with your SSE discounted price and discuss with you the pricing options

\*They will contact you and organise your membership and payment directly, then take advantage of the events, networking and demos....

So already some of the Startup Essential members have used this to make a saving, do the same now.

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Technology Being Used to Fight Street and Web Crime

So we have had the Manchester police using Facebook as a means to get updates on local crimes and people to contribute updates, a facebook app for the community.  

Now Ever wish your laptop could do more than just crash and cause you pain and headaches? How about using it to fight crime? Victims of crimes in Brazil
can now log onto Wikicrimes and pinpoint the exact intersection of the criminal attack.

Created by a Brazilian professor, the site asks contributors to provide details such as whether the perpetrator was armed or whether a third party can confirm the incident.


So next we have this interlinked with the facebook app and we have a Crime mashup.


Oh how technology is evolving and changing. 

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

Blognation launched

So blognation was launched yesterday, Sam Sethi is bringing together a collection of editors globally, to present a true global picture of the Start Up community, this is an amazing achievement, and a blog to watch over the coming months, to see what is happening and where.


Good luck and I hope to see this one grow in audience reach very quickly indeed. 


What’s blognation’s goal?

We want to become one of the first sites that technology-enthusiasts,
bloggers, early adopters, fellow entrepreneurs and investors visit to
find daily updates on Web 2.0 technology, mobile and enterprise news
from all over the world. The English-speaking part of the world is
language-challenged: there are many excellent blogs in Spanish or
German about Web 2.0 start-ups, but if you don’t read these languages,
you’re stuck. We believe blognation solves that problem by offering
news about those start-ups only in English.


Wednesday Jun 20, 2007

Social Networking Positioning... Where are you, Im in a meeting


Social networking on the move

By Iain Mackenzie

Technology reporter,
Radio 1, Newsbeat


Online social networks already allow users to share
photos, videos and update friends on everything they do. Now a new
generation of sites is going a step further, using satellite
positioning to track users' whereabouts.
Ian Walker is making his way across the car park outside of his office
on Liverpool's Edge Lane.
His friends can watch his journey into work because he's connected to Bliin, one of the new generation of social networking sites that is using satellite positioning technology.

Users with Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled mobile phones log-on using a small application loaded onto the handset. 


So this now allows us to share our location as we move around and tag where we are, this has so many possibilities, in commercial land, but in our personal lives as well, being used in a social networking aspect is a new twist on, where do you live ?




Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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