Saturday Oct 17, 2009

Twitter Devnest 5

Tuesday November 10th 6.00 PM till late

Sun CBC London

Tickets are free and are available here:

Tuesday 10th November at Sun Microsystems’ Customer Briefing Centre in London. 6pm for pizza and beer kindly provided by Sun Microsystems Startup Essentials team. The event will be developer and startup-centric with the content best suited to people who are already developing applications on top of Twitter or who intend to start building a Twitter application in the near future. At 9pm we head down to the pub conveniently located directly underneath the briefing centre.

Nest Building

    \* What next for devnest? What we can do in between meetings, to foster community, to lobby for governance, and to build great products and services (Angus Fox, Multizone Limited, @nuxnix)

140 second demo/presentation

Show and tell, 140 seconds countdown. Dont go over!

    \* @ollieparsley - Hootmonitor
    \* @benoitx -
    \* @rem - Snapbird

      Sign up on the night or DM @nuxnix to secure your slot

A special Guest industry luminary in person or via hi tech real time high definition conferencing

    \* We could tell you who, but we’d be lying..

Thursday Oct 08, 2009

Mint CEO gives behind-the-scenes look at Mint's internal growth strategy

Mint CEO Aaron Patzer presented a step-by-step narrative on how he built his company in three years to $170 million target for personal finance giant Intuit.

In a moment of nonchalance, Patzer, who spoke at the Juice Pitcher event, hosted by and, admitted to Adeo Ressi, the founding member of The Funded, that he sold Mint for cash to Intuit, so it didn't matter to him what happened to Intuit's shares.

[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 08, 2009

Media 140 - Brands - London - Sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials

Everything a brand needs to know about twitter and real-time social media\*

\* but was afraid to ask

Media140 London

We explore the effects of twitter and real-time social media on agencies, marketers and brands, looking at how platforms such as Twitter, Flickr, Facebook and AudioBoo are disrupting, challenging and changing traditional media and advertising. Focusing on customer engagement, how to make sustainable profits and build loyal communities.

In partnership with Contagious, Revolution and IAB the event will bring together brand strategy, creatives, ad agencies, media planners, media buyers, PR agencies and publishers to share and understand the disruptive impacts of real time social media on their industry.

We have a veritable collection of industry speakers including Tom Bedecarre, Gareth Jones, Jess Greenwood, Lloyd Salmons, George Nimeh, Robin Grant and Amelia Torode amongst others...

More details here with speaker line up and how to grab a ticket, also are you a Sun Startup Essential Member then grab a 15% discount now, email me for the discount code.

Monday Sep 07, 2009

Manchester Twestival - September 10th - Sponsored by Sun Startup Essentials

Its that time of the year, Twestival - and this year its time to get down to Manchester.


Plans for the night itself

Looks like things are shaping up nicely for MancTwester Local on Sept 10th at House9 Bar. I reckon it will be a top night. This is what’s in store to help raise money for St Ann’s Hospice

6.30 - 7.00            Arrive and drinks

7.00 - 8 30            Auction  (Prizes include - Dual Signed Hurst & Peters England 1966 Anniversary Shirt, Nintendo Wii,  high quality alcohol and makeup)

8.30 – 9.00           Magic acts around the tables courtesy of Magic Man Clive

9.00 – 9.30           Tim Bradbury - Manchester comedian fresh from the Comedy Store.

9.30                      DJ Marv Speakman on the wheels of steel

Come along and make Manchester part of the global phenonema that is Twestival.

So I need you to push this out to all the small businesses, peeps in Manchester and make it happen.

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials EMEA Newsletter

Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009
Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009

Good morning Startup Essentials Members

I hope you are rested and well after your summer break, and I want to share with you all the exciting events and cool things that are happening across Europe over the coming month.

As usual if you have any questions drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can -- or find me on Twitter.

If you would like to promote your event out to the Startup Essentials members drop me a line and I'll put it on the Blog Calendar and in the next newsletter.

Member-Only Webinars: Scalable Architectures
An Introduction To Scalable Web Architectures,
Part 1, 2, and 3
We hope you'll be able to join us for a new series of free webinars open only to program members. This will be your chance to ask live questions directly to our Web Scale Architects.
More agenda details and to register
  Want to win a luxury weekend at a Marriot? Plus have lots of fun at FOWA London?
Sun's fast and cheap Nehalem-powered Sun Fire X2270 and Sun Fire X4270 promise to put some sizzle into Oracle's hardware business
Are VC's investing in Twitter focused business models?
Chubbybrain partnering with Sun Startup Essentials - claim your startup now

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Refer-A-Startup Promotion

Recieve Firebox Vouchers
You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours...

x86 Dual core servers
Enterprise class servers from £260/€300
More details and how to purchase go here now


Web Application training/Java training at Startup Prices
Remarkable savings on one year, company-wide site licenses to the Sun eLibrary. Giving you access to advanced training packages, including hundreds of web-based courses on key technologies.

  • Improve flexibility of learning through an easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Use courses all year instead of one-time classroom visit
  • Use courses as a reference tool that can be revisited while preparing for certification.

Exclusive course for Sun Startup Essential Members only...

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Friends of #140conf: London with Jeff Keni Pulver
The event offers a chance to catch up with #140conf creator & casting director Jeff Keni Pulver.
Jeff will be giving a talk about "The State of NOW" and will moderate the discussion.
3rd September - from 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Announcing a new Meetup for Startup Essentials UK!
Sun's UK Campus Open Day for Startups
September 3rd, 12:30 AM

Meet Us At:
Seedcamp week September 2009 - London
Media 140 London 26th October
Future of Web Apps Sept 30th - October 2nd
London Open Coffee Every Thursday from 10.00 am -12.00
Drinktank Various dates (and states)
Paypal  19-20th September - London
TedxTuttle 17th September - London

Our full calendar is posted on our blog (upper right hand corner)

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Startup Of The Month:

GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. It promises to offer a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too.

Startup Of The Month

It enables users of keep track of their favourite artists and venues while offering a discovery mechanism to help you find more gigs you might like. It has a smart search engine which knows if you’re looking for artists, venues and so on. Enter multiple, Pandora or iLike usernames and the site will keep you informed about your favourite artists’ upcoming tour dates. You can then share the dates with friends via your social network of choice.

Giglocator is a partner of Sun Startup Essentials and James Proud our youngest SSE partner at 18 will be talking at FOWA about their technology and how they work with Sun.
More details

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What's Cool:
How to reach a large Enterprise audience for startup money

"System News for Sun Users"
System News for Sun Users/ has been published since 1998. The current 45,000+ subscribers include:

What's Cool
  • 30,000+ end-users who work at 8,000+ Enterprise/SME accounts
  • 9,000+ people who work for Sun -- including most of Sun's field sales organization
  • 5,000+ people who work for Partners (System Integrators. Channel Partners, Service Partners)
  • 1,000+ members of the press or analysts (low cost marketing)

The news portal,, serves about 1.5 million page views to about 600,000 visitors each year.

Find out more and costs by emailing Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM


So do you want to get more traffic to your startup?
Do you want to gain more attention for what you are doing? Are you a Sun Startup Essentials member? Answer YES to the above and now you can.

Check out the details here:
Startup Traffic
See how quickly Tweetmeme is growing

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  If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM

Thank you
Sun Microsystems
Sun Startup Essentials

\* In order to qualify for the Sun Startup Essentials program, your company must meet the following criteria:
- In business six years or less
- A maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
- Based in a country in which the program is offered
- A verifiable company presence (company name, street address [no post office boxes allowed], etc.).
- Agree to accept the program's terms and conditions

© 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. For information on Sun's trademarks see:

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009

Join Disco Stew and his funky crew

So you are going to Future of Web Apps and wanted to know where to meet all the coolest people, hang out and chill in between sessions, talk to like minded people on technology and business ?

Well come down to the Sun Startup Essentials room and make the most of all the great things we have to offer:

\*\* Win a Weekend for two at a Marriot Hotel - courtesy of

\*\*Audioboo will be doing live Boos from the room, so come and give your views of FOWA live

\*\*Tweetmeme team will be there, with the FOWA and Sun Startup Essentials Channel with all the live tweets and feeds.

\*\*James Proud from Giglocator will be around, giving a Uni session talk and discussing his new startup, at the old age of 18 !!!

\*\*Best Before will be unveiling a new product, enabling mixing of video and audio through a touchscreen - this is lots of fun and so cool.

\*\*Wii Guitar Hero - be the best and win a prize....

\*\*Special presents to help get you through the day.

So lots going on, lots to do and see, come and meet the Sun Startup Essentials team, MySQL guys and hear how we help startups all over the globe reach their dreams.

Monday Aug 10, 2009

Check out this Sun Startup Essentials video posted via Zooppa

Monday Jul 27, 2009


Getting quickly and easily from A to B has become indispensable in today’s mobile world. However, travel planning is often time-consuming, tedious and does rarely pay attention to CO2 emissions. routeRANK chairman Jochen Mundiger decided to address this problem and his start-up now offers an innovative solution for travel planning.

With the routeRANK travel search engine, people do no longer have to search individually on a multitude of websites and compare different flight, train or car journeys in order to find the best route. They can simply type in their departure/destination location and the date and, in a single search, routeRANK finds and ranks the best possible travel routes by integrating rail, road and air connections from multiple stations and airports in their locations. Users can sort these results according to their priorities such as price, travel time and CO2 emissions.

Once people have found their ideal travel route, they can book their tickets directly with the corresponding travel providers by following the link “Buy tickets”.

routeRANK also helps users with finding a hotel in big European cities. A click on “Find your hotel in…” directly leads to the hotel search on

However, routeRANK does not only help people with finding the best travel route more quickly and easily, but also addresses the need to reduce CO2 emissions. People are often not aware of the amount of CO2 emissions they produce through their journeys. Therefore, for each connection found, the Swiss start-up’s web application calculates CO2 emissions and makes environmentally conscious travel possible.

The current focus is on European travel; however airports and flight connections outside Europe are already integrated into the platform.

For an example, click here for the website of search results for a trip from Bern to Berlin:

In addition to this public version on, routeRANK also offers custom developed versions of its software to corporate customers and organizations, for their internal use or use on their own website, with applications in both travel and logistics. For example, see the Travel Helper developed for the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), and the Nokia Green Explorer at:

The B2B versions differ from the public version regarding the features the client wishes to integrate. The WWF Travel Helper does for example not show the prices of journeys, but focuses on CO2 emissions and lets people offset their carbon footprint.

We hope routeRANK will make travel planning easier and help to reduce CO2 emissions.

Thursday Jul 23, 2009

Tomorrows Web - A conference by Young People for the Young People of tomorrow

August 8th - London - More Details and Tickets HERE

The Tomorrow's Web Conference brings youth and technology together in London on August 8th. It's the first of it's kind to hit the UK and is already set to be a truly unique and exciting event, with over 9 hours worth of planned speakers, panels and startup pitches, you can see why.

Learn from the entrepreneurs and innovators of tomorrow, find out what they're thinking about current and future topics on the web. Sun Startup Essentials is the key sponsor of this event because we believe that the next wave of true technology shifts and changes is coming through the schools and universities as we speak, these young people will change our lifes, how we interact and solve problems in a different manner.

So take time to come and hear what has to be said, debate and interact and add your thoughts to this great conference.

Carsonified - Summer Camp

As you may or not know Sun Startup Essentials helps support the startup community across the globe and we do this through various communal events and participate wholly in these. Recently the team behind FOWA, Carsonified decided to put together a two day workshop for FREE for 8 startups to help them get going, understand more how to run a successful business and gain some new knowledge, and all this being held in their offices. One element that I love with a passion in this startup environment is the amount of support the community gives each other, and Carsonified always give so much, are so helpful and friendly to everyone it is great to see, Carsonified we salute you.

If you want to see what happened, learn more and see why Sun Startup Essentials sponsored the food and drink for this amazing generous amount of time donated by Carsonified go here

Tuesday Jul 21, 2009

The Next Women

After the success of first three Kitchen Dinners (all sold out), you are personally invited to our upcoming Summer Kitchen Dinner on Monday July 27th, 2009 at 7 pm.

With fine wine and great food from Frederic, the Kitchen Dinner takes place in the intimate settings of our very own kitchen in Notting Hill.

Come join a group of business heroes, startup novices and investors, each with a different story and a different experience, in order to connect, share and get that light bulb moment.

You can join our 'Kitchen Table Dinner' with fellow business leaders

Book now via eventbrite.

Testimonials of the last events:

"Thanks for a wonderful inspiring evening"

"What a magical evening"

"Thanks so much for an amazing evening at 'Kitchen Dinners'
I was thrilled to meet so many fantastic people."

"I enjoyed making new and great contacts"

"Wonderful Networking, amazing food, wonderful place"

"The concept is a great and I'll certainly be recommending you."

"What a fabulous setting for en enjoyable networking evening"

"Fantastic evening"

"This was one of the evenings to never forget"

"Inspiring set of Ladies, great to share thoughts with like-minded entrepreneurs"

As our kitchen table only allows limited seating, we hope
that you will take us up on this personal invitation.

Cost: £50 Book now via eventbrite.

Sun Startup Essentials
and WomenInspiredbyWine are happily supporting The NextWomen

Wednesday Jul 15, 2009

Are you a Designer, Creator, Coder and want to work with the BBC

Win the chance of an industry placement, attendance to BBC workshops and the chance of a BBC placement

Find out more

The BBC wishes to continue to build the best experiences to audiences and wants you to help them

Are you just about to graduate and need a hand up on the first run of the career ladder?

Are you one of the rare breed of talent that combine fantastic software skills with creative flair?  Can you apply object-oriented programming to web based technologies like flash or Java?

Do you want to develop the next generation of immersive technology / content experiences?

We are seeking Britain’s top 5 graduates - if you answered yes to all the above questions and are brimming with market shaped ideas, then post your idea to the TV Platforms Project

Read the full brief

Enter Your Idea

DEADLINE 31st August

BBC Future Media TV Platforms team is at the forefront of designing products that combine this world of broadband and broadcast and this team is also heading to Salford in 2011

If your company is looking to access the best new talent in the UK, email us at with North West TV platforms in the subject line

North West b.TWEEN TV Platforms is a project between BBC, Just-b, NWDA, Northwest Vision & Media, Skillset 

Wednesday Jul 08, 2009

Audioboo we love you, Sun Startup Essentials we love you to.

What is AudioBoo ?

AudioBoo is a website and iPhone OS application designed to allow users to post and share sound files on the AudioBoo website. AudioBoo was developed by UK based BestBefore and partially funded by Channel 4 and was launched in March 2009.

AudioBoo allows iPhone users to record and playback digital recordings up to 5 minutes long which can then be posted on the AudioBoo website where users have their own pages or channels akin to Twitter or Youtube. These recordings are referred to as 'boos' and photos can be added to the boo from the iPhone library along with a title. You can either capture this Audio using a iPhone or dial a number using a standard telephone and push you boo back to the website, either works simply.

As with any startup, there are costs in technology, development and infrastructure which Ive asked AudioBoo to explain why they have used Sun Startup Essentials programme to get them through the painful few months of costs but also to look at how we are helping them with introductions to Enterprise's and overall PR and marketing.

Overview of current AudioBoo setup

We’ve got two Sun Fire X2200’s through Sun’s Try and Buy scheme - it’s been really useful to experience the high standard of build and features of the Sun Server hardware before we made any commitment.

Try and Buy has helped due to its no cost upfront, we get to test and work with the systems for two months before we make the decision to buy and invest in these Enterprise class servers, but what was surprising was the aspect of the cost as its through Sun Startup Essentials the pricing is aimed at companies like ourselves to help use best in class hardware at low cost pricing.

ZFS (File System)

This was the obvious choice of file-system and the initial reason for us considering the OpenSolaris platform before we had even considered Sun hardware.
By using ZFS, we know that any data we store on the servers is, for all intents and purposes, “safe” from silent hard disk corruption and even a single drive completely failing. On top of that, we know that any corruption that does occur is reported and in most cases automatically and transparently repaired.

Being safe from run-time corruption and hardware failures is one thing, but we also need to make sure we’re prepared for more serious disasters. We were relieved to find ZFS's flexibility really simplified our backup routines. We’ve integrated instant snapshots of the live file-systems into a series of surprisingly simple scripts, meaning all of our data can be incrementally backed-up at a block-level.

Reading the long feature-set of ZFS I wasn’t looking forward to what I had presumed to be a steep-learning curve to master it’s configuration and day-to-day operation. I was pleasantly surprised when I found the command line tools were straight-forward, well documented, cleanly and consistently presented and - as far as I can tell - designed to prevent you from (easily) doing any harm.

This all takes a huge load off our minds; we’re really confident about the security, performance and flexibility of this next-generation file-system.

xVM and Solaris Zones

We originally wanted to deploy our web applications onto physical linux machines and currently have a deployment geared towards Linux. xVM enables us to virtualize the immensely powerful hardware in a sensible and scalable manner whilst taking advantage of Sun's other technologies, such as ZFS for storage, and maintaining the same linux operating environment for the production code we are used to.

Having got off the ground with xVM, I've been drawn to the idea of switching to Solaris Zones as a virtualisation platform, spurring our efforts to to port our production code and deployment routines to OpenSolaris. This has which has had the surprising benefit of allowing us to take advantage of OpenSolaris components such as the Service Management Framework, simplifying day-to-day management and DTrace, which is able to easily probe and profile the production environment in an entirely new way as well as removing the inherent overhead of xVM which must run multiple kernels in parallel.


We were testing the environment using a pre-release build of the OpenSolaris 0906 platform to take advantage of the new Crossbow network virtualization technologies, part of which creates a single 3Gbps aggregated link between the two boxes using three of their gigabit network adapters. On top of this link we can then create flexible VLANs providing isolated, virtual private networks between the virtual machines running on each physical machine. The low technical and administrative cost of configuring the VLANs means we can carefully isolate groups virtual machines based on their function, limiting the impact of compromise or failure of any individual machine.


In summary, AudioBoo decided on a OpenSolaris platform before trialing the hardware, then due to the advantages in OpenSolaris around Dtrace, Crossbow, etc has meant less cost in overhead of managing the infrastructure thus releasing time and effort to actually do what is required, develop the application and build the business then throw in the FREE TRIAL and low cost acquisiton costs of the hardware has meant increased uptime as well.

This is before we opened discussion around the global PR we can create, the introductions at a high level to companies AudioBoo wished to talk to in order to enable them to speed up discussions, and this took place without AudioBoo even committing to purchase anything.

So AudioBoo we love you, as you see how Sun Startup Essentials can help you grow as a business but also how Sun technology can help reduce you costs dramatically and enable you to focus on your core passion, which is Booing.

Techcrunch article on AudioBoo

Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

Outnow - A Success Story

Outnow Success Story - Sun Startup Essentials

Dr Clonelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud

Do you worry if your site will be able to scale quickly and cost effectively if the number of visitors rapidly increases? Are you looking at ways to minimise spend on capital purchase of hardware? Are you considering using cloud services but concerned about the flexibility, performance, reliability and security of your platform?

Then this free web presentation is for you! Join us for this hour long web seminar to learn about the experiences of Peter Brownell and David O'Dwyer as they successfully deployed The School of Everything social networking service using MySQL on Amazon EC2.

The presentation will cover aspects of the technical challenges of using 3rd party cloud services, the benefits realised once these challenges have been overcome. If you are considering cloud services as a way to manage parts of you web infrastructure then register for this presentation today!


  • Peter Brownell, CIO, School of Everything
  • David O'Dwyer, Lead Consultant, SupportFour


Dr Clonelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the cloud web presentation.


Thursday, July 16, 2009: 14:00 Western European time

Thu, Jul 16:  06:00 Pacific time (America)
Thu, Jul 16:  09:00 Eastern time (America)
Thu, Jul 16:  15:00 Central European time
Thu, Jul 16:  16:00 Eastern European time

The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes long followed by Q&A.


Sign up here NOW


To find out how School of Everything used Amazon EC2 to provide scalable web services.


Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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