Wednesday Feb 10, 2010

Webinar sécurité pour applications Web: conclusion

Merci d'avoir assisté au webinar sur la sécurité  pour les applications Web, et merci pour vos questions. Cette présentation était réservée aux membres du programme Sun Startup Essentials. Comme promis, voici une liste de liens utiles qui viennent compléter les sujets abordés pendant la présentations[Read More]

Monday Jan 25, 2010

Webinar sécurité pour applications Web

Mercredi 10 Février, rejoignez-nous pour un Webinar sur la sécurité des applications Web.[Read More]

Wednesday Jan 13, 2010

The NextWeb - Sun Startup Essentials will be there and sponsoring the startup rally again.

Get ready for the 5th edition of The Next Web Conference! The Next Web brings together the best audience and companies from Europe and the US to discuss the future of the web. Read More

April 27+28+29 / Amsterdam

The Next Web Startup Rally

yunoo StartupsLast year over 250 startups signed up for The Next Web Startup Rally. After multiple jury rounds the 24 finalists we’re selected to present on main stage during The Next Web Conference. This changed the lives of many entrepreneurs. And thanks to last years Startup Rally sponsor Sun it was free of any charge for the Startups.

This year it is the fifth edition of The Next Web Conference, it is a special year for us and we’re reinventing ourselves by raising the bar again. Behind the scenes we’re working on an even bigger and more prestigious Startup Rally then last year.

I hope to see you all there but in the meantime enter The Startup Rally now

Tuesday Dec 22, 2009

Who uses MySQL triggers for Application Refactoring ?

Here's a technical question which we have been asked by a Sun Startup Essentials member:

Panthermedia is currently refactoring the entire application including the database and it's schema. Panthermedia needs some time to do this. Panthermedia decided to do a step by step mgration for all modules. They decided to follow an innovative approach:

  • They created the new database tables in parallel to the existing ones
  • The old tables got update triggers which maintain the correct state in the new tables for every "old" query going to the old tables
  • The new tables got update triggers which maintain the correct state in the old tables. "New" queries use the new tables
  • The application is now getting re factored in a step by step approach. More and more new components use the new tables
  • Panthermedia is currently using MySQL 5.0.68 including master/master replication plus replication for backup purposes.

The current approach works like a charm. The questions is however if other members used this approach before. What are the up- and downsides?

Please let us know and start a discussion through the comment function!

Before I forget!: is an online marketplace for royalty-free photography. Buyers and sellers of royalty-free images meet on one common platform. This platform is divided in a photo community for photographers and a stock agency for art buyers.

The photo community serves as the creative heart of the marketplace. Semi-professional and hobby photographers from all over the world can submit images to our site, communicate and interact with other members of the community, share their knowledge and experiences, and sell their images. The goal is to provide an environment where photographers can develop their artistic potential.

The founders Robert Walters (l.) und Peter Ammel

The editors at select images for our archive. The licenses for using these images for editorial or commercial purposes are offered in the stock agency. The primary target group are small and medium-sized agencies, publishers and companies working with a limited budget. Our team of sales representatives support customers in their search and selection of images. We have created an easy and affordable pricing structure that is significantly below regular prices for professional royalty free images. is an enterprise of PantherMedia GmbH, located in Munich, Germany. The company was founded in October of 2004.

Welcome to PantherMedia - the online marketplace for digital photography

Tuesday Dec 15, 2009

Using Virtualization for Securing MySQL

For those of you using MySQL, I just posted an article on how to secure it using virtualization features from OpenSolaris. The solution described can help in the face of a denial-of-service (DoS) attack.

Wednesday Dec 09, 2009

Tweetminster - New Search Engine - A great #sunstartupessentials customer

Tweetminster, the media utility that connects people to UK politics has recently launched Tweetminster Search– a sentiment engine to measure the pulse of UK politics in real time.

Tweetminster Search is a new way to find, interact with and make sense of information that matters.

The search engine shows users how people feel about the issues of the day - as expressed through the thousands of messages posted to Twitter by politicians, news sources, journalists and the public.  Tweetminster Search works in real time, it shows what people think now, and tracks how their sentiment has changed over time.

Once entered a search term (eg. Iraq Inquiry) or up to three multiple terms (eg. Labour, Conservatives, Lib Dems) – users are provided with:

    \* The number of relevant tweets about the subject over time (frequency)
    \* How these tweets break down into positive, negative and neutral opinions (sentiment)
    \* How many people have been reached through tweets about the topic/s (visibility)
    \* The individuals with the most impact on the subject (influencers)
    \* Plus lots of related information - associated terms and issues, links to relevant URLs and a location breakdown for where the terms are being discussed the most.

Alongside terms, users can also analyse Twitter usernames or a combination of elements. For example one can analyse the correlation between a topic (e.g. Tax cuts) and user (EricPickles).

The search engine also allows users to view and filter the tweets behind the results by party, source, politician, time, and also uses Twitter Lists to display livestreams of tweets by MPs, PPCs and journalists, bloggers, news sources and key influencers.

Tweetminster Search is designed to only analyse relevant content which is what makes Tweetminster Search different.  The technology defines relevance by determining the originality (for example a tweet may generate many RTs, Tweetminster includes the original tweet in its analysis), influence and reach of a tweet - so it doesn’t try to analyse all of Twitter, but only the content it determines that matters.

Tweetminster Search is currently in beta. Alongside tuning its performance, we will be adding new features, including more granular control of the data, additional data and content sources and more advanced filters, plus will soon release an API to allow anyone to access, use and manipulate the raw data.

On Twitter: @AlbertoNardelli

Tweetminster is a Sun Startup Essential customer and is hosted at everycity on Sun hardware and the Solaris OS, to enable it to scale and give real time speed.

Tuesday Dec 08, 2009

Tech Webinar: Security for Web Application

Wednesday January 27th, Join the Sun Startup Essentials Webinar on  Security for Web Applications.[Read More]

Did you know ?

Saturday Nov 28, 2009

Webinar securite MySQL et application Web

Webinar en janvier sur la sécurité pour les applications Web et pour MyQL[Read More]

Webinar Security for MySQL and Web Application

We are planning on a Webinar in January about security for Web applications[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 25, 2009

Startup Bonanza - Roll up and get Enterprise class servers now.....

X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5450 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x SAS Drives/2 x PSU                          


X4150 with 2 x Quad Core E5345 CPU & 4GB RAM/4 x HD SAS Drives/2 x PSU                  

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X2200M2: 2x2218 Opteron Dual Core CPUS /8G RAM                        

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Monday Nov 23, 2009

MySQL Cluster Persistent to Disk

I am late following up on a question we got during the Webinar last Wednesday on High Availability for Web appplications. The question was about whether MySQL Cluster is using disks for persistency[Read More]

Roll up, Roll up Servers from £260 - MySQL, Virtualization, Windows, Linux and Solaris - 1RU and all for £1050 - Startups we love you

X4150 Server for Startups - Roll up, Roll up now - Clearance Remanufactured stock for you at silly prices.

[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 18, 2009

Formation Optimisation MySQL

Désolé, il ne reste plus de place pour cette matinée du 24 novembre dédiée à l'optimisation des performances MySQL.[Read More]

Monday Nov 16, 2009

MySQL scalability: diagnostic for the beginners

I've been working with 2 startups to understand how their infrastructure behaves today and what could prevent them to scale with MySQL, which led me to show how to run a quick diagnostic on an existing system and to restate some key fundamentals in terms of scalability.[Read More]

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