Wednesday Jan 20, 2010

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs pt4

"Yet another way the Sun Startup Essentials program can help our startups (and the economy) is to provide current opportunities to our large readership & member-base. We are not trying to be recruitment agents, nor will we get involved in any part of that process, but we have a great platform to assist startups. "

Following on from the last three startup job postings here are some more hot off the press!

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Monday Nov 30, 2009

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs pt3

Following on from the last two startup job postings here are some more hot off the press!

  • Rummble is hiring Javascript/CSS/XHTML engineers and developers Click
  • Rummble is also looking for Java experts Click
  • Simon May is looking for website designers/coders to partner in his new startup (contact me @scoobeesnac )
  • Wishpot UK is looking for a community manager Click
  • Abiquo is also hiring for a variety of roles Click

Tuesday Nov 10, 2009

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs (no,not Steve)

In this economic environment larger companies are cutting back to become lean and agile, but startups are looking for investment and to grow.  Yet another way the Sun Startup Essentials program can help our startups (and the economy) is to provide current opportunities to our large readership & member-base.

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Monday Oct 05, 2009

Startup Events Calendar is also mobile!

As additional service to the startup community we decided a while ago to share the details of conference events & meetups that we were aware-of, and thought valuable.  We did this by adding a widget on our blog, you can see the calendar on the right side.

Our worldwide team collaborates to enter the information into a public Google calendar that you can access either through a web browser or using GoogleSync to go mobile.  If you have a Nokia S60 platform, Blackberry, Win or iPhone you can get synchronised with the Sun Startup Essentials calendars and see upcoming events live on your mobile device's calendar.

Get started in subscribing to the calendar by clicking the "+ Google Calendar" button at the bottom of the widget then take a look at

Tuesday Aug 25, 2009

UK: Campus Open Day for Startups!

Sun Startup Essentials  - Campus Open Day

We invite you to join us at our UK headquarters on the 3rd of September as we open our doors for an insight into Sun's operations, the staff, as well as see the environment including our exciting technologies and eco-datacentre (with some refreshments & networking time thrown in of course ;-) )

Set in the Surrey/Hampshire border, a short distance from London and off the M3 motorway, the award winning campus consists of three buildings, "SPARC house", "Solaris House", & "Java House", interconnected by glass passages.  Many of the European-level activities are conducted on site, and it is home to many, if not all the organizations that make up Sun, including the services, sales, and software teams.  Onsite facilities include a restaurant, gym, a shop, massage/therapy rooms, hairdressers, coffee shops, and much, much more!

The agenda kicks off at 12.30pm:

- Arrive for a Welcome Briefing
- Lunch (courtesy of Sun Startup Essentials)
- Tour of the campus
- Tour of the datacentre (restricted numbers)
- Drinks reception

We hope you can join us!

Contact: or Twitter @scoobeesnac if you are interested and we will send you further information.


The campus is located here: Google Map There is a direct train to London and a free shuttle service to/from the station.

Startup Essentials is a free program that offers services, support and many opportunities to drive your business forward, and is open to individuals or companies that are less than 150 people, and less than 6 years in operation.  see

Monday Jun 22, 2009

Reminder:Webinar for startups on Project Darkstar - THE OpenSource multiplayer server software

Free Darkstar Webinar on Wednesday, June 24th, 8:00am PDT / 4:00pm GMT.

Reserve your seat here:Project Darkstar

P.S. Cannot make the live event? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay after the event.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

London Wed 17th June;JavaEE 6+Glassfish v3 sneak peak AND OpenSolaris PARTY!

Java EE 6 Sneak Peek with GlassFish V3

... followed by the OpenSolaris 2009.06 Launch party in the evening ...

OpenSolaris User Group

Tuesday May 26, 2009

VirtualBox: Running other OSes & sharing files

As you may know the free VirtualBox software allows you to run almost any operating system as an 'application' on your current operating environment.

I recently installed VirtualBox on Windows 7 RC and wanted to share files between OpenSolaris running in VirtualBox. Searching Google revealed that the share files facility for OpenSolaris as a guest is a newly supported, and I could not find a quick or easy solution through the SMB or "Places->Connect to a server" route.

Here is how I achieved it:

> Share your files in Windows by right clicking and follow the UI (I shared "My Documents" as "Documents";)
> Select the VirtualBox menu "Devices->Shared Folders"
> The folder path should be formatted as
> The folder name I used
> Then in a terminal type: (I created the /export/home/me/Docs directory first)
pfexec mount -F vboxfs Documents /export/home/me/Docs
>  The folder should now appear on your OpenSolaris desktop and in the filesystem views

Enjoy :-)

Thursday Apr 30, 2009

MySQL Conference videos & slides now available!

The 7th annual MySQL Conference & Expo, co-presented by Sun Microsystems, MySQL and O'Reilly Media, April 20-23, 2009 in Santa Clara, CA, at the Santa Clara Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Santa Clara, brought over 2,000 open source and database enthusiasts together to harness the power of MySQL and celebrate the huge MySQL ecosystem.

The largest gathering of MySQL developers, users, and DBAs worldwide, the event reflects MySQL's wide-ranging appeal and capabilities.  Through expert instruction, hands-on tutorials, and readily available MySQL developers, users at all levels gain the knowledge they need to rapidly build solid applications with MySQL that scale with the enterprise.

You may find videos and speaker slides here:

Tuesday Feb 24, 2009

New tax video guides for UK startups

Presented by Dan Snow, HM Revenue & Customs are providing new video guides dealing with starting up your own business and also the diary of three people as they do exactly that.

Check out: 


Monday Feb 02, 2009

Finland: Surfing, social & Sun - breakfast with the CTO

Come join us for breakfast at the Klaus K Ahjo club in Helsinki on Thursday, 5th February, as part of ArcticStartup.

“five out of the five fastest growing social networking sites are running on Sun technology.” A bold claim to which the breakfast seminar is going to shed some light on and elaborate on the possibilities and customized solutions that Sun offers for companies that work around the area.

Hope you can join us!  Please find more information here  


Wednesday Jan 28, 2009

UPDATED: Try for free!

You shouldn't miss this one!

For a while Sun has been offering it's innovative systems to try at no cost, putting faith in the fact that people would understand and realise the benefits of the systems and would want to keep them.

The fabulous news for everyone is that it is working.  The cooler, faster and more economical systems are just what the global economic crisis demands.

To that end - we are happy to announce that the ground-breaking "Unified Storage Systems" are now available to try for free!  Providing fast SSD, HDD and DRAM hybrid access, with real-time observability, leveraging core Sun innovations, provides unique values that you just can't ignore.


If you would like to play with the technology immediately take a look at the simulator HERE 

As you may know the StartUp Essentials pricing is beyond jaw-dropping, so what are you waiting for?  Go try them for free - you can't loose! 

Here is the process:
Select the system you want,  Request online, Try, then return or buy 

Click HERE to satisfy your curiosity :-)

Sunday Jan 25, 2009

CloudCamp London #3

London CloudCamp #3 Logo

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009 from 6:45 PM - 10:00 PM (GMT)
Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster

It can also be found in the calendar in the sidebar :-) feel free to subscribe!


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