Tuesday Oct 21, 2008

Mashup Events - Startup Essentials Member offer

So you want to demo, you want to network, you want to listen to intellectual debates, but all of this takes time to build the right places to go and people to meet, so what if you could get all of this in various focused events, with a range of Entrepreneurs, Executives and like minded indivdiuals attending ?

Well now you can, thanks to Mashup Event who are offering out a yearly membership to their events and demos over the coming year, but not only that as I work closely with them, are willing to offer Startup Essential Members a 25% discount off the standard rate.

So you want to know more, then go here for more information now.

If you want more details on the costs and what you are entitled to for this membership, then go here now

In its simplest form, you get access to a vast range of diverse people to demo to, attend events with, build your network/relationships, partner with new people and this means SUCCESS.

Here is a brief overview of the packages and benefits

1. Full Demo - at any event includes: pitch to audience,profile on our website (members currently - 2500 ) , stand at event. This option is £200

2. Showcase membership - become an annual showcase member and receive more for your money this includes: opportunities to demo at any 4 mashup\* Events(a) during the year Also 2 x individual annual memberships for you and colleagues to attend any event. This is £500 to non SSE members, thus to members it is £375 for the year.

3. Mini Demo - For those really bootstrapped startups we offer a one-off watered down version of our full demo opportunity - POA

 So you can see the Showcase membership offers real value for money, and gives you access to a wide diverse network of people from Startups, Entrepreneurs, Investors to Enterprise decision makers.

Forthcoming Events:

6th Nov - mashup\* Demo

11th Nov - mashup\* Event - Digital Growth 2009

So how do you get this discount ?

\*Email me your Sun Startup Essentials Member ID and Details to Stewart.Townsend(at)sun.com

\*I will then send these to Mashup Events, who will contact you with your SSE discounted price and discuss with you the pricing options

\*They will contact you and organise your membership and payment directly, then take advantage of the events, networking and demos....

So already some of the Startup Essential members have used this to make a saving, do the same now.

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

The Man in the shirt he says Yes...Mashup Networking Events

mashup\* event - 23rd October - Networking & Demos - BT Center (St Pauls), London

Do you want to network with  a number of top business leaders ? Discuss the  future of our digital industry in challenging times and the significant opportunities available for digital executives, entrepreneurs and investors with the right strategy. Mashup Networking is the event for you then, there is no fee for this event, unlike regular events and is a great opportunity to sample the mixture of audience and discussion participation.

mashup\* started 30 months ago and now with over 2500 members and 34 events under there belt, its now an appropriate time to give something back and ask for your input to help us make mashup\* more useful for you; during what is expected to be a challenging new landscape.

This special mashup\* event will provide an extended time for you to meet other members and enjoy an evening of thought provoking talks & demos. During this time Tony, Simon and the mashup\* team would also appreciate the opportunity to get feedback from you as to your ideas on how we can improve mashup\* for you and your colleagues. 

So sign up now and get a place to be at the hippest networking event this year, but also do if you enjoy this, when check out as well the other events that mashup hold regularly.

Would you like to know more about attending these and becoming a member, then find out more about the personal packages and the showcase packages.

Do you want to join ? Do you want 25% off the membership fee ? Sign up for Startup Essentials and use ref code MASHUP and then email me stewart.townsend(at)sun.com for your personal discount code now.


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