Monday Sep 15, 2008

Manchesters Digital Divide opened up.

A great view on Manchesters Digital Divide, showing the power of communities that help support each other and bring like minded people together, showing that a community is an enabler to push business and technology with a broad diverse range of skillsets. Obviously Im biased as Im from Manchester and when I get time, meetup and partake at some of the events looking to help support the North West, but I love the aspect that this shows the power of the community so well, and thus how we can all help and support each other.

Thursday May 22, 2008

|If you didnt Know

Manchester United are the champions of Europe


Depending on where you are in the world, you may not know this but Manchester United are now the champions of Europe, beating Chelsea on penalties last night in Moscow. Even if you do not like football, this was just an awesome game that had people on their seats for hours !!!!


So being a Manchester United fan, Im escatic but also hats off to Chelsea they played a fantastic game and just both teams made last night so special.



Friday Oct 26, 2007

Manchester Mashup

So the first Mashup Manchester happened on 18th October 2007.


We had a good turn out, 30-40 people in the building to hear some fantastic speakers and quality material being delivered, around what does Web 2.0 really mean ? 

Simon Grice talked about the convergence of media, something I truly believe has to happen soon, the necessity to be able to access Tv, films, music, when and where we want to, not be bound by location or time, and how the times are moving quickly to enable this to happen.

David Terrar, spoke around what web 2.0 means in the Enterprise, how Pfeizer are using it as a new medium, and how the BBC have embraced it whole heartedly, and interesting enough the activies SAP have around their development partner programme, some insightful discussions.

Lee Strafford, gave a lively talk on, the ups and downs, and now Project Sahara, one of the exciting projects to be kicked off this year, watch this space, for a seperate piece if you havent heard of Sahara.

Manoj Ranaweera, was the host and brought all of this together as usual, and talked a little on edocr, his new business, and also check out his blog for more on the space, and E Invoicing, Manoj is a specialist in this area.

Netvibes and Meecard

Also presented on the evening, around their offerings.

 All in all a really good night, networking went on till past 11, o clock, most of the food and beer consumed, and it seems overall a very well received event, and thus we are doing another, on December 6th.....For some highlights see below.

Monday Jul 23, 2007

Open Coffee

Tomorrow Im attending the North West Open Coffee session, this is a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in the Manchester area of England, at present, it is gaining more traction, and is actually part of a rolling Open Coffee for the North that encompasses four cities.

I always find these interesting, and so many diverse ideas, that my brain hurts from trying to think, how do people think these ideas up, execute them and move forward. The other aspect of this is, a chance for me to talk about Sun, what we are doing with Start Ups, and how we arent just as we are perceived a vast company that sells high end systems, the T1 based systems are just so good for some of these companies, they just dont know it.

So a travel week as well this week, off to London for various meetings internal and external, forwarding discussions with some orgsanisations, and I always feel I have achieved something at the end of it, as Im mainly enlightening people about what Sun can offer, Open Solaris, Open Sparc, Ten Moves Ahead, our Sun Partner Advantage Programme, so many things to discuss and focus on.




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