Monday Dec 14, 2009

Cmypitch Live - Sun Startup Essentials Sponsored Event

London and Dublin last week. 70-plus investors, 14 companies pitching, €2.72m sought in Ireland. £2.5m sought in London. cmypitch Live bore witness to some excellent early stage businesses seeking finance.

From an expanding salad bar chain to an invention to reduce heating bills. And from eco-friendly scooters to an ambitious digital publishing proposition. There were some strong contenders for the hearts, minds, wallets and purses of the investors in the room.

There was also the small matter of dealing with the inquisition from our esteemed investor panels, tasked with coaxing out the key details and selecting their 'most investible' businesses on the nights. Each company had three minutes to make their case, followed by three minutes of questioning from what we'll call the 'Dragons' for simplicity's sake, and finally three minutes of open questions from the floor.

Hosting a One day investor ready course on the Friday followed by the investor pitching on the Monday works out brilliant for all the entrants and attendees, with the Sun Startup Essentials HQ full on both days with investors such as PROfounders Capital's Sean Seton-Rogers, Banner Corp chairman and angel investor Rod Banner, Octopus Ventures' Alliot Cole, founder and head of a £50m Rothschild family-backed fund Tim Levene, and ex-head of Associated Northcliffe Digital Andy Hart, who recently created £10m intellectual property-focused fund Kratos IP and Entrepreneurs from such companies as Bravenewtalent and icreateshoes, some great minds and money in one building.

It is a real credit to cmypitch how are educating entrepreneurs in becoming investor ready, thus they are then ready to pitch professionally and in a manner that suits the investment community, and they can really drill down into the companies and make a quick decision as by being educated the startups give the investor all the information required in a concise and focused manner. If you haven't been to a cmypitch event, you must attend the investor ready one day course, and sign up quickly for the next one as we had to increase the space required for the last one !!!!

This is the type of activity the Sun Startup Essentials EMEA team helps support, promote and attend in order to keep the UK startup scene moving, thriving and funded, so if you want to know more about what happened on the day and who won, then go to the STORY HERE

 If you want to attend or be part of this next year, then sign up to SSE at NOW

Tuesday Nov 03, 2009

I so can't wait for this - Join us at #140conf London - 17 Nov at O2 Indigo

Do you want to know where I will be on November 17th, Im going to be at the O2 Indigo, not hanging out trying to get signatures of the latest bands but at the #140conf London event, more details below but with Stephen Fry on the bill its going to be a fantastic day and if you want to attend as a Sun Startup Essential member you get 40% discount. Yep 40%....

The 140 Characters Conference: London will be taking place on 17 November at the O2 Indigo.

The schedule for #140conf: London offers 50+ speakers in 27 fast sessions during the course of just one day.

At the #140conf events, we look at twitter as a platform and as a language we speak. In London we will be exploring the effects of the real-time Internet on Business. Overall we will be exploring the systemic effects the worldwide adoption twitter is having on business.

Some of the topics we will cover at #140conf London include: Racism as a Resource; Sky News: Twitter, Reputation and #iranelection; twitter and Brands, twitter and Education, twitter and Media, twitter and Small Business, twitter and Sports, twitter and The Police, twitter and TV, twitter and Music.

Please review the videos from the NYC event to get a feel of the pace of the event and the content shared

It is our intention to provide a platform for as many people as possible to share their thoughts and engage in conversation with the attending delegates. You will find individual talks set to: 10 minutes; “Featured talks” 15 and 20 minutes and the various panel discussions are set for 15 and 20 minutes.

Speakers include special guest Stephen Fry (@stephenfry) together with:

Alex Bellinger (@alexbellinger) - Journalist; Founder, SmallBizPod
Andrew Davis (@andrew_davis)
Andrew Keen (@ajkeen) - Author, Cult of The Amateur: How the Internet is Killing our Culture
Babs Rangaiah (@babs26) - Vice President, Global Comms Planning, Unilever
Becky McCray (@BeckyMcCray) - Founder, Small Biz Survival
Boyd Hilton (@boydhilton) - TV Editor for Heat Magazine
Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) - President, New Marketing Labs
Ciaran Norris (@ciaranj) - Director Invention/SocialMedia8
David White (@daveowhite) - Chair
Dean Landsman (@DeanLand)
Digital Maverick (@digitalmaverick) - Learning technologist, Moodle evangelist
Ebony Rhiney-James (@EbonyRJ) - Digital Marketing Manager at Warner Music Group
Federico Grosso (@federicogrosso)
Gerd Leonhard (@gleonhard) - Media Futurist, Author, Blogger
Heather Gorringe (@wiggled) - Founder, Wiggly Wigglers
James Poulter (@jamespoulter) - Digital Strategist for Ogilvy PR
Jeff Pulver (@jeffpulver), twitter investor, creator of #140conf
Jeffrey Hayzlett (@JeffreyHayzlett) - CMO, Kodak
Jonathan Almond (@jonalmond)
Josie Fraser (@josiefraser) - Social & Educational Technologist
Kathleen Hessert (@kathleenhessert) - CEO, Sports Media Challenge
Kyra Gaunt, Ph.D. (@kyraocity) - Associate Professor of Music and Anthropology, Baruch College-CUNY, writer, blogger
Lauri Stevens (@lawscomm)
Manny Norte (@mannynorte) - Kiss FM
Marsha Collier (@MarshaCollier) - Author, Ebay for Dummies; Radio Host
Maz Nadjm (@Mazi) - Responsible for social networking at Sky Television,
Nick Halstead (@nickhalstead) - CEO, TweetMeme
Nick Keane (@nickkeane)
Pamela O'Hara (@pmohara) - Co-founder, Batch Blue
Peter Gregson (@petergregson) - Cellist and Co-founder of the Production Company Coffeeloop
Ray Paul (@raypaulbbc) - Executive Producer for Weekend Programs at BBC Radio 1
Roberto Bonanzinga (@Bonanzinga) - Balderton Capital
Saul Klein (@cape) - Index Ventures
Sean Seton-Rogers (@setonrog) - PROfounders Capital
Sherry J. Bitting (@SJBRules) - Co-founder and Marketing Director, Parlour Magazine
Shirley Williams (@shirleyearley)
Stephen Fry (@stephenfry)
Steve Saul (@stephensaul) - Social media/blogger for Simon Cowell's X-Factor
Sue Black (@Dr_Black)
Tal Givoly (@givoly) - Chief Scientist, Amdocs
Tim Bradshaw (@tim) - Digital media correspondent, Financial Times
Vikki Chowney (@vikkichowney) - Editor of Reputation Online, Centau Media

The take aways from this event will provide the attending delegates knowledge, perspectives and insights to the next wave of effects twitter and the real-tme internet will have on business.

As Sun Startup Essentials is a friend of Jeffs we have a lovely discount for you, save 40% on a Delegate Ticket up until 15 November or until tickets last. 

Click here to register:

Get the tickets quickly as this will be a sell out shortly.

Monday Jun 15, 2009

London Wed 17th June;JavaEE 6+Glassfish v3 sneak peak AND OpenSolaris PARTY!

Java EE 6 Sneak Peek with GlassFish V3

... followed by the OpenSolaris 2009.06 Launch party in the evening ...

OpenSolaris User Group

Wednesday Feb 25, 2009

UK PHP Event - you want a discounted ticket ?

So the biggest PHP conference is happening this week in London, with 500 attendess and some great speakers lined up, you would be mad to miss it.....

So if you want to know more details, its on Friday this week, in London, go HERE to get details on the speakers and venue.

Through our partnership with the organisers, Sun Startup Essentials and MySQL have negotiated a ticket discount for members, if you would like a ticket for the event, at a reduced rate then sign up HERE now, this is a time limited offer and we hope to see you there.

Sunday Jan 25, 2009

CloudCamp London #3

London CloudCamp #3 Logo

Date: Thursday, March 12, 2009 from 6:45 PM - 10:00 PM (GMT)
Location: Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, Westminster

It can also be found in the calendar in the sidebar :-) feel free to subscribe!


Tuesday Jan 06, 2009

Bar Camp Bank London

"It's been a wild six months since the first London Bar Camp B ank - the collapse of Lehman brothers, sterling falling off a cliff along with the stock markets and even the man in the street talks about the credit crunch now - so we thought it was time for London's second Bar Camp Bank.

We will bring together technologists and industry insiders for a day of networking and discussion of the impact of emerging technologies on the financial space.

So if you are an innovator, a disruptor or a professional of the banking and finance industry, if you are excited by or just curious about all the innovations that the new technologies could bring to the banking and finance world or if you want to present a project, confront your ideas or just echo lively debates with your own experience then you should definitely consider joining us atBarCampBankLondon2

More info and the wiki for the event can be found at

We look forward to seeing you there."

Tuesday Dec 02, 2008

Free London Party: OpenSolaris User Group

Don't you just love December!?  It's the festive period and we love to party :-)

On Wednesday 17th we are providing another free evening of festive fare food & drink, some great company, oh and an opportunity to hear about some great new releases and innovations.

In the afternoon, we'll be running a drop-in session from about 3pm onwards where people can come along and talk to engineers and experts they wouldn't usually have access to plus we'll also have some really cool demos including, 'Dark Knight' Cluster demo, a 3D Java demo, SunSPOTs demo among others, & an InstallFest area which will cover VirtualBox, OpenSolaris 2008.11, NetBeans etc. Plus, if we get enough volunteers from the community, lightning talks going (where for 5-10 minutes, people share the cool stuff they're been working on or their experiences with OpenSolaris).

The evening session (6pm-9pm) will be 4 x 15 minute presentations run back-to-back, with 30 minutes for Q&A to the presenters immediately afterwards in the main presentation room:

   \* xVM
   \* ZFS Crypto
   \* dTrace
   \* Amber Road Teaser

Experts from the above technologies and others (networking, cluster, security, storage etc.) will be on hand throughout.

If you are interested in attending the afternoon drop-in session, please email with the subject '17/12 LOSUG Drop-in Interest'. If you have any specific areas or questions you would like addressed, please let us know so we can make sure the relevant experts are available.

Alternatively, register online at for the evening session.

Feel free to attend both though please note that registration for the evening session is required.

When: Wednesday 17th December, 2008
Time: Afternoon Session 3pm onwards, Evening Session 6pm-9pm
Location: Sun Microsystems CBC, London Bridge, London
URLs: &

Wednesday Nov 26, 2008 - Startup roundup - Like John cravens newsround but better

So Startup Essentials is about supporting the community and offering out information, events and updates to that community. So you will be pleased to know we are the main sponsor for the new round up of the startup scene, mainly in London at present but branching out to other locations.

So are you a startup ? Based in the UK ? Want to get yourself noticed and interviewed doing the Escalator pitch ?

Make sure you sign up to Startup Essentials and drop me a line about what your company does and Ill put you forward to the panel, to get a slot on the show.

So this weeks show, is a round up of the news, including Microsofts Startup Programme, the BBC Box competition and hear from the founder of Mind Candy and Firebox, answering questions from the startup scene, want to ask the Entrepreneurs a question, send it in.

Friday Nov 21, 2008

Storage so simple they named it twice

Last week, we introduced a new line of Unified Storage appliances, the Sun Storage 7000 family (Amber Road). Members of Startup Essentials can buy these systems right now at up to 70% off list

These new systems simplify storage administration while dramatically improving diagnostics and troubleshooting.

A few highlights:

    \* Installation and configuration in under 5 minutes
    \* Dtrace-based analytics to diagnose, troubleshoot, and resolve problems before they impact your business (and before your users complain!)
    \* ¼ the power of competing systems (more than 60% lower annual operating costs for power, space, and cooling)
    \* 75% cost/performance boost over competing systems

For Startup Essentials members, that last bullet is misleading – since it doesn't factor in your discount. I can't do the numbers, but let's just say your cost/performance boost is w-a-a-y bigger.

And if that isn't enough to get you interested, my friends in engineering gave me these cost comparison details (they're also available to talk techy with you about these systems – just let me know and I'll set it up):

    "At the mid range 7210 we provide a RAM backed (64 GB) SSD backed (18GB) storage of 22.5 TB with 2 Quad core processors for an astonishing 90c/GB. You can access this storage via, NFS, CIFS, FTP, iSCSI, HTTP/WebDav at no extra cost.

Also if a startup is using Amazon S3, consider this:

If they have 20TB of storage then the initial cost of just putting in 20TB into Amazon for a month will cost them $5300. If they have a usage pattern of 2TB in and 2TB out that will cost them $3600 a month. So the 7210 will pay for itself in 5 month."

Thats a compelling discussion point if any...want to get the discounts now, want to know why startups bought these on the day of release ?

Talk to me now to solve your storage problems, data is just data, dont get stressed over it, but understand how to make your life simpler.

Friday Oct 24, 2008

What does the MySQL community look like?

My hat goes off to the MySQL team for a great event yesterday in London on the "MySQL Customer Conference 2008" tour.  Following on from Munich, Germany, the team, along with sponsors and customers such as BetFair's TradeFair (who moved to MySQL from the big 'O') - presented to a packed audience of over 300.

Topics included:

  • Overview of Sun & MySQL marriage (match made in heaven :-) )
  • MySQL exciting upcoming features
  • Performance, scaling, and virtualisation
  • HA & Backup strategics
Here are just a few take-aways that you should know about....
The cost of an Enterprise support license (huge discount also available for SSE members by the way) is the same price as the big 'O''s single CPU price!
Scaling MySQL on CMT (Chip Multi-Threading) saves you big money, reduces carbon output greatly and requires less electricity & cooling.
Data-Warehousing with MySQL is amazing, latencies and performance is market leading
Solaris (especially with ZFS) & MySQL is an amazing match - people still don't know about 'Why Solaris' :-(
Sun not only offers Memcached support but also contributes to the codebase!

There was also a drinks reception at the end of the day.  Unfortunately I did not make it to the MySQL meetup or the MashUp event following the conference.  London Underground's central line closed due to a "body on the line" :-(

Monday Jul 23, 2007

Open Coffee

Tomorrow Im attending the North West Open Coffee session, this is a monthly meeting of Entrepreneurs and Start Ups in the Manchester area of England, at present, it is gaining more traction, and is actually part of a rolling Open Coffee for the North that encompasses four cities.

I always find these interesting, and so many diverse ideas, that my brain hurts from trying to think, how do people think these ideas up, execute them and move forward. The other aspect of this is, a chance for me to talk about Sun, what we are doing with Start Ups, and how we arent just as we are perceived a vast company that sells high end systems, the T1 based systems are just so good for some of these companies, they just dont know it.

So a travel week as well this week, off to London for various meetings internal and external, forwarding discussions with some orgsanisations, and I always feel I have achieved something at the end of it, as Im mainly enlightening people about what Sun can offer, Open Solaris, Open Sparc, Ten Moves Ahead, our Sun Partner Advantage Programme, so many things to discuss and focus on.




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