Monday Dec 14, 2009

LeWeb Picks Most Promising Startups in Europe

Each year, the LeWeb startup contest brings together the best of Europe's startup community to decide which will be named the crème de la crème.

The competition, which was co-organized by TechCrunch Europe, took place in Paris this week, boasting some 135 entries to vie for the LeWeb gold. The sixteen finalists, each of which took part in a Q&A session and a Demopod presentation, included the Shutl e-commerce platform, to-do manager, friendbinder social networking service, and Mendeley research management suite.

Co-host Mike Butcher wrote on TechCrunch Europe that "it was nice to fit in startups that were broadly related to the realtime theme. It was great also to see the Le Web startup event veer back to its roots as a venue for very early stage, rough and ready startups, as well as a launch-pad for more fully-formed plays that have literally launched for the first time at this event." The site live-blogged the event, and provided profiles of each of the finalists.

Of the three winners, two are social networking-related startups - a reminder, perhaps, of the importance of the medium - while the third provides management options for the cloud computing market. That entry, the Dublin-based CloudSplit, took bronze in the competition with its CloudSplit Cost Counter, which promises analytics of a company's cloud computing resources in real-time along with spending alerts and even automated cut-offs to keep costs under control. The service, which is currently seeking $2 million in venture capital, just entered private beta.

The silver prize went to Tigerlily, a Facebook management application for "media groups, large brands and their agencies and marketers." The service, which offers both free and paid versions, allows users to manage their Facebook pages, run sweepstakes, import content from other social media sites, and interact with other users. The paid version provides additional branding options as well as statistics, specialty widgets, professional support services. Despite having launched just days before the competition, Tigerlily claims some 500 users already, though it is only available in the French market at the present time. The Paris-based company has plans to expand into other European markets in the coming months.

Gold-winner Stribe offers a different form of social networking tool: private-label networks themselves. As Butcher described it, "site administrators can copy and paste a bit of javascript, and hey presto, they have a customizable, freely branded social network for their sites." Separating it from some of its competitors is the ability for cross-community interaction, leaving users free to participate in multiple Stribe-based networks. Like Tigerlily, Stribe offers free and paid versions - it will also be providing the obligatory developer application programming interface. Stribe, which launched in September with $600,000 in funding, is in open beta, and maintains offices in Paris and Silicon Valley.

Monday Jan 19, 2009

Giving away eco-friendly, credit-crunch-busting servers!

Probably the number one question I get asked when out and about representing the StartUp Essentials program is, "Would Sun give me a free server?"

Whether this is said 'tongue-in-cheek' or not, I'm happy to say that it does blogged by Jonathan Schwartz.

In December 2008 Seedcamp along with Sun Microsystems and Orange hosted a competition for startups at LeWeb Paris.  30 startups from around the world were shortlisted and given 7 minutes each to present their solution and company plan, and then judged on various criteria.

LeWeb StartUp competition winners

[Image by Nikan_gr ]

Congratualations to the winners, 

1- Viewdle 

2- Webnode 

3- Zoover 

who each receive one of Sun's technologically advanced severs, as well as having time on the main-stage to showcase their offering. The announcement can be found here.

It's exciting to support and follow the success of the startups in the StartUp Essentials program, which is free and without commitment.

You may also have noticed we added subscription options on the blog, register your interest, stay tuned, and come chat with us at the startup events, we have more to offer and give away!  

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

Le Web a la discounte

So Le Web is nearly upon us and for those of you who didnt know Startup Essentials is sponsoring the Startup Competition and giving away three servers for the winners. (round of applause and clapping)

What is Le Web ?

LeWeb'08 is the #1 Web conference in Europe with more than 1000 participants from 25 Countries on Dec 9-10th in Paris 2008. Our theme this year, LOVE! 30 Startups will also present in the startup competition room and there will be plenty of networking space, likely with a few beds, like last year...

Would you like to go ?

We have a discount on the tickets to attend - 20 % off the price.

How do I get this discount ?

Simple from the UK ? Join Startup Essentials and quote leweb in the promo code, you will then be sent your one off discount code to get 20% and save 300 euros.

Not from the UK ? Go to Startup Essentials, see if your country is listed and then join, same promo code leweb.


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