Monday Jan 18, 2010

La Startup du jour : Big5media

Bonjour Karim , peux-tu te présenter en quelques mots ?

Bonjour, je m'appelle Karim Zeroual. J’ai fondé Big5media en 2008, après avoir passé 12 ans chez Orange. J’ai occupé des postes marketing, vente et service client. J’ai aussi travaillé à de nombreux lancements d’offres, et à des projets internationaux. Toutes ces expériences dans le monde des télécoms et au contact des clients m’ont donné une vision terrain, utilisateur final. C’est sur ces bases que j’ai fondé Big5media. Les principes en sont simples : construire des offres multimédia utiles et pratiques, et placer l’utilisateur au centre des préoccupations.

Big5Media, c'est quoi ?

Un éditeur d’applications mobiles utiles et pratiques : les mobiciels®. Nous travaillons aussi bien sur Androïd, Iphone, que sur J2ME (Blackberry compris).

Nous avons une clientèle BtoB à laquelle nous offrons une gamme de prestations qui débute par du conseil en stratégie mobile, puis nous assurons la conception et le développement des applications, et, in fine, nous gérons la distribution, le suivi, et la mise à jour des applications.

Par ailleurs, en BtoC, nous développons notre propre catalogue d’applications pour le grand public. Les thèmes que nous retenons sont la santé, l’éducation, et la vie quotidienne.

Où en êtes-vous de votre développement aujourd'hui ?

Nous avons beaucoup investi en 2009, et sommes 5 personnes aujourd’hui.  Le développement de notre catalogue avance bien. Nous bouclerons en février « Mobi’life 2010 », un concours étudiant de développement d’applications mobiles. Les lauréats se verront proposer un contrat de distribution sur la France, puis l’Europe. Par ailleurs, Big5media a reçu le Prix Coup de Cœur du Concours Talents 2009.

Pourquoi avoir adhéré au programme Sun Startup Essentials ?

Je crois qu’il est essentiel de rester ouvert aux contacts, de fonctionner en réseau. De plus, nous sommes promoteur du J2ME et des technologies Java. Ce programme à aussi beaucoup d’avantages très concrets.

C'est quoi les prochaines étapes pour vous ?

Le 3GSM World, à Barcelone en févier 2010. Nous serons exposants, c’est une belle opportunité. De plus, nous allons conclure la première édition de Mobi’life 2010, le concours de développement d’applications mobile dont SUN est partenaire. Nous avons aussi quelques produits en développement, mais pour l’instant nous ne communiquons pas sur la R&D.

Merci Karim, et bon courage pour la suite !

Si vous voulez en savoir plus sur Big5media, vous pouvez envoyer un email à

Friday Dec 04, 2009

Rummble - Another Great Sun Startup Essentials Customer

About Rummble

Rummble makes it as easy to find people and places nearby you’ll love. As a location based social search and discovery tool, Rummbles enables users to find personalised recommendations for a location very quickly. Instead of a traditional search, Rummble uses an algorithm that creates a personal ‘trust network’ for each user by calculating who they trust for different types of content. Rummble is built by a small but passionate team based in London, England. The award winning start-up was started by Founder and serial entrepreneur Andrew J Scott and CTO Clive Cox.

So whats the news then ?

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Friday Aug 28, 2009

Venture Capitalists Investing in iPhone Focused Startups Report

White Paper

Startups whose business and business model are predicated on the iPhone have quickly garnered over $100M of investment. What types of companies are getting funded and what does this mean for the future?

This report takes a deeper look at these investments with a focus on what startups are receiving money, which investors are supplying funds, the amounts of these investments, as well as other interesting trends/statistics that may have implications for the future in this space and/or be helpful to investors or app developers hoping to understand what has gone on to-date.

This report if brought to you by ChubbyBrain and Sun Startup Essentials.


Thursday Jan 29, 2009

Develop an iphone app with no code experience - 11th February London

Sun, MySQL & Servoy presentation

Did you know you can create an iphone application in minutes with no programming required?

Attend this seminar and learn how to, using Servoy technology.

Sun, MySQL and Servoy will be holding a joint presentation at the Sun Customer Briefing Centre in London. The afternoon will start with a buffet lunch and includes sales, technical and commercial briefings.

Servoy's CEO, Jan Aleman, will be presenting on Servoy 4.1, Servoy vs .Net and the iPhone instant Application Developer. The Cognition Group will discuss how they Quadrupled profits with the help of a Servoy application, and a Director of CCGT will explain how software developers and their clients can claim £'000's in Tax Refunds through a little known Government programme.

Invest just one afternoon at this FREE seminar to learn how to develop and monetise desktop, web and iPhone applications quickly and efficiently with Servoy and Sun technology.

Register Now

Nick Halstead quote

Nick Halstead on Sun Startup Essentials

13:00 Registration & Buffet
14:00 Graham Greensall: Servoy UK
14:05 Stewart Townsend: Sun Startup Essentials/Cloud Computing
14:30 Jan Aleman: CEO Servoy
15:00 Cognition Group: 'how we quadrupled profits with Servoy & MySQL'
15:20 Break
15:40 MySQL Presentation - Roadmap/Scaling/Licensing
16:10 Servoy - demo of Servoy 4.1 & iPhone application builder
16:40 Paul Dowling CCGT - Tax refunds
17:00 Questions & Close

Sun will present their Startup Essentials program (open to any UK business less than 6 years old, with less than 150 employees), and the new Sun SaaS hosting packages. A MySQL representative will cover the MySQL roadmap, licensing and scaling issues.

Nick Halstead on Sun Startup Essentials

What is Servoy?
Fast. Flexible. Sexy. SaaS.

Servoy is a cross-platform application development and deployment environment used to create and deploy applications. Servoy consists of a powerful GUI designer, is fully event-driven and scriptable through JavaScript to help you build and deploy your applications much faster than traditional development environments.

For Developers:
Developers can build front-ends to databases in minutes -- without having to write any SQL code, even when combining data from multiple sources. Servoy is based on industry standards - there are no proprietary technologies or languages to learn.

For ISVs and Vertical Market Products:
Rewrite quickly in this standards based Rapid Application Development Tool (RAD). Lower your costs with our zero deployment environment. Open up markets with no recoding - to Linux, Windows, Mac. Deploy seamlessly to the web, handhelds, mobile units.

Sun, MySQL & Servoy presentation
11th February 2009, 13:00 - 17:30
Sun Microsystems Ltd, London, EC4R 9AN

Register now

If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to

Thank you
Sun Microsystems

Thursday Jul 05, 2007

02 Wins iPhone for the UK



O2 Wins iPhone Contract in UK:


It’s being reported by the BBC
that O2 has won the contract to carry the iPhone in the UK. That’s
despite earlier reports that Vodafone was ahead, and no confirmation
from Apple or O2. Meanwhile, T-Mobile may be the carrier in Germany,
while Orange is said to be winning in France.

Press reports said that O2 is set to sign an exclusive
contract shortly and should have the new phones on sale in time for

Tuesday Jul 03, 2007

iPhone - Top 25 Apps

So the phone of the century arrives on the scene.....and what do you do with it, apart from show it off and ooze at how cool the thing looks....

 Read this and use them to be more productive in your day....


The iPhone came out on
Friday, and there’s no doubt a large number of developers have already
churned a number of cool apps for it. From the ones we could find, we
selected the top 25 and made a list (with descriptions!) — just to make
your life easier. So, in no particular order:


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