Monday Sep 29, 2008

Startup Essentials - Advertisement - If you want a server the next two weeks is the time..

So you want a server ?

Do you want it black, brown, grey or just at a great price, built by engineers who know how to make things scale and make sure the worlds largest businesses keep on running....?

I am pleased to offer clearance pricing on selected Sun Fire x64 and Sun Fire T1000 server configurations at deep discounts. This is members-only pricing, and while the savings are huge, the quantities are limited. Check out these configurations:

- Sun Fire X2200M2: 2x2214 AMD (2.2 GHz) Dual Core, 4GB memory  £290 (SOLD OUT)
- Sun Fire X4100: 2x254 AMD (2.8GHz) Dual Core 4GB memory, 1x73 HDD, DVD £520
- Sun Fire X4100: 1x252 AMD (2.6GHz)Single Core, 1GB memory £340

- Sun Fire X4200: 2x285 AMD (2.6GHz)Dual Core 8GB Memory, 2x73 Hard Disks, DVD £570
- Sun Fire X4200: 1x252 AMD (2.6GHz)Single Core, 1GB memory £340

- Sun Fire T1000: 6core 1.0GHz 2GB memory 1X80 SATA HDD £490
- Sun Fire T1000: 8core 1.0GHz 8GB memory 2x73 SAS HDD £630
- Sun Fire T1000: 8core 1.0GHz 16GB memory 1x80 SATA HDD £730

 These are limited stock items and thus to gain these prices, make sure you have joined Startup Essentials, then call the number on the site for a quote and order ASAP to obtain these, as they wont last long.

Also if you want to know more about a T1000 and 32 thread servers, and what they can do for you as a startup, watch the video from Nic who explains it brilliantly, how he has used these to scale his company, reduce costs and beat the competition.

Monday Sep 15, 2008

Zemanta gets another round of funding, must have been those lovely Startup Essential Servers...:-)

Zemanta is a lovely Startup Essential customer who I met at Seedcamp/Future of Web Apps late last year who I donated some t shirts to, had a few beers with, talked about the world and how to create engaging content, well they have a solution for that and also some beautiful t shirts as well to match my lovely shirts, in fact we are all attending the beautiful shirt convention shortly. :-)

Well what does Zemanta do ? 

Zemanta is a service that's focused on helping the blogger/content creator make the process of creating their content simpler and easier. As you write, Zemanta processes all of your text (like a spell checker in a word processing program does) and suggests things to you. Currently, Zemanta suggests stories/posts/research you might want to read as you compose your post, images you might want to include in the post, words you might want to hyperlink out with, and tags for search engines and other services to use to discover your content.

Simple, but beautiful solution to a problem for people like me, how to create engaging content.

Why the interest today ?

Union Square Ventures (Fred Wilson fame) has invested £650k in Zemanta, and I believe the first ever investment in a Slovenian tech company by a US VC, and the founders of Zementa are leading drivers in the Slovenian tech community, and impressed me last year at Seedcamp with their insight knowledge and professionalism, and its great to see them gaining more investment to help grow and push the product out further. And also they run on some lovely Sun servers as well, so great taste in t shirts and servers.

Wednesday Jul 04, 2007

SeedCamp - EMEA Start Up Investment backed by VC

Seedcamp is now live and accepting applications.

So are you a start up in EMEA, do you want to secure seed funding and access to some of the brightest business and technical minds in Europe...

 So what is Seedcamp about ?

Seedcamp is an intensive week long event held in September in London targeted at young entrepreneurs from across EMEA.

It is set  up to provide seed funding and world-class connections
for startups. September 2007 is the first group of startups that will be
looked at for funding. This is an annual event...

From all the applications, received, 20 will be chosen, then from that 5 winners will be selected..

For more information go to





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