Wednesday Nov 11, 2009

Did We Say Hosting at 25% Off?

Looking for rock-solid web hosting at discounted rates? Talk to someone that understand startups ;)

Joyent has a deal for Sun Startup Essentials program members with hosting services 25% off list price. Starting price is $16.59/month. No joke! 
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Monday Mar 09, 2009

Why EveryCity love Solaris

Solaris is Sun Microsystem’s flagship Unix based operating system. It is free to obtain and use, and Sun opened the Solaris source code under an Open Source license in 2005.

It is robust, highly scalable and incredibly powerful; actively maintained by Sun, new features are being introduced on a regular basis. Paid commercial support is available. It fully supports Intel & AMD CPUs, ensuring it runs on the vast majority of commodity hardware such Dell & HP.

Solaris contains many killer features. If you’re currently using Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, or another Unix varient, you should consider checking it out.

We are a big Solaris user here at EveryCity, providing Managed Solaris Hosting to our customers, via our dedicated and cloud based hosting platform, along side our Windows and Linux hosting offerings.


Monday Jan 05, 2009

i2m Research Snapshot: IP Protection

1 in 3 entrepreneurs unlikely to legally protect their Intellectual Property

Market research software providers i2m – Ideas to Market, have published research results into entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. A special preview of these results shows that:

29% do not intend to protect to protect their Intellectual Property at all

The single most popular method of protection is an international patent

Just 4% do not know which protection methods, if any, they intend to use

i2m surveyed over 800 budding entrepreneurs and small business owners over the course of 2008, investigating their standing and attitudes in a number of key areas including: finance, market research, sales and marketing and business exploitation.
Participants were asked how they intended to protect their Intellectual Property. The most popular response with 29% of respondents was “no protection at all”. In selecting this option, 29% participants are ignoring the numerous basic ways of protecting themselves such as claiming copyright and design rights for their work. These methods however were selected by 23% of participants with a further 18% selecting them in combination with other methods.

24% of participants intended to seek an international patent, making it the single most popular method of protection in the study.  Only 4% did not know which protection methods, if any, they intend to use, suggesting that this is a business subject that most people are aware of and have an opinion on.

David Thomas, managing director of i2m Software commented, “businesses, especially those looking to patent, should look at protecting their intellectual property as an economic decision, weighing up the costs of not protecting themselves against competitors, versus the legal cost associated with protection and the return on investment it may bring.

Jane Lambert, intellectual property specialist counsel of NIPC, noted that these figures were consistent with many similar surveys and they are not in the least bit surprising. “The problem is that the cost of enforcement of intellectual property rights is prohibitive in England and Wales. According to the government’s own Intellectual Property Advisory Committee, the average cost of bringing an infringement claim to trial is £150,000 to £250,000 in the Patents County Court and £1 million plus in the High Court compared to around €50,000 in France, Germany or the Netherlands.   That no doubt explains why the UK (the country that started the industrial revolution) lags consistently behind not only the USA, Germany, Japan and France in the number of European patent applications but even the Netherlands and Switzerland which have a third and an eighth of our population respectively.  It is often said that businesspeople do not fully understand the intellectual property system. These results indicate that they understand it only too well.”

A full set of i2m’s research results will be published early next year. For more details please contact David Thomas at

1.About i2m Software
i2m Software was created by UK based market research consultancy Inventya Limited. i2m is market research software for business planning, financial forecasting and professionally presenting an investment case. From entrepreneurs with new ideas to students with business projects to women seeking a return to work, i2m provides the guidance, support and resources to start a business and grow it.

2.About NICP
NIPC is the first and so far only specialist intellectual property chambers outside London and the only one anywhere to specialize in assisting small and medium enterprises.   For more information, visit our website at and blog at .

Thursday Nov 20, 2008

Make IT Scale -,, Proven Scaling and Phil Harman talk on how to scale your startup

Make It Scale seminars exist to help facilitate networking and knowledge sharing amongst entrepreneurs and innovators that are on the path to building thriving new businesses.

Which is why we're delighted to welcome Nick Halstead, founder of, together with Mike Brodbelt of LastFM and Mike Griffiths of Proven Scaling to our inaugural event on the 27th November, to talk about their experiences, different perspectives and the good, the bad and the ugly of scaling resources.

If you're thinking about starting a business, or are running one that's less than 6 years old, you're welcome to join us at 6.00pm., at Sun's City Customer Briefing Centre. For any new business, good information can make a real difference and a positive contribution to success. Make It Scale and the opportunity to network that it brings are free, so click below for more details and to register.


 Sun - London CBC - 45 King William St


Thurs 27th November

Register HERE now 


18:00: Registration/Networking
18:30: Last FM
Why you should scale and lessons learnt
Mike Brodbelt
18:45: Sun Microsystems,
OpenSolaris- ZFS, Dtrace: Scaling and more scaling the easy way
Phil Harman
19:15: Break
19:30: Proven Scaling: MySQL
Optimise and Scale, now for the future
Mike Griffiths
Why I thought about scaling from day 1
Nick Halstead
20:15: Q&A Roundtable
20:30: Beer and pizza

Wednesday Aug 27, 2008

Did you know - fact of the week, FREE HOSTING


Simple really, Sun and Joyent have teamed up to bring you FREE HOSTING for Facebook and Open Social Applications. 

Developing the next hot application for Facebook, OpenSocial or other Social networking platforms?  Designing and architecting your application to be able to serve millions of users?  Developing on infrastructure that costs nothing when you have only a few users and grows at a reasonable cost as you capture millions of users?


Friday Aug 22, 2008

Amazon EC2 & Sun

A lot of you talk about deploying on Amazon's cloud - have you ever considered that you could be using "A better Linux than Linux?" :-) just by using OpenSolaris instead?  Better performance, better control, better observability, and I could go on...

I want to highlight our EC2 team's blog here: discussing everything EC2

Some amazing news recently:
OpenSolaris supports EBS - provides capability to create ZFS
OpenSolaris 2008.05 is available in Amazon public Grid


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