Tuesday Jul 15, 2008

Northern Startup 2.0

Phew, what a day, been all over and then headed back into Manchester to attend the largest attended northern startup 2.0 event, hosted at KPMG (good lad Steve still supporting ) and sponsored by Startup Essentials.

So what is Northern Startup 2.0 ?

This is an event run by a friend of mine, called Manoj aimed at bringing together the Northern startup community to entice them to network, share resources and just work harder together. So what was tonights event about ? 

\*Discussion on finding investment money, who has it and what do you need to do to access it.

\*How to value your company sensibly

\*Understand what makes a VC tick and what returns are they looking for ?

With over 65 people there, the room was heaving and with some heavyweight Investors attending as well some great conversations started and open discussions around money, valuations and how to grow your company.

So if you are in the north of England, get along to one of these events, we had a VC fly in from the East Coast tonight to talk to the companies and look for prospective investments...and if you want to see what you really missed out on, then go here and oh Im on slide 3 with my son Jordan, he was talking Startup Essentials all night.

Monday Jul 14, 2008

Start up Essentials on Mashable

So, for anyone who doesnt know, Startup Essentials is a global programme and my colleauge Eddy manages Israel, if you want to find out what Sun people really look like then go to Mashable and check out the handsome man being interviewed by Blonde 2.0.

Wednesday Jul 09, 2008

Politics and the City - Startup Essential Customer

I had the pleasure of meeting June Sarpong in April, whilst out in San Francisco on the webmission tour and I started to discuss with her about what Sun is doing to help support startups across the globe upon which she mentioned she was working on a project called Politics and the City, which sounded intriguing.

Well a few months down the line and that project is now live, its gaining massive attention and yes its a hosted Startup Essential Customer running 24/7 and scaling beautifully, much like the launch party last night, where I joined a hundred invited guests to celebrate the unveilling of the new site and era. So another happy customer, supported via startup essentials and upon which Ive now been introduced to a wide audience of organisations that want to have discussions on how I can help them to.

So if you want to know more, check out the press coverage at the following :



So to check out what all the fuss is about go to Politics and the City now...

Oh and if anyone has a nice picture from the party of my shirt, please email me :-) it was rather loud....

Tuesday Jul 01, 2008

TechCrunch Pitch - Startups Pitch.....

So do you know Techcrunch pitch is next week ?

Have you got a ticket ?

Are you pitching ?

So if the answer is no, no and no, then be quick its going fast, Startup Essentials is one of the sponsors and this is going to be a great night, so go here now.....

Monday Jun 30, 2008

Scaling - Do Startups really need it ?

Who needs Scaling, not me ?

I attended an event a few weeks back called "Top Cats" hosted by Paul Walsh and I bumped into Richard Tyler from The Telegraph, as usual with these types of events you have a little catch up then discuss whats happening in the Startup Space,  myself and Richard discussed Scaling, do companies need to think about it now, we both agreed its an aspect of a small startup company that get's pushed to one side as their isn't time to think or plan, its all happening to quickly ? Richard quoted a fantastic video that the BBC made on Firebox in 2000, and the message in that still stands the test of time today.

So as a Startup, how do you plan for Scaling, what happens when you  bridge the chasm and find that users, useage and power are being consumed so quickly that you are in danger of crashing and losing your business in 24 hours, well its easy you talk to me !!!!

Without being a blatant advert for Startup Essentials, a few hints and tips that has worked for companies already that I deal with

1. Think Scaling long term growth now, to late when you are at near capacity and spent all your cash.

2. Investors love due dilligence and a credible business plan, that shows costings for short and long term growth.

3. Investors get even more excited when you show that you are thinking these aspects and are working with a large global enterprise vendor to overcome short and long term challenges.

4. We are a Startup, been their, have the t shirt and know the pains, but also we have expertise in scaling and architectural build out that we talk about everyday to key accounts, these same engineers can help you as well.

5. Then once you are scaling and ready to take on the world, work with our global PR Engine.

To read the full Telegraph article, go here and also watch the video from Firebox as well, some fantastic elements within that ring true in 2008.

Kill -9

Stanford University - Live Rap show.

So when school gets a little boring and you have run and built your last startup company for the day, kick back and rap

Thursday Jun 26, 2008

Startup in Ireland ?

If you are, then get over to Techludd tonight, Startup Essentials is a sponsor and looks like a great line up companies and networking opportunities over there...

Techcrunch article 

You need to check out Techludd and touch base with Anton, to meet all the great new companies in Ireland, there is some really exciting and fantastic startups over there, and a raw base of talent that is untapped at present..


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