Friday Oct 16, 2009

VIP Breakfast with Greg Dyke

VIP Invitation to the exclusive Insider Secrets breakfast with Greg Dyke

We are pleased to be a host to an unusual breakfast session and I am delighted to invite you to it.

The breakfast setting is going to be interactive, challenging, stimulating and driven by the audience.


Date:             Thursday, 22nd October 2009
Time:             8 am to 10 am
At:                 Sun Customer briefing Centre

To get tickets at SSE Member rate please go here now  - SSE MEMBERS ONLY PRICING

There's no room here to list in detail what Greg did that prompted literally thousands of BBC people to take to the streets in protest when he had to resign from the BBC, causing "men, women and even journalists to cry" and flooding his inbox with 6,000 emails from BBC people, most of which said how upset they were that he was going.

Greg was Director General of the BBC and is now the Chairman of the British Film Institute, Chairman of Brentford football club and also Chancellor of York University.  He also was one of the original architects of the Premier League in his days with LWT.  He has changed the face of British Television and British football whilst introducing a new no-nonsense direct style of inspirational leadership.

In his typical direct no-nonsense, impatient style Greg will take on the challenges from the audience and share his nuggets of insights. 

These are the 5 areas he will span:

1.             The "Berlin Wall" moment for Democracy - His unique perspective on Public service reform and transformation of Democracy is that we are heading to a "Berlin Wall" moment that will change the course of politics
2.             Leadership in a crisis - is the outlook less bleak?  he has his own brand of leadership advice for entrepreneurs, corporate and public service leaders as they prepare to come out of the current crisis.
3.             Learning from shambles - the ITV mess provides a number of fabulous lessons for the choice of Board, the relationship between CEO and Chairman
4.             GAME changing innovations: Greg created BBC Freeview that changed British television and 20 years ago created the Premier League which has transformed the face of British football. 
5.             What next for the British Film Industry -  how can new technologies like the internet be monetised to the advantage of the film industry and not just the pirates.

It is an unusual opportunity as Greg does not do sessions like these very often.  He does get called to do his set speeches but speaking directly from what he is passionate about and responding interactively to the challenging and confronting questions in public will be the juicy part of this breakfast. So definitely, keep your questions ready.

There are only a few spots still available as we like to maintain the intimate interactive style of these breakfasts. 

We look forward to seeing you there.

Thursday Oct 15, 2009

Startups of the Day: Geeks Going Global

Instead of having the "startup of the day" spotlighting one startup, we'll have the "startups" (plural) of the day as a lot of startups shined yesterday at our Menlo Park campus when they pitched their products to North England. The 3-4 winners of the "stimulus package" to set up shop in Northern England will be announced soon. In the meanwhile, here's a synopsis of all the cool companies. 

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Saturday Sep 19, 2009

Sun Startup Essentials helps Online Gaming Company Boosts Uptime and Performance, Cuts Power Consumption and Costs with Sun Server Solution

Outspark is a growing entertainment services company that publishes and operates a number of online multiplayer social games. These free games and other related content are used by millions of players around the world every year. The company — which is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and maintains an office in Seoul, Korea — has 60 employees.

Customer Challenges

  • Improve server performance
  • Increase system availability
  • Scale to meet growth in online Web server usage
  • Lower power-consumption costs


Outspark participated in the Sun Startup Essentials program, through which it purchased and implemented a Sun server solution featuring the Sun Fire X2250 server and other Sun server technology. The company also receives additional network services management from Sun partner NaviSite. The Sun server solution contains quad-core processor technology, which lends itself to fast performance and high availability for the game and Web servers managed by Outspark.

Business Results

  • Increased system performance
  • Improved system uptime from 80% to 98%
  • Increased ability to scale system for future growth
  • Reduced power consumption by $250 per month

Friday Jul 31, 2009

Free Webinar Replay: Project Darkstar - Enabling Online Multiplayer Games


Project Darkstar is an open source platform for developing massively multiplayer online games. The purpose of Project Darkstar is to let the next great idea bubble up from the game development community instead of being suppressed by budget and technical requirements.

In this presentation Matt Hosanee will discuss how Sun's Project Darkstar meets many of the biggest challenges facing the development of future online games. Watch the replay now!

Monday Jun 22, 2009

Reminder:Webinar for startups on Project Darkstar - THE OpenSource multiplayer server software

Free Darkstar Webinar on Wednesday, June 24th, 8:00am PDT / 4:00pm GMT.

Reserve your seat here:Project Darkstar

P.S. Cannot make the live event? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay after the event.

Tuesday Jun 09, 2009

FREE WEBINAR on Project Darkstar - MMOG Putting the "Massive" in Massive Multiplayer

FREE Darkstar Webinar on Wednesday, June 24th, 8:00am PDT / 4:00pm GMT. Reserve your seat here: Project Darkstar

The video games industry represents one of the largest entertainment industries in the world, and online games is its fastest growing segment. With this extraordinary growth comes the issue of building truly scalable, “massive multiplayer” solutions that are beyond what the industry deploys today. 

In this FREE webinar, Matt Hosanee will discuss how Sun's Project Darkstar meets many of the biggest challenges facing the development of future online games.  Project Darkstar is an open source platform for developing massively multiplayer online games.  It brings the same enterprise level scalability, performance, persistence, and data integrity that Sun's corporate clients enjoy.  It also provides new business opportunities because it is game and client agnostic, so browser, desktop, and console clients can play together.  

The presentation will be followed by your chance to ask specific questions on how Project Darkstar fits into your overall strategy.

We hope to see you at the live event!

P.S. Can make the live event? Sign up anyway and we'll send you a link to the replay after the event. 

Tuesday Apr 29, 2008

Technology Being Used to Fight Street and Web Crime

So we have had the Manchester police using Facebook as a means to get updates on local crimes and people to contribute updates, a facebook app for the community.  

Now Ever wish your laptop could do more than just crash and cause you pain and headaches? How about using it to fight crime? Victims of crimes in Brazil
can now log onto Wikicrimes and pinpoint the exact intersection of the criminal attack.

Created by a Brazilian professor, the site asks contributors to provide details such as whether the perpetrator was armed or whether a third party can confirm the incident.


So next we have this interlinked with the facebook app and we have a Crime mashup.


Oh how technology is evolving and changing. 

Wednesday Feb 20, 2008

Start Up Essentials - We are Live in the UK and booming.....

So, Im back, and Startup Essentials launched in the UK on December 5th 2007.....and it has been crazy manic since then....



Did you know that Sun is the largest contributor to open source ?
Did you know Solaris is free and open ?
Did you know you can ay as little as £1300 for Quad-Core Intel Xeon servers from Sun?
Did you know we can with partners help support you with free business and legal services?

Join Startup Essentials and find out more now.


So did you know that ?



Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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