Friday Oct 16, 2009

Future of Web Apps London 09 - The outcomes

Sun's Startup Essentials team was hosting a Chillout lounge  at the Future of Web Apps
London, where 750 attendees from across the globe came to hear the  founders of digg and winelibrary
inform people on how to build a multi million startup and make sure it is marketed well.

Amongst all this information digest, the SSE team were talking, informing and hosting our own talks
to the attendees Matt Hosanee gave a talk alongside James Proud form Giglocator on scaling your
startup on a bootstrapped financial model, and myself Stewart Towsend gave a talk on SSE in general
and how we have helped tweetmeme grow from a 2 person company to over 10 employees and 85% growth
month on month.

For a flavour of the event, check out to see how busy the Sun area got go HERE

And if you want to know what people had to say about it go HERE

Wednesday Sep 30, 2009

FOWA - Top Tips to get the best from the event

So you are attending the Future of Web Apps in London this year and you realise this the biggest event in the UK, and has so many great people attending that you want to meet, sessions to hear intersting speakers and of course the party !!!!

What do you do to maximise the 48 hours of your life that could help your startup, help you make some great introductions and well just learn some new radical interesting content that inspires you to create your own company.

So from years of experience Stew's Top Tips

1. Plan Plan Plan Plan -

Do not turn up hoping that you will do all that you think you can do in your head. Thnk who do I want to meet ? How can I get to meet them ? Are they in demand so do I need to book time ahead to meet them ? This is so important, that you plan ahead as those two days fly by and you lose track of time and then bang its gone.

 2. Plan Plan Plan more

Think about what sessions you really really want to go and see, then use the ones that you don't wish to attend to network, mingle, and meet the people you really want to have a conversation with, arrange to go outside the venue if possible as to many distractions inside and you can get caught in many conversations. so where possible go outside and have that meeting/conversation,

3. Enjoy yourself but stay focused

It's so easy to get tied up in the meetings, sessions that you forget to have some fun, but even easier to get tied up in the fun element and not do any business thus have a balance, keep yourself allocated to time talking to people get to the point, agree an action and then move on FOWA isnt the place to have long drawn out conversations as you have to get a lot in those two days, so agree, swop details move, have fun....

 4. Use your network, your friends network, the FOWA network

Ask around to find out a person you know to do that introduction, you can waste your two days to get to that one person then find out that Bob your friend went to school with them, thus part of planning put the word out you would love to meet XYZ who can help. FOWA is a friendly event and people there are great so try and think of ways to help them help you get that brief chat with someone quickly. Call in those favours and work around the network..

5. Lastly and this is the most crucial part. - READ CAREFULLY

I want you to party like you have never partied before, get some pictures of yourself in a silly hat, laughing and smiling and networking as FOWA is only once a year and if you miss out on meeting that person, hey there is next have to roll in on the Friday looking rather worse for wear as then when you meet other people they don't feel so bad for being late for that meeting they booked with you, looking like they haven't been to bed and generally feeling that mutual pain, it bringers a much more lighthearted bond to the proceedings.

Oh and to help as well, come to The Sun Startup Essentials Chillout Lounge sign up for the Startup Newsletter and get your voucher, Friday morning turn up and we have some goodies, the FOWA emergency kit as put together by the team that will get your through the day.

See you all over the next two days @stewarttownsend

Tuesday Sep 29, 2009

FOWA 08 - See what you missed last year

FOWA 08 - The Sun Startup Essentials team helping the EMEA startup community from stewart townsend on Vimeo.

FOWA - Come and get your helloapp code....

Sun Startup Essentials and Carsonified bring you only the best ..... FREE workshops again - be quick

Free Workshops at Future of Web Apps 2009

Wednesday 30th September - Wallacespace, St Pancras

We are delighted to be able to offer you a choice of four free workshops at
FOWA London this year, available for FOWA and Dev Day London attendees.
There will only be 40 seats per workshop so please confirm early not to miss
out. Please only confirm if you can 100% make it otherwise others will miss
out.[Read More]

Tuesday Sep 01, 2009

Refer A Startup - Want to win a weekend away at the Marriot and get some Firebox vouchers for helping your friends

Sun Startup Essentials - Refer-A-Startup
Sun Startup Essentials - Refer-A-Startup
  • Do you know any Startup companies who are looking to purchase IT hardware/storage, MySQL or training?
  • Do you want to make sure they get the best deal and work with a large global vendor who can help them get off the ground running?
  • Would you like to be rewarded for your great advice, when they place their first order?

Yes? Then Refer-A-Startup is the promotion for you...

Deep Discounts


What do I have to do?

  • Get your Startup friend, customer or associate to sign up for Sun Startup Essentials programme, to benefit from heavily discounted IT hardware/storage (x86 servers from £260), MySQL licences or Java/Web Development Training and more
  • In the 'Refer ID' field, ask them to enter your email address.
Sun Startup Essentials
  What's it worth?
Once they spend £500 or above in one order from Sun Startup Essentials, you will receive a Firebox voucher up to £100!\*
  !Plus a December prize draw for all referrers & referral companies, to win a weekend at a luxury Marriott Hotel!
Hotel voucher would make an excellent Christmas pressie!
Sponsored by Weboo.Biz
Weboo logo
  It's as easy as that! See what nifty, technology, gadgets, games etc you can by from Firebox...
  If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM

Thank you
Sun Microsystems
Sun Startup Essentials

\* Terms & conditions

The promotion is for one voucher per new customer, not per order;
A referral into the SSE programme who places multiple orders, will not result in multiple vouchers.
Refer ten new companies/people, who all place orders over £500, will equal ten vouchers.
The voucher value depends on their purchase;
Orders for Rack Servers/Workstations, Software, Training = £50 voucher. Orders including any Storage 7000 range = £100
This promotion is only applicable to EMEA, but limited to sterling and dollar vouchers.
Referrals can only be for companies in countries where Sun Startup Essential programme exists.
Hotel voucher covers accommodation only and no other expenses.
Prize draw will take place on 3rd December 2009.

Referrals to the SSE promgramme will need to fit the following criteria to apply:

- have been in business for 6 years or less
- have a maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
- be based in a country where the Sun Startup Essentials Programme is available
- have a verifiable company presence (company name, street address [no post office boxes allowed], etc.)

© 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. For information on Sun's trademarks see:

Sun Startup Essentials EMEA Newsletter

Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009
Sun Startup Essentials Insider - September 2009

Good morning Startup Essentials Members

I hope you are rested and well after your summer break, and I want to share with you all the exciting events and cool things that are happening across Europe over the coming month.

As usual if you have any questions drop me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can -- or find me on Twitter.

If you would like to promote your event out to the Startup Essentials members drop me a line and I'll put it on the Blog Calendar and in the next newsletter.

Member-Only Webinars: Scalable Architectures
An Introduction To Scalable Web Architectures,
Part 1, 2, and 3
We hope you'll be able to join us for a new series of free webinars open only to program members. This will be your chance to ask live questions directly to our Web Scale Architects.
More agenda details and to register
  Want to win a luxury weekend at a Marriot? Plus have lots of fun at FOWA London?
Sun's fast and cheap Nehalem-powered Sun Fire X2270 and Sun Fire X4270 promise to put some sizzle into Oracle's hardware business
Are VC's investing in Twitter focused business models?
Chubbybrain partnering with Sun Startup Essentials - claim your startup now

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Refer-A-Startup Promotion

Recieve Firebox Vouchers
You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours...

x86 Dual core servers
Enterprise class servers from £260/€300
More details and how to purchase go here now


Web Application training/Java training at Startup Prices
Remarkable savings on one year, company-wide site licenses to the Sun eLibrary. Giving you access to advanced training packages, including hundreds of web-based courses on key technologies.

  • Improve flexibility of learning through an easy-to-use web-based interface
  • Use courses all year instead of one-time classroom visit
  • Use courses as a reference tool that can be revisited while preparing for certification.

Exclusive course for Sun Startup Essential Members only...

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Friends of #140conf: London with Jeff Keni Pulver
The event offers a chance to catch up with #140conf creator & casting director Jeff Keni Pulver.
Jeff will be giving a talk about "The State of NOW" and will moderate the discussion.
3rd September - from 6 PM - 9:30 PM

Announcing a new Meetup for Startup Essentials UK!
Sun's UK Campus Open Day for Startups
September 3rd, 12:30 AM

Meet Us At:
Seedcamp week September 2009 - London
Media 140 London 26th October
Future of Web Apps Sept 30th - October 2nd
London Open Coffee Every Thursday from 10.00 am -12.00
Drinktank Various dates (and states)
Paypal  19-20th September - London
TedxTuttle 17th September - London

Our full calendar is posted on our blog (upper right hand corner)

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Startup Of The Month:

GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. It promises to offer a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too.

Startup Of The Month

It enables users of keep track of their favourite artists and venues while offering a discovery mechanism to help you find more gigs you might like. It has a smart search engine which knows if you’re looking for artists, venues and so on. Enter multiple, Pandora or iLike usernames and the site will keep you informed about your favourite artists’ upcoming tour dates. You can then share the dates with friends via your social network of choice.

Giglocator is a partner of Sun Startup Essentials and James Proud our youngest SSE partner at 18 will be talking at FOWA about their technology and how they work with Sun.
More details

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What's Cool:
How to reach a large Enterprise audience for startup money

"System News for Sun Users"
System News for Sun Users/ has been published since 1998. The current 45,000+ subscribers include:

What's Cool
  • 30,000+ end-users who work at 8,000+ Enterprise/SME accounts
  • 9,000+ people who work for Sun -- including most of Sun's field sales organization
  • 5,000+ people who work for Partners (System Integrators. Channel Partners, Service Partners)
  • 1,000+ members of the press or analysts (low cost marketing)

The news portal,, serves about 1.5 million page views to about 600,000 visitors each year.

Find out more and costs by emailing Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM


So do you want to get more traffic to your startup?
Do you want to gain more attention for what you are doing? Are you a Sun Startup Essentials member? Answer YES to the above and now you can.

Check out the details here:
Startup Traffic
See how quickly Tweetmeme is growing

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  If you have any questions or feedback, please send a message to Stewart.Townsend@Sun.COM

Thank you
Sun Microsystems
Sun Startup Essentials

\* In order to qualify for the Sun Startup Essentials program, your company must meet the following criteria:
- In business six years or less
- A maximum of 150 employees, including any affiliates
- Based in a country in which the program is offered
- A verifiable company presence (company name, street address [no post office boxes allowed], etc.).
- Agree to accept the program's terms and conditions

© 2009 Sun Microsystems, Inc. All rights reserved. For information on Sun's trademarks see:

Wednesday Aug 26, 2009

Join Disco Stew and his funky crew

So you are going to Future of Web Apps and wanted to know where to meet all the coolest people, hang out and chill in between sessions, talk to like minded people on technology and business ?

Well come down to the Sun Startup Essentials room and make the most of all the great things we have to offer:

\*\* Win a Weekend for two at a Marriot Hotel - courtesy of

\*\*Audioboo will be doing live Boos from the room, so come and give your views of FOWA live

\*\*Tweetmeme team will be there, with the FOWA and Sun Startup Essentials Channel with all the live tweets and feeds.

\*\*James Proud from Giglocator will be around, giving a Uni session talk and discussing his new startup, at the old age of 18 !!!

\*\*Best Before will be unveiling a new product, enabling mixing of video and audio through a touchscreen - this is lots of fun and so cool.

\*\*Wii Guitar Hero - be the best and win a prize....

\*\*Special presents to help get you through the day.

So lots going on, lots to do and see, come and meet the Sun Startup Essentials team, MySQL guys and hear how we help startups all over the globe reach their dreams.

Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

Startup Essentials Hot Desk is now hot...its seen on Techcrunch UK

So its live and the first user, Glenn from Bookingbug is the user, so what is it.....well Startup Essential members its a HOT DESK in the Huddle offices for all Startup Essential members to be able to use, pre book, with Internet access and Coffee included, a great location and FREE.

Read more on Techcrunch UK about the whole London Techhub

Not a Startup Essential Member ? Why not ?

A big thanks to Suz for the picture and for Glenn for modelling.

How does it work ?

\*You have to be a startup essential member, if you arent sign up below, heres the requirements

- If you are a company trading 6 years or less with less than 150 employees you can join STARTUP ESSENTIALS for FREE and you are then entitled to use the HOT DESK FOR FREE.

\*Email me directly when you want to use the desk and Ill book it for you.

\*First come first served basis, if the desk is available you can book it, if not, then its not.

\*Turn up at the Huddle offices, Gemini House, 180 Bermondsey Street, London SE1 3TQ

\*Use the desk, get Suzi to take a picture and upload to flickr with the tags, startupessentials, hot desk,huddle and I love stewart.

\*Drink the coffee, use the Internet, network with the other Startup Essential customers there as well

Any more questions mail me direct - stewart.townsend(at)

So the desk is FREE to use to members of the Startup Essential programme, this is Suns programme aimed at supporting the startup community not only just in the UK but globally.

Future of Web Apps The week that was.- Setup and Day 1

Future of Web Apps - Exel Centre - Docklands - October 08

Setup day on Wednesday went smoothly, I arrived to find the stand setup and collateral ready, I just needed to make my presentations work for the sessions and get my voice ready to talk a lot. The evening was looming ahead and thus I decided to check in, get ready and prepare myself for a dinner with the stars.

Part of working with Carsonified is the personal effort they make for everyone involved and thus the evening before FOWA was a select dinner with the speakers over the next few days, the Big Hitters. Sitting down to dinner we all recived a personalised Journal, which was a fantastic touch and then I decided I would have a few beers or to, and thus preceeded to chat to Andrew Turner from Mapufacture   Elaine Wherry from Meebo, Stefan Fountain from Soocial and Anish from Yuuguu, lots to chat about, picnic, economy, the hoff and the competition between Andrew and Elaine around the number of slides they were going to present in 40 minutes.

Day one - Lift Off

Phew what a start, we had BookingBug, Worldeka and Snagsta on the Startup Essential Lounge to talk to startups about what its like to work with Sun, and how we can help them in various ways, then we also had the death ride, the Surf machine.

What continued throughout the day was lots of conversations around what Sun is doing with the Startup community in EMEA, how we are helping them, not just from a technology perspective but also from a networking, introductions, scaling or the other things that Sun is great at.

On the other side of the hall, we had the Sun Developer stand and the guys from MySQL and Zembly there talking about development, what that means, how we can resolve problems and help build quick scaleable platforms. Want to know more about Zembly ? Check out the interview with Todd CTO here now.

So lots of sessions, lots of pictures, lots of interaction and that is just day one......then we all went off to get changed, freshen up and attend the media temple party at FOX, which for me was a chance to become once again, the man in the shirt.

So there became an official after FOWA party committe, and we had to discuss what we were going to do next, as the hotel bar was closing and thus we decided to go to the Startup Essential bar, (supported by Every City) and discuss startups, UK Scene, the economy until the early hours of the morning and thus then we will have put the worlds to right. As you can see we had a great representation from the UK Startup Scene, Nic from,  Josh from theIplatform, Jake from TactileCRM, Andy from Rummble and Andys sister from Every City and of course the man in the shirt.

Day two to look forward to, breakfast with the speakers, and a buzzing Friday with Tim Bray speaking as well....also the famous Facebook party as well to prepare for, along side a day of telling everyone about Startup Essentials, wait till the next episode for more...

Tuesday Oct 14, 2008

The Man in the shirt he says Yes...Mashup Networking Events

mashup\* event - 23rd October - Networking & Demos - BT Center (St Pauls), London

Do you want to network with  a number of top business leaders ? Discuss the  future of our digital industry in challenging times and the significant opportunities available for digital executives, entrepreneurs and investors with the right strategy. Mashup Networking is the event for you then, there is no fee for this event, unlike regular events and is a great opportunity to sample the mixture of audience and discussion participation.

mashup\* started 30 months ago and now with over 2500 members and 34 events under there belt, its now an appropriate time to give something back and ask for your input to help us make mashup\* more useful for you; during what is expected to be a challenging new landscape.

This special mashup\* event will provide an extended time for you to meet other members and enjoy an evening of thought provoking talks & demos. During this time Tony, Simon and the mashup\* team would also appreciate the opportunity to get feedback from you as to your ideas on how we can improve mashup\* for you and your colleagues. 

So sign up now and get a place to be at the hippest networking event this year, but also do if you enjoy this, when check out as well the other events that mashup hold regularly.

Would you like to know more about attending these and becoming a member, then find out more about the personal packages and the showcase packages.

Do you want to join ? Do you want 25% off the membership fee ? Sign up for Startup Essentials and use ref code MASHUP and then email me stewart.townsend(at) for your personal discount code now.

MySQL London Conference Offer - Another SSE benefit

 Do you want to learn this ?

  • Learn best practices to deploy & manage MySQL applications across your organization
  • Understand how to take advantage of new technologies such as memcached and MySQL Proxy
  • Get detailed insight into new and upcoming MySQL features, products and services
  • Get expert advice on MySQL performance tuning
  • Develop your skills to build highly scalable, reliable, secure and highly available MySQL applications
  • Hear real world experiences of implementing MySQL applications
  • Learn how to build a multi-terabyte data warehouse with MySQL and Infobright
  • Ask all your questions directly to the experts, and get the chance to provide feedback and input
  • Build relationships and network with other MySQL users and Sun's MySQL team members
  • Find out how you can benefit from our partners' solutions

MySQL European Conference in London next Thursday 23rd October, how would you like 50% off the ticket price ?

Sign up for Startup Essentials the programme that helps support UK startups, use ref code MYSQL08 and then email me stewart.townsend(at) for the personal promo code.

The programme is aimed at helping support startups, the community and by working with partners offering out low cost offerings around hardware, hosting, events and FREE technical support and networking introductions.....

Tim Bray - Tough Times Ahead

Do you want to know what this is about ? Good summary here

Tims Blog for his perspective

Monday Oct 13, 2008

OpenSolaris, ZFS and MySQL

Sometimes even though you know that the company you work for provides great technology and innovation, you wonder why other people dont recognise it, well now dispell that myth....Go here to find out how Smugmug have used OpenSolaris, ZFS and MySQL


Connecting the Startup Essentials community with all the events, information and resources required for them to grow and scale.


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